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Shimla , the capital of Himachal Pradesh in India, is a city steeped in history and surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty. Once the summer capital during British rule, Shimla has its own unique culture, language, and charm.

If you’re planning a trip to this stunning destination, this complete travel guide has got you covered. From travel tips and information to must-see places, I’ll take you through everything you need to know to make the most of your visit to Shimla.


How to Be Traveling to Shimla?

Reaching Shimla is very easy and convenient. Shimla tourism has made sure that the city is accessible via all means. You can arrive at Shimla by road, railways as well as air. There are mainly two ways you can arrive in Shimla if you are travelling internationally or domestically.

The Shimla Airport is located about 23 kilometres from the main city in Jubbarhatti. You can easily take a flight from cities like Chandigarh and especially if you are travelling internationally, from Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi.

Take a flight to Delhi International airport and then change the flight to Shimla Airport. Shimla airport is a regional airport. Very few flights with a limited number of seats are flying in and out of this route.

You can also opt for a taxi service from the airport of Delhi or Chandigarh city.

Reaching Shimla via Railways

Another route you can take if you are travelling through Chandigarh is the Kalka Shimla toy train. Kalka is just 25 km away from Chandigarh. This route is an enlisted UNESCO heritage site for its mesmerising green hill scenery.

If you get any of the early morning toy trains, you are definitely in for a treat. Shivalik Deluxe and Kalka Shimla Express are some of the best toy train services. You can book the tickets online from IRCTC’s official website, and they cost around 4 to 6 USD.

You can also reach Chandigarh by train and opt for a taxi from there.

Shimla trip by Car or Taxi: You have the option to either hire a taxi service. Taxi services are always readily available to a popular hill station like Shimla. Assuming you are travelling from Delhi, it would take you around 5 hours on National Highway 44 (NH44) to reach Chandigarh.

From Chandigarh, it would take further 2-3 hours to reach Shimla. The entire Shimla distance from Delhi is around 355 Km. The entire route being a national highway, the condition of the road is good all year round with moderate traffic.

Shimla trip by Bus: Another way to reach Shimla by road is using the public bus transportation. Shimla has a very convenient and frequent bus service. Everyday buses from Major cities from all over north India reach her. Travel agencies can also help you book luxurious AC overnight bus seats for your Shimla trip.

Is Shimla the only tourist attraction in Himachal Pradesh?

Shimla has a rich history and architectural institutions in the city with the scenic beauty of the Shivalik Range of Himalayas. Though the city is full of listed and attractive tourist places, there are a few suggested adjacent places to visit if you have an extra few day in your vacation.

Some of these locations are Manali, Kasol, Jibhi, Spiti Valley , Mcleodganj, Dalhousie, Fagu, Tirthan Valley, Kasauli, Sethan Valley and many more.

History of Shimla:

This particular hill station is not only one of the finest tourist attractions of India with long pine trees, snow-capped mountains but also has some crucial historical importance in the history of India. It was mainly covered by dense forest and later inhabited by Gurkhas before the British came to India.

In 1819, the British discovered a dense forest and a temple, and the city was founded. It was initially named after the goddess Shyamla referring to Kali in the native language, but the name became Shimla with the distorted British accent. For its lush greenery and chilly climate, the British made it the Summer Capital in 1864.

After India’s independence, the city became the capital of Punjab at first and then turned into the capital of Himachal Pradesh after its formation in 1948. Shimla was a centre of attention for political meetings, accords for a significantly long time before and after India’s independence.

Weather in Shimla India:

Traveling to Shimla: Weather-in-Shimla

Located in the lower Himalayan range, Shimla enjoys relatively cool weather all around the year. The summer was moderately warm, with temperatures varying in the range of 10 degrees Celsius to 28 degrees celsius.

Though occasionally, the temperature can go higher than 30 degrees celsius. The winters, however, are a different matter. The winters in Shimla are extremely cold, with the temperature dropping as low as negative 12 degrees celsius.

Snowfall in Shimla starts around the month of December, and its snow season all throughout from late December to February. Shimla’s snowfall is also one of the main tourist attractions. People travel from far away just to experience that first all of the snow in the gorgeous hills covered with evergreen pine trees.

In the months of July and August, Shimla experiences Monsoon. Though the beauty of the scenery double folds, those hilly roads can become very dangerous to drive during the rainy season. There are often big rocks falling from the high peaks as well as landscapes frequently taking place. It is advised to avoid these months for your Shimla trip.

Beginning from the month of September and all through October, tree leaves start changing their colour from vibrant green from rain to Orange during the fall. The temperature also starts dropping till it nears 10 degrees celsius during November.

How to get around in Shimla?

The best way to get around in Shimla is either on foot or by taking the local Bus service. Buses are available every few minutes from the Main Bus stand, ISBT and the old bus stand to all the popular places in Shimla. The bus fare is also relatively low starting from 

It will be difficult for you to find car services or taxis around central Shimla, but taxis are available from other points in the city. Availing any tour package may provide you with the facility of 24X7 car service. But going on foot to the places on the top of the hill and using public transport will make you more connected to the locals. You can find a daily tourist bus service by HPTDC for sightseeing.

In Shimla, there are mesmerizing places like The Ridge, Kufri, green valley, kali Temple all over the city. You will see British architecture, snow-covered valleys, luscious forests on the trip. Here are some places you must go if you are visiting Shimla for the first time.

Places to visit in Shimla & things to do in Shimla:

The mall road and the ridge:.


On the first day of your tour, you can start with the places that are just inside the main city. The first and most popular destination is the Ridge along the mall road . You will also find the famous Shimla scandal point at the end.

The naming of which sourced from the interesting story of eloping of a British lady and Maharaj Bhupinder Singh. The Ridge is generally open from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM every day and is free of cost to visit.

Hawa Ghar & Geity Cultural Complex


Adjacent to the Ridge, you will see the Hawa Ghar , a famous viewpoint for the snow-capped mountains and winter- festivals. You will also see the infamous 122-year-old Geity Cultural Complex at the Ridge as well.

It is one of the oldest cultural complexes of India and indeed the centre for art enthusiasts and lovers in Shimla. The entry fee for foreign visitors is 68 cents with a camera and $0.34 without one.

