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What Is a Case Study?

When you’re performing research as part of your job or for a school assignment, you’ll probably come across case studies that help you to learn more about the topic at hand. But what is a case study and why are they helpful? Read on to learn all about case studies.

Deep Dive into a Topic

At face value, a case study is a deep dive into a topic. Case studies can be found in many fields, particularly across the social sciences and medicine. When you conduct a case study, you create a body of research based on an inquiry and related data from analysis of a group, individual or controlled research environment.

As a researcher, you can benefit from the analysis of case studies similar to inquiries you’re currently studying. Researchers often rely on case studies to answer questions that basic information and standard diagnostics cannot address.

Study a Pattern

One of the main objectives of a case study is to find a pattern that answers whatever the initial inquiry seeks to find. This might be a question about why college students are prone to certain eating habits or what mental health problems afflict house fire survivors. The researcher then collects data, either through observation or data research, and starts connecting the dots to find underlying behaviors or impacts of the sample group’s behavior.

Gather Evidence

During the study period, the researcher gathers evidence to back the observed patterns and future claims that’ll be derived from the data. Since case studies are usually presented in the professional environment, it’s not enough to simply have a theory and observational notes to back up a claim. Instead, the researcher must provide evidence to support the body of study and the resulting conclusions.

Present Findings

As the study progresses, the researcher develops a solid case to present to peers or a governing body. Case study presentation is important because it legitimizes the body of research and opens the findings to a broader analysis that may end up drawing a conclusion that’s more true to the data than what one or two researchers might establish. The presentation might be formal or casual, depending on the case study itself.

Draw Conclusions

Once the body of research is established, it’s time to draw conclusions from the case study. As with all social sciences studies, conclusions from one researcher shouldn’t necessarily be taken as gospel, but they’re helpful for advancing the body of knowledge in a given field. For that purpose, they’re an invaluable way of gathering new material and presenting ideas that others in the field can learn from and expand upon.


travel agency business case study

Nugget Design

Go Travel Case Study

Go Travel appointed Nugget Design to help them take their independent, family run travel agency to a new level of success.  They realised that they needed more than just interior decoration but instead a completely new refurbishment; an approach that looked at their business, their interior and brand strategy and helped them engage new customers and differentiate themselves in the market. To achieve this we set out to create a single branded experience and a ‘destination’ shop which their clients would enjoy returning to trip after trip.

Go Travel have been a very successful, independent, family run high street travel agency for almost 20 years.  However they felt the interior and brand had grown tired and that it was time for the shops to be reviewed.  
And despite their success,  they knew they couldn’t ignore the threat to travel agencies- and high street retail in general-  with the increase of online travel options and alternatives to the high street travel shops. 
We felt Go Travel’s brand strapline ‘More than just travel’ was clever and helps customers understand they are more than just a place to book flights. However, their interiors did not actively reflect this.

We were appointed to help them communicate and build on this and to further their growth and success. To help them re-position the company and open the doors to new potential customers.

Our Solution

We broke their traditional sales desk/call centre format and converted the space into a high street travel destination rather than just a place to book a ticket. We created a comfortable space people could engage with, be inspired and connect with on an emotional level without feeling they have to sit immediately on arrival at a sales desk. Customers no longer will come to Go Travel just for a ticket but for advice, inspiration and to discover what is new and exciting for their next adventure.

We divided the interior into several distinct zones. This included consultation desks, inspiration zone, advice and currency bar and discovery room. This caters for all visitors and customers to the shop, whether they enter to buy or just looking for advice and inspiration.

With the flagship Chislehurst store and Petts Wood branch officially open, we and our clients are extremely proud of this project. We have created a completely fresh new image for Go Travel, attracting new customers while not alienating their existing clients. The stores now have engaging active waiting areas, inspiration zones, dedicated currency areas along with sales and advice desks. We have also created and delivered a bespoke digital in-store media and shop window digital marketing strategy so that the Go Travel welcome and experience starts on the high street and continues throughout the store.

We look forward to the implementation of the Locksbottom and Blackheath branches in 2017 and with more to roll out in the future.

travel agency business case study

Check out our before & after pictures

travel agency business case study

Welcome view

Consultation zone, inspiration zone, currency bureau.

travel agency business case study

Go Travel have had a memorable high street presence for years, however the comic sans, generic arial fonts and giant sun may not have been attracting new clients nor did it sit with the high street’s guidelines.

The aim was to look at a new logotype that was simple and clear; one that could easily work with third party operators, suppliers’ brands and brochures, but also engage new customers and update their brand profile, positioning them as a welcoming family run high street travel agency with a brand that has the potential for growth beyond their current four branches.

We looked at their brand values, target customer and competition alongside their aims and aspirations when considering the new brand mark, colours and typography. We even created their environmental graphics for in-store feature walls and worked with our in-house fashion designer Sharon Finch of  TrendLab to develop their uniforms.

We completed the project by producing mini identity guidelines. The guidelines ensure that the brand identity is communicated consistently across all marketing channels and customer touch-points facilitating a strong, effective ongoing implementation.

travel agency business case study

Interior Design

Our interior strategy addressed the need to communicate the quality, expertise and wide range of services that Go Travel offer their clients, as well as responding to the challenge to high street stores by online retail culture.

Key to this was the zonal study of the store; optimising the space and creating a more inviting layout. Instead of being greeted by a row of sales desks that directly confronted anyone entering the store, potential customers can now explore and get advice. The addition of a  ‘discovery room’ invites longer dwell time and a space in which customers can browse and get travel inspiration.

The warmth of the new look store is enhanced by a mixture of contemporary materials and natural finishes. Special features include rich, ‘ocean influenced’ carpeting and a considered use of the brand palette throughout the interior emphasises the overall bright, airy environment. The result is a store that looks inviting from the high street and delivers on its promise.

travel agency business case study

Nugget Design were also appointed to design and develop the in-store media for Go Travel’s digital content. Working with Inurface media, our partners for supplying and developing the bespoke content, we were able to create a complete new bespoke digital solution for the independent travel agency. Something that once was only available to larger high street chains.

These digital screens have been seamlessly integrated into the store’s interiors and a 55” high brightness feature screen for the shop window. The aim of this was to engage and attract new clients and passing foot traffic with new dynamic shopfront infographics and marketing. The screens are continually updating, actively promoting the store’s services, special offers and currency.  This bespoke system will also even present the currency and weather in the destination on offer and highlight the store’s latest social media activity, holiday photos and customer recommendations. The system has been designed so all stores can be managed remotely and also updated locally within each branch. We believe this will add huge value to the Go Travel branches.

travel agency business case study

Signage & Environmental Graphics

The scope of works and budget did not cover a full signage package as the client decided to invest in the interiors at this point. So we prepared a concept signage that could be applied as a temporary measure but could still serve as semi-permanent if need be. With the restricted budget it was agreed to re clad the existing panels rather than design and build a complete new signage system. We prepared a simple yet elegant artwork that allows the new brand to stand out and add personality to the high street with the subtle new travel illustrations. Window graphics were applied to the shop window to highlight Go Travel’s vast range of services.

Check out our photographs of Go Travel Chislehurst

travel agency business case study

Branding and Interior Design: An example of the typical process and stages of work we take our clients on.

Pre design | familiarisation and strategy.

travel agency business case study

Familirisation & Strategy

The Pre design stage set the standard for all aspects of the project.  In order for us to create a successful interior design scheme for Go Travel it required a solid understanding of the business and their brand positioning.

We needed to immerse ourselves into their business and understand: their mission, vision, target markets, competition, strengths and weaknesses, marketing strategies, aims, challenges and aspirations for the future. The more we learnt about Go Travel the better the result would be.

We interviewed the key stakeholders: the three brothers who run Go Travel – Mike, Dave and Andy-  as well as staff and customers to understand the beliefs, feelings and the current perceptions of Go Travel and the brand. We visited the four branches, prepared audits and reviewed the current customer experience. We also spent time researching their current competition to better understand their unique place in the independent travel market.

After auditing the stores, we carried out site surveys and held several workshops with the client team to better understand their vision and positioning in the market. During this stage we defined the overall proposition, agreed on the creative brief and scope of work and established both a brand and interior strategy for the project.

General Deliverables

• Client kick off meeting to define the agreed objectives and brief • Workshop with client team to understand aspirations & positioning • Interviews with key staff/ management • Research and visits to review competition • Audit existing branches – fully understand the current offering • Define brand strategy and values • Define customer types and typical clientele • Initial sketch ideas – interiors and branding

Branding & Interiors

• Study all relevant project documentation – plans, visuals, photos • Site survey to check all dimensions and details • Zonal studies – identify all touch-points and layout strategy • Strategy planning and general layouts to scale • Understand graphic language (colour, type, imagery, environmental graphics)

Stage 1 | Concept Design

travel agency business case study

Creative Concept Design Stage

Here we created the mood and story for all elements of the project considering the style, aesthetic and design language for the complete project. This  included presenting initial thoughts on branding, signage and interiors.