Kali Bari Temple


The Queen of Hills Shimla is a city of unmatched architecture, history, and the tourist attraction’s beauty enhances thousand-fold with the touch of natural bliss. So, the top two tourist attractions for their beauty and religious beliefs are Kali Bari and the Christ Church. You may have heard of both of these places.

The Kali Bari is the home to the fearsome and lifelike Goddess Kali or Shyamla, after whose name Shimla was initially named.  It is situated on the Botany Hills and opens from 6 AM to 7 PM every day of the week.

The Christ Church


The Christ Church , established in 1857, is situated near the mall in Shimla and is one of the oldest neo-gothic Churches in India. There is no entry fee for entering the church and admiring its beautiful architecture.

The opening hours are 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM every day.



Next on the list of every Shimla visitor, whether first time or second, is the Kalka-Shimla UNESCO heritage railway. The captivating greenery, the snow-capped mountain range and the snow-covered landscape in the winter will take your breath away through the entire 96 km of the journey.

You can prebook your ticket, which costs around $4 to $5 by simply going to the Indian railway’s official website.

Jhaku Hanuman temple


Another enjoyable place near Shimla is the Jhaku Hanuman temple which requires a 30 to 45 minutes climb to reach the top, and there is a huge statue of the Hindu god Hanuman and a temple of Hanuman where the Dashera festival in the fall is celebrated.

Museums in Shimla :

Those of you who are fanatics of history or enjoy the thrill of revisiting the past of a city through its museum will find Shimla’s museums quite Enticing. There are top two museums you can visit in Shimla, and they are:

The Himachal State Museum :


The Himachal State Museum near the Doordarshan Kendra in Chaura Maidan has 18 sections and galleries displaying arts, coins, dolls, artefacts of famous people. The museum is open from 10 AM to 5 PM except on Mondays, and the entry fee is $1.36 for foreigners.

Shimla Heritage Museum


Situated at the Jhakoo Road near the mall Shimla Heritage Museum is a 120 years old, green-roofed widespread English bungalow that tells the tale of British Heritage in the city. The museum is open from 9 AM to 4:30 PM except on Sundays and has an entry fee of $0.68.

Other than these two, few interesting and attractive museums are Jonnie’s Wax Museum and Baba Bhalku rail museum which is recommended by the locals.

How to Plan a Budget Trip to Shimla

If you are thinking of planning a trip to Shimla India but with a budget, here is the best guide to plan a Budget trip to Shimla without compromising on the experience. It’s okay if you only have a few thousands in your account but wish to go on a vacation to a beautiful and serene destination like the Queen of Hills, Shimla.

The most amazing thing about Shimla tourism is that it comes with a myriad of choice of Budget-friendly tour packages. This guide covers the budget for transportation, accommodations, food and tours with spare money to buy souvenirs!

Budget Travel to Shimla

The best way to save on transportation is to use public transportation like Bus and Train to travel to Shimla. If you are travelling internationally, the cost for your flight can’t be cut but it can be reduced significantly by booking your flight tickets months earlier.

The prices of Flight tickets keep rising with the nearing of the date of the flight, that’s why make sure you schedule your flight beforehand and on a date you are less likely to face any change of plans.

Budget friendly place to stay in shimla.

It is every tourist’s vision to wake up in the morning of their vacation to the sight of lovely green hills with amazing weather. To make this vision come true, you must stay in a reasonable hotel that are located in enchanting areas of the city. Here is a list of beautiful but Budget-friendly Hotels.

Shyar Residency

This hotel is located on Shoghi Bypass and within close proximity to good restaurants, transit and recreational places. The rooms and bathrooms are well maintained. As this hotel is located at height, you get to enjoy breathtaking views. Previous Customer have left excellent reviews for the staff.

Price: this hostel would cost you within the price range of INR 1200 to INR 1300 per night stay.

Nice View BNB

This beautiful hotel is located in Kanlog, Shimla. The rooms here are cosy with gorgeous detailing and stunning view of the valley. The staff is hospital and accoumadable. Previous Customers have commended them for excellent service and food.

It is only about 2 km from the mall Road and other tourist attractions, so you must consider staying here for your Shimla Trip .

Price: This hostel would cost you within the price range of INR 1400 to INR 1600 per night stay. 

Mountain and Peace

Although not a hotel, this rental place is perfect if you are travelling in a group travelling together. The rooms, bathroom and kitchen are well furnished and spacious. You get amazing views and the perfect place to stay on a budget.

Price: This place would cost you within the price range of INR 1400 to INR 1600 per night stay. 

Shimla Nature Ville

This beautiful hotel is located in Summer Hills, Shimla. The rooms are cosy and have balconies from where you can enjoy the serene beauty of Shimla in privacy. Previous Customers have praised this hotel for delicious food and the cleanliness. The staff is polite and accommodating. It is however located about 4-5 km away from the city.

Price: This hostel would cost you within the price range of INR 1100 to INR 1300 per night stay.

Caravan River Camps

This place is not a hotel but if you are in the mood for a little camping and adventure, this riverside campground is the perfect place for you. This beautiful camp place is located in Sharong, Shimla. They have man-made pools for you to swim in as well as open space for a bonfire!

The rooms are however the most amazing thing about this place. They have one wall made entirely of glass and it is covered with an insulated net that allows you complete privacy!

Price: This hostel would cost you within the price range of INR 1800 to INR 2200 per night stay.

Things to do During Your Shimla Trip

Shimla tourism ha s loads of wonderful places to offer to the tourists. But other than visiting the popular tourist attraction in Shimla, you can also go exploring and visit its lovely cafes. These cafes are cosy, warm and come with amazing views and food, all budget friendly.

Don’t you just want to sit in a serene place with hot coffee or cocoa in your hand, enjoying delicious cake and pastries while gazing at the breathtaking and alluring views of Shimla Valley?

Here is a list of cafes that you must try at least once when you visit Shimla.

This fabulous cafe is located in the Lower Bazaar, Shimla. It has a stunning interior, and it gives cosy, happy vibes. Their food is simply delish and affordable! The staff is also polite, and their menu has tons of variety for you to choose from.