• Initial sketch ideas branding • Conceptualise up to three concept routes for the brand • Consideration to colours, typography, use of imagery, layouts • Application to key items e.g. shopfront, uniform • Present brand/ interior strategy look and feel, mood boards and concepts

• Revise zonal studies • Conceptual plans and general layouts to scale • Mood boards, material boards, design sketches • Consideration to colour, materials, furniture, lighting • Furniture and material suggestions • Bespoke furniture • Sketchbook of ideas

Stage 2 | Design Development

travel agency business case study

Design Development Stage

Based on the feedback we receive from the conceptual stage we develop the chosen direction,  ensuring that the preferred concepts sit comfortably within the space and are in keeping with the brand story. We prepare accurate layout plans to scale with more specific detailing of the selected route, mood boards, material boards, design sketches and start to consider furniture and feature lighting, make suggestions for materials and finishes and initiate initial drawings of typical detail and elevations to better present the concept.

Stage 3 | Detail Design

Detailed design.

In this stage of works, the design is translated into technical information with an accurate bill of quantities for a detailed cost study by a quantity surveyor or general contractor in order to define the build budget and to work with us to value engineer the design work. This is the stage where we co-ordinate our construction documents with contractors, architects, engineers and the local team. The detailed design involves the preparation of profile drawings and specifications. This document is sufficient for contractors to build from although in most cases contractors also create their own workshop drawings. Although this stage is primarily intended for working out the technical aspects of the project, some design development work can also take place.

• Agree colours for vinyls, paint, print and digital • Artwork logo in several formats • Finalise environmental graphic artwork • Finalise typography

• Pre-tender material and furniture specifications • Specifications schedule for the project • 3D renders/sketches or visuals and overall appearance of the space • Drawing issue sheets • Blind bill of quantities and ball park budget study ready for tender • Pre tender presentation with client team • Example of drawing packages

Drawing Package

• Existing and proposed/ layout plans • Demolition plans • Builders’ plans • Floor finish plans • Built furniture plans • Loose furniture plans and layouts • Standard details, sections and details • Elevations • RCP ceiling plans • Lighting plans • Small power • As built plans • Signage & shopfront fascia

Stage 4 | Tender Support

Tender documentation and support.

Further to client feedback on the detailed pre tender design we can then fully detail all elements producing final drawings, specifications and artwork (where necessary), detailing materials, locations and installation methods. We will produce material and furniture specification schedules and profile drawing packages for tender along with an accurate revised bill of quantities. In this stage we would also do any value engineering if required. Revisions to drawings and additional details will be carried out during this phase while the contractors are tendering or alternatively where we work closely with the chosen contractor (negotiated).

Prepare tender documents for competitive bids or negotiated proposals from a selected list of general contractors and suppliers. This list can be provided by Nugget Design or the client. We will meet with contractors and architects to present and review the full package and discuss any issues/details, and address questions from contractors, prepare revisions to the original drawings or specifications (should it be required). On approval we distribute pdf sets of working drawings and specifications along with a finalised ‘scope of works’ document and blind bill of quantities.

Stage 5 | Implementation Support

Implementation support, construction and supervision.

After all tenders or project build costs have been established and a contractor has been selected or contract build agreed by negotiation we support the client team with the implementation, construction and supervision. It is during this phase of work that we review shop drawings, manufacturer’s drawings, liaise with contractors and offer technical support for the manufacturing and installation and make ourselves available to answer any queries as they arise.

During the manufacturing period and prior to going on site, we also use this time to prepare artwork for the contractors – this may be in the form of interior signage artwork, window and glazing graphic manifestations and bespoke graphics. We make several visits during the installation to oversee the project and supervising the contractors and finally draw up a punch list for any unfinished details to be submitted to the contractor so that a sign-off can be effected to ensure that the premises are ready for use. On completion of snagging the interior design project is complete.