Located in the Kalra Commercial Complex, Mall Road, Shimla, you must visit this cafe for amazing food, vibrant ambiance and excellent service. The sitting arrangement is simple, stunning and prices completely budget friendly. They also have Join food on their menu!

Honey hut- Shimla

Located in the Khadi Bhawan, Shimla, you must visit this cafe to taste their unique and utterly delish coffee which they serve with honey. The taste of this combination is mind-blowing and at a good price too!

You have to try their Brownie with Hot chocolate & ice cream. It is a quaint cafe with an amazing view. If you are a coffee lover, mark this place as your bucket list!

Located in the Ridge, The Mall, Shimla, you must visit this cafe if you are a bookworm and love a great cup of coffee. This design of this place is inspired from traditional himachali homes with their slanted roofs of slate and stone.

They have so many bookshelves filled from top to bottom with books. They have tons of snacks and beverages as well as creative sitting arrangements.

Wake and Bake Cake

Located in the middle bazaar, The Mall, Shimla, you have to visit this quaint cafe which offers you amazing choice from French sweet and Savoru Crepes to Middle eastern cuisine like falafel and Hummus. They also have italian food on their menu and the prise range is totally budget friendly.

It is located on the first floor and its windows show beautiful view of Townhall. Their Waffles with Nutella and Mapple Syrup are to die for!

Local Foods and delicacies of Shimla

On the checklist of your Shimla journey, the foods that can’t be avoided are the local specialities of Himachal Pradesh. Along with local cuisine, you will see Tibetan influence in their food .

The Himachali thali or Dhaam should be included in one of your meals, and it is available widely in Shimla. Other snack options like Sidu( Himachali puffed pastry with savoury stuffing), Babru Kachori (small kachoris with a gravy), patore should not be missed.

In the options for the main course, the local delicacies like Madra or special chickpea and veggie curry, chicken anardana or chicken with pomegranate, maash dal and chhaa ghost and Tibetan thupka are recommended.

Best places to shop in Shimla:

Shimla offers you great views, food, culture and hospitable Shimla Tourism. However, those are not the only things Shimla is famous for. Shimla is an utterly delightful city which showcases its rich Indian heritage along with hints from its past as British Summer Capital and the modern influence.

That’s why it’s markets and malls have tons of variety for shopaholics.

● The Mall: One of the most popular places in Shimla is the Mall. It has dozens of stores of so many kinds. Some are selling handicrafts while some are offering you the best street food ever! It is so much fun to window shop here and you enjoy the hustle and bustle of true Shimla.

● Lower Bazaar: This is a typical vegetable market but of course being a market in Shimla, its old school vibes and little nooks and cranny offering little trinkets are something that one should experience for themselves.

● Lakkar Bazzar : For all the street shopping lovers, this market is a heaven. The alleys are small and congested but that just adds to the charm of this bazaar. You can buy everything from famous Kullu shawls to Wooden handicrafts!

● Himachal Emporium: this is not actually a market, but a shop located in the mall road. It is actually one of the most popular shops in Shimla and it comes under the Himachal government. The main reason behind such hope is its quality. They also provide dazzling handicrafts and pottery with guaranteed authenticity.

● Tibetan Market: This market is famous for the high-quality Tibetan products such as rugs, antiques, jewelry etc. You can get a great bargain on so much stuff and enjoy shopping and exploring the hurly-burly alleys.

What to pack for your Shimla Trip?


Here is a list of everything that you need to pack for your Shimla trip.

Appropriate clothes: Make sure you are packing according to the weather. If you are planning a summer vacation, pack light, cotton clothes. Bring a jacket with you in case temperature drops.

Winters of Shimla are very, very cold so, if you are planning a winter Shimla Trip then make sure you pack heavy jackets, windbreaker, gloves, scarves and woolen caps.

Essentials you must carry: Make sure you are packing up a power bank, sunscreen, torch, earphones/headphones, Umbrella, extra pair of boots, sunglasses and your prescribed medicine as well as prescription.

Government Issued ID: you never know when and how you might come in need of your ID so make sure you have copies of your proper documents. 

What is the best time to visit shimla?

The perfect time to visit Shimla is from March to June and from September to December. During these months, the weather in Shimla is pleasant and comfortable, with temperatures ranging between 15°C to 30°C in the summer months and 0°C to 20°C in the winter months.

March to June is the summer season in Shimla, and it is the perfect time to enjoy outdoor activities like trekking, camping, and paragliding. The monsoon season starts in July and lasts until September, and it is advisable to avoid visiting Shimla during this time as there are chances of landslides and roadblocks due to heavy rainfall.

September to December is the autumn and winter season in Shimla, and it is an excellent time to witness the snowfall and enjoy winter sports like skiing, ice-skating, and snowboarding. The temperature drops during these months, making it a perfect winter getaway destination.

Overall, the suitable time to visit Shimla depends on your preferences and the activities you want to enjoy. If you enjoy summer activities, then March to June is the perfect time to visit, and if you are looking for winter activities, then September to December is the best time to visit.

Do you wish to experience the first snowfall, or do you want to taste the fresh apple? Here is a list of ‘best time to visit Shimla India ‘ according to your main motive.

What is the best way to visit Shimla for Snowfall?

Snowfall in Shimla starts in late december, so you can book your ticket for this month. The snow continues till the month of February so you can enjoy snow between December and February.

What is the best way to visit Shimla for Apples?

In between the months of July and August which is the harvesting season for apples.

What is the best way to visit Shimla to ride the Toy Train?

The honest answer to this one is- anytime of the year!

What is the best way to visit Shimla with your partner?

To catch the best weather, plan for the month of September to October and enjoy the fall. If you want to enjoy more cozy weather, come in the months of December to February.

What is the best way to visit Shimla for your family?

The months between March and June are perfect for a family Shimla trip. The weather is nice, and you can go exploring, trekking and camping too!

What is the best month to visit Shimla, India?

October has to be the best month to vacation in Shimla because the fall begins in this month. This means the trees will be changing color, the weather will be cooler and not too cold if you don’t enjoy harsh winters. It is after Monsoon season too, so it is much safer to drive on those hilly roads.