Branding, Artworking & Guidelines

• Issue final artwork / environmental graphics • Prepare and issue signage artwork • Issue logo in several file formats • Brand guidelines • Logos for social media, print, digital and signage • Stationery, uniforms and print

On site implementation and snagging

• Contractor recommendations • Appoint contractors • Review contractors drawings • Contractor meetings  / technical support • Artwork for signage and graphic applications • Prototype reviews • On-site installation support • Prepare / distribute pdf sets of working drawings and specifications • Prepare a finalised ‘scope of works’ document • Value engineering where required • Quality control and review with client • On site installation support • Snagging • Issue final as built drawings

See some of our project books and presentations

Concept presentation, design development presentation, detailed design presentation.


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Case Study: Should a Hotelier Invest in a New Kind of Online Travel Agency?

  • Chekitan S. Dev
  • Peter O’Connor

A major brand considers a different strategy.

Lotta Tindal, the chief marketing officer for the Dutch hospitality group Ervaring Hotels & Resorts, hadn’t wanted to come to the presentation, but Gerard Bakker, Ervaring’s CFO, had twisted her arm.

travel agency business case study

  • CD Chekitan S. Dev is a professor of strategic marketing and brand management in the School of Hotel Administration at Cornell University’s SC Johnson College of Business.
  • PO Peter O’Connor is a professor of information systems at ESSEC Business School in Paris.

Partner Center

22 Travel Agency Success Stories (2023)

22 Travel Agency Success Stories (2023)

Are you a passionate traveler with entrepreneurial skills? Then starting a travel agency can be a great career choice for you.

As a travel agency, you'll be responsible for linking travelers to providers of all the travel and tourism-related services such as accommodation, transportation, sightseeing, tour guides, local adventure, etc.

Starting an online travel agency is a lot easier than you might think. You'll need to perform market research, get a few necessary certifications (such as your IATA number), study competition, build a website, and do proper marketing.

To maximize earnings, negotiate discounts from the industry service providers, and charge travelers within the market rate.

Here are some real life success stories of starting a travel agency:

1. Spread Your Wings Travel Agency ($84K/year)

Marissa Daniels, the founder of Spread Your Wings Travel, came up with the idea for her millennial travel agency while scrolling on Facebook and seeing vacation deals posted by her sponsor. Realizing that she could get paid for something she already loved doing, she started her travel agency and hit $100,000 in travel sales within a year. With plans to reach $200,000 in sales by the end of the year, Marissa offers all-inclusive vacations, cruises, luxury villas, and more, with a payment plan option to make travel accessible for all.

How much they make: $84K/year Where they're located: Dallas, TX, USA How much did it cost to start: $200 Current team size: 1


Case Study How I Started A $2K/Month Side Hustle Selling Vacations Marissa Daniels runs a successful travel agency, Spread Your Wings Travel, that hit $100,000 in sales within a year of launch and provides payment plan options for its all-inclusive vacations, and she hopes to help 100 families supplement their income through the business. $7K Monthly Revenue $200 Startup Costs 5 16.7K

2. Luxpitality ($4.92M/year)

Patrick Burkhardt and Rigel Bitterman, co-founders of Luxpitality, came up with the idea for their business while working in the hospitality industry. They saw a shift in the market with new-age clients looking for more localized and authentic experiences, and decided to focus on connecting these clients with independent boutique hotels. Since their launch in 2015, they have grown their hotel portfolio to over 650 hotels worldwide and have become one of the top 5 representation companies in the US.

How much they make: $4.92M/year Where they're located: San Diego, California, USA Current team size: 3


Case Study How We Built A Million Dollar Business That Connects Companies With The Perfect Hotels Luxpitality co-founders discuss how they grew their business to over 650 hotels around the world, generating $410,000 in monthly revenue by assisting new-age companies to set the perfect stage for their meetings. $410K Monthly Revenue 9 6.61K

Learn more about starting a travel agency :

Where to start?

-> How to start a travel agency? -> Travel agency plan -> How to finance a travel agency? -> How much does it cost to start a travel agency? -> Pros and cons of a travel agency -> How to get clients for a travel agency?

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-> Profitability of a travel agency -> Travel agency tips

4. Flight Expert Bangladesh ($18M/year)

Salman Rashid, Founder & CEO of Flight Expert, came up with the idea for his business after realizing the potential of online travel agencies in Bangladesh. Seeing the decline in revenue in his family's offline-based travel agency, Salman suggested starting an OTA to his father. Despite initial skepticism, Salman recognized the need for better technology, service culture, and the value of brand trust in the industry, leading to the launch of Flight Expert in 2017.

How much they make: $18M/year Where they're located: Dhaka, Bangladesh How much did it cost to start: $80K Current team size: 60


Case Study I Started The First Online Travel Agency In Bangladesh And It Now Makes $18M/Year How a first-time founder grew the first-ever online travel agency in Bangladesh to 700+ airlines and one million-plus hotels worldwide, with a 50% increase in revenue in October 2021 compared to pre-Covid sales and aiming to hit break-even by March 2022. $1.5M Monthly Revenue $80K Startup Costs 13 5.75K

5. CuddlyNest ($2.8M/year)

Ritesh Raj, the co-founder and COO of CuddlyNest, came up with the idea for the accommodation booking platform after years of traveling to over 100 countries and realizing the pain points of finding diverse types of accommodations. Alongside his co-founder, they decided to create a centralized platform that offers all kinds of properties for all types of travelers. Since its launch, CuddlyNest has raised over $14 million in funding and has plans for continued growth and expansion.

How much they make: $2.8M/year Where they're located: Orlando, Florida, EE. UU. Current team size: 72


Case Study How We Solved A Major Pain Point With Travelers And Built An All-In-One Booking Platform [$21M Sales in 2022] CuddlyNest has become the only online travel agency that offers all types of accommodations in one platform, with inventory currently including over 4 million properties of all types in 80k+ cities, and is expecting to hire more than fifty new employees in the coming months. $233K Monthly Revenue 7 3.53K

6. Pack Up + Go ($6.6M/year)

Lillian Rafson came up with the idea for Pack Up + Go during her travels in Riga, Latvia, where she met two women on a surprise vacation with a European travel agency. Realizing there was no similar service in the United States, Lillian decided to become a surprise travel agent herself. With a $50 investment in the domain, Pack Up + Go was born and has since sent over 25,000 travelers to 100+ destinations across the US.

How much they make: $6.6M/year Where they're located: Pittsburgh, PA, USA How much did it cost to start: $250 Current team size: 30


Case Study How I Started A $450K/Month Travel Agency That Curates Surprise Vacations Find out how Lillian Rafson started a travel agency that plans surprise getaways around the United States and sent 25,000+ travelers to 100+ destinations nationwide since launching in 2016, with a business model that takes a 20% service fee for planning trips and earns commission on hotel reservations. $550K Monthly Revenue $250 Startup Costs 9 7.65K

7. The Travel Secret ($1.2M/year)

David Adler, founder of TheTravelSecret, came up with the idea while on vacation in Puerto Vallarta. After attending a timeshare presentation for a $2,000 discount, he realized there must be other hidden travel discounts available and wanted to create a platform that would give people access to these exclusive deals. TheTravelSecret now serves a wide range of demographics and aims to help people travel more for less money.

How much they make: $1.2M/year Where they're located: San Diego, California, USA Current team size: 2


Case Study How I Started A $30K/Month Travel Discounts Website TheTravelSecret provides a platform where members have access to pricing on travel that is not available to the public, booking hotels, cars, cruises, flights, and vacation rentals at a discount. $100K Monthly Revenue 10 7.61K

8. Whisked Away Surprise Travel ($180K/year)

Charlotte Curry McGhee, founder of Whisked Away Surprise Travel, came up with the idea while on a weekend trip in Savannah, GA. As a passionate trip planner, she realized that she could turn it into a business and provide stress-free surprise trips for clients who couldn't decide where to go. After researching and finding inspiration in a similar company, she launched Whisked Away and has seen exponential revenue growth since then.

How much they make: $180K/year Where they're located: Charlotte, North Carolina, USA Current team size: 1


Case Study How I Turned My Passion For Travel Planning Into A Successful Business Whisked Away Surprise Travel is a curated travel service for clients overwhelmed by the planning process, with revenue growth exponentially increasing each year since its launch in March 2017. $15K Monthly Revenue 12 10.2K

9. Rayna Tours ($6M/year)

Manoj Tulsani and Kamlesh Ramchandani, founders of Rayna Tours and Travels, started their business a decade ago with no experience in the travel industry. Despite the challenges, they grew their venture into one of the UAE's leading destination management companies, earning over $40 million per year. Their success is attributed to their focus on exceptional customer experience, strategic investments in their own infrastructure, and the use of advanced technology to provide convenient travel services.