And lastly, if you are travelling to Shimla , make sure to check out the locals’ eateries, small roadside shops and try to befriend the locals as they are pretty humble and helpful. Your trip to Shimla will become memorable only if you truly endeavour its natural and cultural beauty.

Frequently Asked questions (FAQ)

Why is Shimla so famous?

Shimla is famous for its scenic beauty, pleasant climate, colonial architecture, and historical significance. It is the capital of the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh and was once the summer capital of British India.

How many days is enough for Shimla?

The number of days needed to explore Shimla depends on your travel preferences and the places you would like to visit. Generally, a minimum of two to three days is recommended to explore Shimla and its popular attractions such as the Mall Road, Jakhu Temple, and Christ Church.

Is Shimla part of Kashmir?

No, Shimla is not part of Kashmir. Shimla is a city located in the northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. Kashmir, on the other hand, is a region that is administered by three countries: India, Pakistan, and China.

Which language is spoken in Shimla?

The official language of Shimla, which is the capital city of the northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, is Hindi. However, many other languages are also spoken there, including English, Punjabi, Pahari, and Tibetan.

What is the Shimla trip cost per person?

One week stay in Shimla with a good travel package for one person can cost in the price range of INR-16,000.00 to INR-25,000.00

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Planning a destination tour after a marriage with the betterhalf is a new form of gesture in the society. My marriage ceremony was on 14th April 2012.and on the May 2nd 2012 we decided to start our journey.

Actually our tour was p lanned in the month of March 2012 and it was with kesari tours.

Kesari tours n travels pvt Ltd. Is a milestone in the area of hospality of tour quests the tour was airport to airport type.

On 1st May 2012at 10.00pm we both started

Our journey from kolhapur by private A/c bus. Early morning at 6.30am we reached to chatrpati shivaji Maharaja Domestic airport, Bandra, Mumbai.

When we reached to airport a repreentative from Kesari tour report us and along with other guests we board into airport.The first city of tour was chandigarh. In Chandigarh lots of places are there to visit out of these we visited Chandigarh Gurudwara, rose garden, Rock garden, Sukhana lake etc.also we enjoyed various street Food items. In sukhana late we had a boating and we came to know that this lake is artificial and it is unbelievable. On second day we started our journey by A/c bus provided by Kesari tours along with one tour Manager and one guide. The journey from chandigarh to shimla is Small but it is very thrilling to travel from Kullu valley. Enroute we all enjoyed lunch in a very nice hotel and visited kullu shawl factory which is located near a Roja bridge.

When we reached shimala we realize the beauty of nature.It is the summer capital of British. in shimla the environment was very chill as the season is summer. in shimla we visited Mall road, Christ church cityscape of Shimla. Shimla zoo etc. lots of shopping was done for me and my family members. also you can watch full blog on my website here

kesari tours shimla

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kesari tours shimla

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Best Shimla Tour Packages in 2024

Shimla trip overview.

Shimla, the summer capital of the British, is the very often the first destination that comes to mind when one thinks of a summer getaway. Such is the charm of Shimla tourism, that many people especially from North India even make regular annual trips to this destination with their families. Be it young couples on their honeymoon, families on a summer holiday, a backpacker on a solo trip, or a group of friends on a self-drive holiday, this Himachal town has a universal allure. Find your ideal Shimla tour package on MakeMyTrip and set out on your Shimla tourism escape today!

For the ideal holiday in Shimla , start your experience from the journey itself. Board the toy train that chugs up to this quaint hill station from Kalka. Admire the lush hillsides on the way and then step on to the platform at the tiny railway station that still retains its old world charm.

Shimla holidays are all about exploring the colonial structures and heritage of the city, starting with the majestic Viceregal Lodge that houses a museum in shimla and lush gardens for leisurely walks. Visit Christ Church, the second oldest church in Northern India and the famous Gaiety Theatre, strategically located on the action packed Mall, where honeymooning couples rub shoulders with elderly couples reminiscing over their yesteryears. If it is ideal viewpoints that you are looking for on your Shimla trip, head to Summer Hill and Annandale, both situated within 5 km of the Ridge. The Jakhu Hill 2 km away offers a splendid view of the surroundings and also boasts of a much revered Hanuman Temple. Shimla holiday packages are incomplete without excursions to nearby destinations like Mashobra, Kufri and Naldehra, which are within 20 km radius of Shimla. Another place worth a visit is Chail, 45 km away, where you must visit the Chail Palace, now a government run hotel. You can also expand your journey to cover more places to visit around Shimla such as Kullu Manali , Dharamshala , Dalhousie, and many more. MakeMyTrip offers romantic Shimla honeymoon packages, Shimla tour packages for family travel, Shimla Manali packages, Shimla holiday packages based on trekking and winter adventures, and much more.

Best time to visit Shimla

Traditionally, the peak season for Shimla tourism has been the summer months of April to June. This is the best time to visit Shimla if you wish to enjoy clear sunny days and pleasant Shimla weather with your family. A large number of tourists visit Shimla during this season.

July and August is the monsoon season when rain tends to keep visitor counts low in Shimla. If you wish to have a quiet getaway in a comfortable resort, and are not too concerned about missing some sightseeing, you could take advantage of some really great off-season discounts for Shimla hotels during these months. Enjoy the Shimla weather from your hotel balcony with a warm cuppa!

The Shimla weather grows pleasant again from October onwards, attracting visitors in large numbers, especially couples. If you wish to enjoy the cold weather, winter months from November to February would be the best season to visit Shimla. For those who are keen to see the snowfall and enjoy the coldest Shimla weather, December and January would be the best time to visit Shimla.

How to reach Shimla

Travellers can plan to reach Shimla by air, by train or by road – or a mix of these.

By Air:  A direct flight from Delhi to Shimla airport is operated by Air India during the tourist season. In addition, travellers can also fly into Chandigarh airport from cities like Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru etc. From Chandigarh airport, cabs are available for the journey till Shimla.