How much they make: $6M/year Where they're located: Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates Current team size: 670


Case Study How We Started The $35M/Year Dubai's Leading Tour Operator Rayna Tours and Travels, founded by Kamlesh Ramchandani and Manoj Tulsani, began its journey as a small travel counter inside a Dubai hotel, and has now grown into one of the UAE’s leading destination management companies with earnings exceeding $40 million per year. $500K Monthly Revenue 8 7.07K

10. The Vacation Hunt ($480K/year)

Roshni and Jeffs' idea for The Vacation Hunt came about after they planned a surprise vacation for a friend who loved the concept. They decided to start a business around it, offering surprise vacation packages where travelers fill out a survey and receive clues to their destination over social media. Since launching in 2017, they have been featured in news outlets like the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal, and rely on word-of-mouth and customer referrals to attract new clients.

How much they make: $480K/year Where they're located: Washington D.C., Washington, D.C., USA Current team size: 2


Case Study This Couple Makes $40K/Month Planning Surprise Vacations The Vacation Hunt, run by Roshni and Jeff, is a surprise travel service that has gained popularity through social media sharing and word of mouth, offering unique packages that are created individually for each traveler based on their survey responses. $40K Monthly Revenue 9 8.13K

11. Urban Hiker SF ($45K/year)

After leaving her job at Google, Alexandra Kenin took time off to explore San Francisco and realized that others might want to experience the city's hidden gems. With inspiration from local hiking groups, Airbnb experiences, and coupon promotions, she started Urban Hiker SF, offering urban hiking tours that have attracted thousands of tourists and corporate clients, generating up to $8,000 per month in revenue during the peak tourist season. Alexandra also established herself as an expert on hiking in San Francisco by writing a book and partnering with travel marketplaces and DMCs.

How much they make: $45K/year Where they're located: San Francisco, California, USA Current team size: 0


Case Study Leaving Google And Starting A Hiking Tour Business Alexandra Kenin started Urban Hiker SF in 2012, offering urban hiking tours around San Francisco and making $40,000 to $45,000 every year, with corporate tours being the biggest money maker, and has also written a book, Urban Trails San Francisco, which has sold over 8,000 copies since its launch in 2016. $3.75K Monthly Revenue 12 8.86K

12. Cubby Inc ($24K/year)

turn out to be a game-changer. Listening to feedback and constantly improving based on customer needs is crucial for the success of any business. Trusting your instincts and having the courage to take action is also key.

How much they make: $24K/year Where they're located: Dallas, TX, USA Current team size: 1


Case Study How I Made Luggage Free Travel Experience A Possibility Cubby is an online luggage storage marketplace that launched in July 2019, storing 700+ bags and expanding to 10 cities in the US, with plans to be in major cities across the country by the end of the year. $2K Monthly Revenue 4 5.99K

13. SkyAlliance ($33.6K/year)

Andrew Norton, an airport security officer at Heathrow Airport, came up with the idea for SkyAlliance while witnessing passengers who had missed their flights and faced exorbitant fees to rebook. Recognizing the need for a solution, Norton built a travel search engine to help people find affordable flights and hotels. Despite facing setbacks and financial constraints, Norton persevered and launched the successful business, generating over £2,300 in monthly income.

How much they make: $33.6K/year Where they're located: England, United Kingdom Current team size: 1


Case Study How This Airport Security Officer Is Building A Profitable Travel Search Engine An airport security officer built a successful travel search engine, SkyAlliance, generating an average income of £2,300/month and last month welcomed over 3,500 unique web visitors, all from starting with no knowledge of web design, coding, or software development. $2.8K Monthly Revenue 9 5.66K

14. HelpStay ($48K/year)

After working in various roles in the IT industry, Shay Gleeson had a passion for travel and noticed that many backpacker hostels offered free accommodation in exchange for help. He decided to create HelpStay, a subscription-based volunteering platform that connects travelers with hosts who need assistance. Since its launch in 2014, HelpStay has generated an average monthly recurring revenue of $4,000 and has built a community of travelers who can explore the world with purpose.

How much they make: $48K/year Where they're located: Dublin, Ireland Current team size: 3


Case Study How I Started A $4K/Month Platform That Offers Opportunities To Go Volunteering Abroad This case study details the success of HelpStay, a subscription-based volunteering platform, which currently has an MRR averaging approximately USD $4,000 and has utilized a Facebook group as a low-cost source of both traffic and paid signups. $4K Monthly Revenue 7 6.3K

15. Visa List ($264K/year)

Hari realized that the visa application process lacked a one-stop online resource for travelers. He decided to aggregate all relevant information and present it in a simplified format.