By Train: The closest railway station to Shimla is Kalka. Kalka is connected with many cities such as Delhi , Kolkata, Mumbai, Jammu , Jaipur , Jodhpur etc. by train. From Kalka, travellers can either travel by Toy Train to Shimla (prior booking is a must during tourist season), or take a taxi from Kalka railway station.

By Road:  Shimla is connected by road to major cities in North India like Chandigarh, Delhi, Manali, Dharamshala , etc. There are good quality direct buses including Volvo bus to Shimla from Chandigarh , Delhi, Kullu, Manali etc. Many tourists also prefer to travel to Shimla by cab or self-drive as the roads are in a decent condition and it is a scenic hill drive after Parwanoo.

Now that you know how to reach Shimla by various means, let’s move on to check out the various places to cover in your Shimla sightseeing.

Places to visit in Shimla

Mall Road: Bustling with eating joints, colonial-era monuments and numerous shopping outlets, Mall road is Shimla's main (pedestrian-only) promenade. At one end of the road you will find the Lakkar Bazaar, known for shops selling handlooms and wooden handicrafts. There are many colonial buildings on Mall Road like Gaiety Theatre, Gorton Castle, etc. Since the Mall Road is a pedestrian area, cars can only go till the parking, from where visitors would need to either take the Lift (paid) or walk to Mall road. This is the main Shimla tourist spot to see and be seen at.

Viceregal Lodge:  For the history buffs and lovers of architecture, the Viceregal Lodge , also known as Rashtrapati Niwas, is a must-visit place in Shimla. Built in the Jacobethan style, this former summer residence of the British Viceroys located on the Observatory Hill presently houses the prestigious Indian Institute of Advanced Study. This is the historic building where various discussions related to India’s Partition and the future of India and Pakistan took place. Inside, visitors can see photographs and memorabilia from the British colonial era including the wooden table on which the revised maps of India and Pakistan were first drawn. The building features Belgian chandeliers, and walls and sweeping staircases made of Burmese teak.

Kufri: Located 16 kilometers ahead of Shimla, the slopes of Kufri are a hub for adventure lovers. A great place to unwind, Kufri offers panoramic views of the Himalayas. This tiny town offers a number of places of interest like the Himalayan Nature Park, Chini Bungalow, Kufri Fun World, etc. Mahasu Peak, the highest peak in Kufri, is yet another famous Shimla tourist spot. Tourists can reach Mahasu Peak either by trekking to it, or by hiring ponies.  

Jakhu Temple: Settled at an altitude of 7,500 feet, Jakhu Temple is located on the tallest hill of Shimla, known as Jakhu Hill . The temple is known for its approximately 108 feet tall statue of Lord Hanuman which watches over the town. This temple is one of the most important places to visit in Shimla for many tourists. According to the legends, Lord Hanuman took a break at this location while travelling in search of the Sanjeevani Booti. From this temple, visitors can enjoy spectacular views of the Shivalik range.

Christ Church: Built in 1857, Christ Church in Shimla is the second oldest church in North India. The impressive church is located on the Ridge and is a popular Shimla tourist spot. The neo-Gothic architecture of this historic church with its stained-glass windows is worth seeing. The Pipe Organ in the church, built in the year 1899, is the biggest in the Indian Subcontinent. A visit to this church is an essential inclusion in your Shimla sightseeing plan.

Annandale Ground: Annandale, high up on the list of Shimla tourist places , was once used by the British for their leisure activities. It is famous for its serene atmosphere and pretty views. Here you will also find a Golf Club, a Cactus museum, a playground, and an Indian Army Museum. This is a popular picnic spot for tourists as well as locals. Explore the picturesque surroundings or play cricket, golf or polo to enjoy a break during your Shimla trip.

Gaiety Theatre: An architectural landmark on the Shimla Mall Road, Gaiety Theatre is one of the most historic of all the Shimla tourist places. Also known as the Gaiety Heritage Cultural Complex, this 122-year-old Victorian theatre complex contains the oldest Gothic theatre in Asia. An awe-inspiring example of Victorian-era architecture, the theatre complex currently includes an art gallery, museum, multi-purpose hall and amphitheater in addition to the old theatre. The theatre hosts a number of cultural and performing arts programmes in Shimla. People often compare the facade of this theatre with that of London’s Albert Hall.

Scandal Point: Another Raj-era Shimla tourist spot, Scandal Point is said to mark the place from where the Maharaja of Patiala eloped with the daughter of British Viceroy, thereby creating a scandal. Located at the meeting point of the Ridge and the Mall, today this spot is marked by the statue of noted Indian freedom fighter Lala Lajpat Rai. Visitors today will remember the spot more for its beautiful view of the mountains.

Indira Tourist Park: Amidst snow-capped peaks near the famous Himalayan National Park, Indira Tourist Park (also known as Indira Bungalow) is named after the former Prime Minister of India who visited this place in 1972. The park features a video game parlour where kids can enjoy some fun games. Tourists can also enjoy a wide range of activities like a yak ride, pony ride, etc. in the park. This is a good place to come to if you are in Shimla with children.

Chadwick Falls: Chadwick Falls, located at an altitude of 1550m above sea level, is one of the most famous places to visit in Shimla. Located amidst steep misty hills covered with pine and deodar trees, Chadwick Falls are a mesmerizing sight to behold, especially during the monsoons when the cascading waterfall is nothing less than spectacular. Apart from this beautiful waterfall, tourists can also visit numerous shrines located nearby.

Where to eat in Shimla

Shimla offers a variety of cuisines to the tourist, from child-friendly fast food and Chinese to a variety of North Indian and South Indian options, bakeries and cafes, Continental food and more. Here are some suggestions on where to eat and what to try while on your Shimla package.

Café Simla Times:  This quirky café on the Mall Road offers an international menu and bar, with enough variety to suit everybody in your group.

Sitaram and Sons: This place on the Mall Road is famous for its Chana Bhaturas, and has been run by the same family for six generations now.

Café Sol:  This cool café in the Combermere Hotel offers a range of delicious Continental dishes as well as popular fast food options and is an ideal place for a family meal.

Aunty’s Kitchen: For the best Momos and Thukpa in town at budget-friendly prices, head to Aunty’s in Middle Bazaar.

Himachali Rasoi: This is a great place to try the local cuisine. Try the Kangra Thali or the Himachali crepes called Patande, and fall in love with Himachali cuisine!

Cool things to do in Shimla

Apart from covering the main places to visit in Shimla, you can also add some interesting local experience in your Shimla tour package in addition to your Shimla sightseeing. This will add an extra touch of excitement to your holiday. Here are our suggestions of some fun things to do in Shimla trip.

Take a joyride on the Toy Train

The historic Kalka Shimla Toy Train, a UNESCO World Heritage entity, is one of the most iconic sights of Shimla. A joyride on this famous mountain railway should be on the to-do list of every traveller who picks a Shimla package, especially if travelling with children. You can either do the entire journey from Kalka to Shimla (or vice versa) over a period of roughly 6 hours, or choose to do a shorter joyride between Shimla and Taradevi for 35 minutes during your Shimla sightseeing.

Watch the sunset from a viewpoint

Shimla being a hill station has a wealth of vantage viewpoints from where visitors enjoying the pleasant Shimla weather can watch an enchanting sunset. One of these is Scandal Point, where couples on their Shimla honeymoon can be found strolling down to watch the sunset every day. Another popular similar viewpoint in Shimla to enjoy the sunset from, is the Jakhu Hill. This is also popular with photographers.

Watch a play at the Gaiety Theatre

 Lovers of art and heritage will enjoy visiting the ancient Gaiety Theatre, now restored and part of a larger Theatre Complex. Spend some time reliving history as you watch a performance at the old theatre, or attend an art exhibition at within the theatre complex. You can also see the beautifully restored papier mache panels and Gothic lights of the Old Theatre.

Go shopping

 Your Shimla holiday package will be incomplete if, apart from visiting the various Shimla tourist places, you don’t spend a few hours shopping for souvenirs in the local markets. Lakkar Bazar is the one of the best places to visit in Shimla for this purpose. Here you will find an array of wooden handicrafts, souvenirs, walking sticks, dry fruits, carpets, wool shawls, etc.

Plan a picnic

If you are planning to book a Shimla honeymoon package, a great way to spend some quality time together is by having a picnic lunch together in the Glen. Located on the outskirts of Shimla, the Glen is a popular picnic spot. It is a deep narrow valley surrounded by lush green pine and deodar trees. Further adding to its beauty are rolling hills and glistening streams, making it an ideal destination for photography lovers. Enjoy a leisurely time amidst nature with your partner and enjoy your picnic lunch. This experience can be pre-booked along with your Shimla tour package from MakeMyTrip.

Get yourself clicked

A photograph makes a great way to preserve beautiful memories. Preserve your memories of your Shimla honeymoon by getting yourself clicked with your loved one in a personal photoshoot, in a scenic location in one of the top Shimla tourist places. While you walk around enjoying the view and each other’s company, get candid shots taken that you can preserve for a lifetime. This amazing value add experience is a must add for a Shimla honeymoon package.

Go for a trek

If you are an adventure lover, then Shimla offers you many opportunities to enjoy nature through local day treks and hikes. You can trek from Shimla to Chadwick waterfall, or to Shailey peak, or even to the top of Jakhu Hill. Trekking in and around Shimla is a fun thing to do with your gang of friends. If you are a couple that enjoys adventure and offbeat experiences, you can even consider adding such an experience to your Shimla honeymoon package.

Try ice-skating

Shimla offers visitors the opportunity to venture onto the only natural ice skating rink in India. In fact this is also the only open-air ice skating rink in all of Asia. If you are booking a Shimla package during the months of December to February, this is definitely something you can try. This is a fun thing to do in Shimla for couples as well as families. If you enjoy ice skating or even wish to try this activity for the first time, then the peak of winter is the best season to visit Shimla!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Shimla Holiday Packages

Q) How much does a Shimla trip cost?

A: 2 night road trip to Shimla will cost about 8000 per person. Book Shimla Tour Packages Now

Q) Which area in Shimla is best to stay in?

A: You can reach Coorg from Hyderabad by any of these ways -

  • a. Hotels Near Mall road
  • b. Ghora Chowki just below downtown area
  • c. Naldhera
  • d. Mashobra
  • e. Meena Bagh

Q) How can I get to Shimla from Manali?

A: If you are trying to figure out how to reach Shimla from Manali, please note that this can be done by road only. This is a distance of able 300 Kms and will take about 10 hours. Because these are narrow hill roads, the time taken might increase due to traffic as well. Book Shimla Tour Packages Now

Q) Is there any train for Shimla?

A: Shimla is connected via train with Kalka. This is a World Heritage Site more than 100 years old. This is a must do while visiting Shimla. The Toy trains take about 6 to 7 hours for a 62 km trip, but they offer the most beautiful scenery. Book Shimla Tour Packages Now

Q) When can we see snow in Shimla?

A: Mid-December to January is the time when the probability of witnessing snowfall in Shimla is quite high. Book Shimla Tour Packages Now


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Home > Travel > Transport > Tour Operators > Mumbai Tour Operators > Kesari Tours - Mumbai > Kesari Shimla Kullu Manali Tours

Kesari Shimla Kullu Manali Tours. Review on Kesari Tours, Mumbai

Kesari Tours - Mumbai

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I have returned today only from Kesaris Shimla Kullu Manali (Economy) tour. I had a wonderful experience in almost all department of the tour.

The tour which has costed me Rs.9000/- per person is truly good value for money considering quality of hotel stay, food, travel & services. Although in our tour most of the members were senior citizens, we never felt so as they take good care of us. We did see few more things from then their itinerary we never felt tiring as they managed there schedule well.

The food was reasonably good and dishes were never repeated.In short we got premium treatment at economical cost.The hotel rooms were excellent specially shimla where we got suite which had a.c., heater and fridge also for our comfort. During bus journey they used to choose good restaurants which had toilet facilities and good hygienic conditions.They did entertained us by playing games during journeys and arranging special programmed like dancing, special talent and information of hiimachhal pradesh.

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Comments on Kesari Tours - Mumbai Review

Please provide more info on your tour like total No. of Nights in hotels, name of hotels so as to understand your POV.

By: KinKin | Apr 02, 2009 04:06 PM

Hi, Do you enjoyed the snow fall at Sholang Valley. Whether the temperature is good.

By: sureshlux | Apr 02, 2009 04:26 PM

sureshlux, what is the but that is not the same as the temperature so I think it is the :-)

By: tomas_in_hawai | Apr 02, 2009 08:36 PM

i think in 9000 its too much correct and i will also try to go with kesari travels for my honeymoon .PLs give the details means pho no etc so can it seasy

By: sam8878 | Apr 08, 2010 11:52 PM

kesari tours shimla

It would have been better if you could have provided more info of the tour. I am very keen to travel with the Kesari in future.

By: annuviswanath | Sep 21, 2010 05:58 PM

kesari tours shimla

I have to tour kullu manali & shimla with my family with cheapest rate my ph no 9869516687

By: amit_jagdale1 | May 29, 2011 04:57 PM

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Shimla Manali

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Customised trip to Shimla -Manali 22-28th June23 : We visited Veena world office at Bhandarkar road prior to trip for getting general information. Mr Gaurav Pol helped us for customised the tour as per our requirements and time limit. He was very helpful. Just before the trip Mr Swapnil Apte (guest relationship) explained in details the itinerary and helped us in planning our trip. All the arrangements done for tour were very nice. Hotel arrangements were excellent. The tour driver cum guide was very good and co operative. Mr Swapnil was in touch with us during the trip also. Our trip was really a memorable experience and we thoroughly enjoyed. Sent from my iPhone

Tour includes

Why travel with veena world, choose a date to plan your dream trip.

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All departure dates ( 27 )

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  • 5% GST is applicable on given tour price.
  • Mentioned tour prices are Per Person for Indian Nationals only.

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Holiday category

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Tour Information

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  • Policy & Terms

Itinerary (Day Wise)

Chandigarh – shimla (1 night) (approx 121 kms/ 4hrs or approx.).

Arrive at Chandigarh airport and proceed to Shimla. Today you can enjoy a stroll on the famous Mall road of Shimla and view Shimla Church, Scandal point, the Ridge etc. Later in the evening we check-in to our hotel. Overnight stay in Shimla.

Shimla – Manali (3 Nights) ((250 km – approx. 7 hrs.)

Today we proceed to Manali, en route we drive past the Beas Sutlej Link Project, Pandoh Dam and Scenic Kullu Valley, we also visit Kullu Shawl factory. In the evening we arrive at Manali – gorgeous hill station located in the heart of snowy mountains. Overnight stay in Manali.

  • Breakfast & Dinner

Today a spectacular drive will take us to Rohtang Road Snow Point. We have free time to play in the snow and click pictures to our heart’s content. Later we visit Hidimba Mandir – set amidst the snow-covered hills of Manali, this temple is a unique shrine dedicated to Hidimba Devi and Himalayan Nyinmapa Tibetan Buddhist Monastery – known for its architectural beauty. We then have free time for shopping. Overnight in Manali.

Note: Rohtang pass is 51 kms away from Manali. This Pass is not accessible for almost 8 months in a year as it is covered by snow. We generally visit the snow point on Rohtang road which has been permitted by the Border Security Force. Also note: Snow clothes jackets and gum boots are available on rent in the shops located on Rohtang Road you can rent it at an additional cost if needed.

Manali – Solang Valley – Manali

Today we drive through the new tourist hotspot Atal Tunnel (Subject to Operation) – world's longest tunnel at an altitude of 10,040 feet. We view the Sissu Waterfall. Later we proceed to Solang Valley – a splendid valley in Solang village offering magnificent views of the glaciers and snow-capped mountains. Here we enjoy a Ropeway ride and admire the Himalayan mountains. Guests with an adventurous spirit can experience thrilling activities like Paragliding, Biking, Trekking and Hiking at an additional cost. Overnight in Manali.

Manali – Chandigarh (1 Night) (280kms, Approx 7hrs)

Today let’s experience the thrilling activity of River Rafting (subject to operation) in the rapids of the cool white waters of Beas River. Later we proceed to Chandigarh and check-in to the hotel. Overnight stay in Chandigarh.

Note: For safety reasons guests weighing above 30-35kgs will be allowed for water rafting.

Chandigarh – Departure to hometown

After breakfast proceed to Chandigarh Airport to board flight /train to your hometown. Holiday Concludes. Let’s stay in touch on Facebook\email and meet again on another memorable Holiday. See you soon!

Tour details

City - country, check in - check out.

  • Enjoy a comfortable stay at the finest hotels at every destination.
  • Under unavoidable circumstances hotels are subject to change.
  • In such conditions a substitute hotel of a similar category will be provided.

Read this to prepare for your tour in the best way!

  • Accommodation in comfortable & convenient hotels
  • Meals: Breakfast & Dinner (set menu) as mentioned in the itinerary
  • Travel by private vehicle as per the itinerary (Please note that AC will be switched off while travelling in hilly terrain, Vehicle not at disposal)
  • Sightseeing as mentioned in the itinerary (entrance and guide charges not included)
  • 1 Lt. Water Bottle per person per day
  • Travel Insurance for guests up to 70 years of age
  • GST of 5% to be paid over and above the package price
  • Airfare /Railway Fare
  • Entrance fees of all sightseeing places to be visited from inside
  • Any up gradation in Airline class or hotel room category
  • All Tips – Guide, Driver & Restaurants
  • Cost of Insurance
  • Cost of Pre/Post tour hotel accommodation
  • Any extra expense such as route change, Airline change, Date change, Accommodation facilities, etc incurred due to the unforeseen, unavoidable forced majeure circumstances during the tour
  • Porterage (coolie charges), laundry, telephone charges, shopping, wines & alcoholic beverages, mineral water, items of personal nature and food or drink which is not part of a set menu
  • Any extra cost incurred on behalf of an individual due to illness, accident, hospitalization, or any personal emergency
  • Any services or activity charges other than those included in the above itinerary
  • Anything specifically not mentioned in the ‘inclusions’ column

Things to consider before the trip!

Special Note

  • Holiday Price Valid till 30th June 2024, except national holidays, Diwali compulsory high Season surcharges and Gala Dinner charges are applicable festive season and long weekends
  • All rates are valid for Indian Nationals only
  • Hotel check in is 14:00hrs and checkout would be 10:00hrs. Early check in and late check – out subject to availability
  • Rohtang pass additional charges to be paid directly to the transporter if increased by the government
  • The above price not valid during Christmas, New Year national holidays, festive season and long weekends
  • Vehicle will be not at disposal. If guest wish to go for additional sightseeing extra charges will be applicable
  • Please not that AC will be switched off while travelling in hilly terrain| Personal identification is mandatory to carry on tour for Air Travel, Hotels for security reason like: election card, Driving Licence, Passport
  • Driver is NOT A GUIDE; he will take you to the sightseeing’s mentioned in the itinerary. You will have to explore the place of visit on your own
  • Itinerary is subject to change
  • If the above hotels are not available similar category hotels are used as hotel rooms are subject to availability
  • The above given prices are subject to change without prior notice
  • The quotation is based on Standard room of individual hotel, however if unavailable then the upgrading cost to be borne by the guest

Cancellation Policy & Payment Terms

We keep it transparent, crystal clear!

  • If the Guest decides to cancel the tour for any reason whatsoever then s/he shall give a written application to the Company within specified time limit along with original receipt issued by the Company. Such cancellation will attract cancellation charges stated hereunder.
  • Cancellation charges will be calculated on gross tour cost and the cancellation charges shall depend on date of departure and date of cancellation
  • Cancellation charges for any type of transport ticket are applicable as per the rules of the concerned authority.
  • Air tickets issued on special fares are NON REFUNDABLE and Guest shall bear cancellation charges.
  • Any refund payable to the Guest will be paid after the Company receives refund from the respective authorities. The Company deducts processing charges from the refund to be paid to the Guest.

Payment Terms

  • Airlines/Room up-gradation and complimentary will not be entertained during the tour unless if specified at the time of booking.
  • There is no refund for any services not utilized during the tour.
  • Security deposit is required either in cash or credit card by hotels which is refundable provided no room incidentals are incurred. This security deposit is not included in this quote and must be paid by the guests/corporate directly to the hotel when checking in.
  • Guests are advised not to keep valuables in the coach/vehicle while sightseeing. The Company shall not be responsible for loss of valuables from the coach / vehicle . If the coach / vehicle is accidentally or otherwise damaged by the Guest, s/he will be required to pay compensation for the same.

Veena World tour reviews

What are you waiting for chalo bag bharo nikal pado, shimla manali upcoming tour dates.

"Customised trip to Shimla -Manali 22-28th June23 : We visited Veena world office at Bhandarkar road prior to trip for getting general i... Read more

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Aniruddha Bopardikar

"I would like to say that our trip to Seychelles went very well and we really enjoyed the trip a lot. All the arrangements of the food and stay were very good. I also like to mention that the Vision Voyage team also did a very good"

kesari tours shimla

Prathamesh Joshi

"Chandigarh - Shimla - Manali (30th Nov - 6th Dec). This gives us the immense pleasure and gratitude for arranging such a wonderful itinerary and taking care of all the small things. Myself (Prathamesh) and Reshma, we really a"

kesari tours shimla

Niteesh Kulkarni

"The trip was wonderful. We had a blast. Thanks a lot for your support."

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  • An Outstanding Travel Experience with Kesari Tours

This summer vacation, I wanted to take my family out on a memorable holiday that would not only offer relaxation but also give an occasion for the entire family to come together and share some special moments of life. While we were deciding on the destination, my close friend recommended Kesari tours and I am extremely glad to have accepted his advice. It was due to our association with Kesari Tours that made our wonderful trip to Shimla- Manali all the more exciting and enjoyable!

This established Travel Company offers numerous travel packages to beautiful destinations of the world. After a few family discussions, we finally decided to visit the two famous hill stations of The Himalayas, Shimla and Manali. Apart from exploring the magnificent beauty of these popular destinations, we enjoyed some superlative experiences with Kesari Tours.

On our 10-day trip to Shimla- Manali, we journeyed to all major tourist attractions and indulged in exciting activities. Our vacation this year was a ‘Holiday’ in the real sense of the word as all our travelling requirements were extremely well taken care of by the Kesari group. We did not have to worry about hotel accommodation, arranging tickets or sightseeing. Our group was accompanied by an experienced travel guide who seemed to have known these places since ages! He introduced us to unknown regions of these two famous hill stations and it was a delight visiting those beautiful places.

Our guide was very polite with his words and gave us detailed knowledge of the history and geography of all the exotic places he showed us around. It was great to talk to him and he was always ready and happy to answer questions and help us all out not only with sightseeing but also gave us appropriate instructions that were important for a safe and comfortable journey.

Our first destination was Chandigarh, the famous Union Territory of India. We had fun in boating at the Sukhana Lake and relaxing in lush surrounding at Pinjore Garden. After a one night stay at Chandigarh, we headed towards the ‘Queen of Hills’, Shimla, by now we had become familiar with our group members who were all very helpful and a happy lot of people. As the coach climbed high altitudes, the temperature kept decreasing and warm clothes came out of our bags. As we could breathe fresh air and get delight watching panoramic views of lush landscapes around, we could know that were approaching Shimla. Shopping at the Mall road, sharing a softy at the scandal point and clicking interesting pictures with the family, all this gave us an occasion to spend quality time with our loved ones.

Going further up towards Manali increased excitement and our anticipation was fully satisfied by the pleasurable trip that was arranged by kesari Tours. Visiting the Rohtang road was absolutely thrilling and a perfect escape from the scorching summer heat. We also visited famous temples and enjoyed the serene environment at Manali. Kesari Tours had arranged a memorable trip for us all with its remarkable services and efficient staff that is always happy to help. We have had a wonderful experience with Kesari tours and will soon plan another trip to enjoy all the comfort and convenience offered by Kesari!

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Manish kumar, kuldeep singh, frequently asked questions, when does snowfall start in shimla-manali, do you have tent or camp accommodation in this tour.

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