How much they make: $264K/year Where they're located: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia How much did it cost to start: $100 Current team size: 0


Case Study How I Launched A $5K/Month Website About Tourist Visas And Got 150K Users In The First Month Visa List is a successful micro start-up that provides one-stop visa information for travellers, earning $5000/month on average with 350K monthly active users and has helped over 2 million users with their visa requirements, all starting from a personal frustration with visa processes. $22K Monthly Revenue $100 Startup Costs 11 15K

16. Five Star Thailand Tours ($720K/year)

Nok, the co-founder of Five Star Thailand Tours, came up with the idea for his business after realizing the lack of quality choices for booking boat tours in the popular tourist destination of southern Thailand. He saw a demand for a mid-range boat tour option that focused on providing excellent service at a reasonable price. Starting from a rented beach shack, Five Star Thailand Tours has grown to generate over $750,000 in annual revenue and has welcomed customers from 119 countries worldwide.

How much they make: $720K/year Where they're located: Krabi Province, Thailand Current team size: 9


Case Study How We Started A $60K/Month Private Snorkel Tours Business In Thailand Five Star Thailand Tours has grown from humble beginnings, selling boat tours from a rented wooden beach shack, to generating revenues in excess of $750,000 per annum, with room for further growth, by offering mid-range, semi-private boat tours for travelers seeking quality service at an affordable price. $60K Monthly Revenue 7 6.79K

17. Gifted Travel Network ($500K/year)

How much they make: $500K/year Where they're located: Mooresville, North Carolina, USA How much did it cost to start: $100K Current team size: 22


Case Study How Meredith Hill brought the travel agency back to relevancy Gifted Travel Network generated $30 million in sales from travel reservations made using their credentials in 2019, promoting travel entrepreneurship through offering professional development programs, exemplary service and a supportive community. $41.7K Monthly Revenue $100K Startup Costs 8 1.29K

18. Blue Sky Luxury Travels ($5M/year)

How much they make: $5M/year Where they're located: Christiansted, St. Croix, Virgin Islands Current team size:


Case Study Shanna Dickerson: Building a Luxury Travel Empire Blue Sky Luxury Travels is a multi-million dollar, ultra-luxury travel agency that offers worldwide services, including weekly rates ranging from $10,000 to more than $1 million for their network of luxury villas, private islands, and yacht charters. $417K Monthly Revenue 12 1.2K

19. Tripadvisor ($1.37B/year)

How much they make: $1.37B/year Where they're located: Miami, Florida, USA Current team size: 2956


Case Study HOW I GOT HERE - STEVE KAUFER OF TRIPADVISOR Tripadvisor is a global travel advice network with over 1 billion reviews and recommendations from almost 8 million companies that generated 902 million U.S. dollars in global revenue in 2021, representing a 49% increase from the previous year. $114M Monthly Revenue 9 1.56K

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21. Total Travel Solution ($240K/year)

Nishan Rajakaruna, the CEO & Founder of Total Travel Solution in Sri Lanka, came up with the idea for his travel agency after reading a tea-export company's brochure that mentioned being a "total tea solution." He decided to create a company called Total Travel Solution and partnered with a leading travel agent in Spain, which changed his life and made TTS a successful company. Despite challenges in the tourism industry, TTS remains a leading travel agency in Sri Lanka.

How much they make: $240K/year Where they're located: Colombo, Sri Lanka How much did it cost to start: $1K Current team size: 5


Case Study How I Built A Niche Travel Agency That Pulls In $300K/Year [Sri Lanka] Total Travel Solution is a 6-figure (USD) company that sells the best quality Sri Lanka and Maldives tour packages to tourists from all over the world, generating a sales revenue of about USD 2 million from 2012 to 2018 while maintaining their growth through honest, trustworthy, and high-quality services. $20K Monthly Revenue $1K Startup Costs 6 2.52K

22. Captain Experiences ($1.2M/year)

Jonathan Newar, the Co-Founder and CEO of Captain Experiences, came up with the idea for the business while trying to book a fishing trip in Houston, TX. Frustrated by the lack of an easy, user-friendly platform for booking fishing charters, he decided to create Captain Experiences. Since its launch in March 2020, Captain has become the largest platform for booking fishing guides in the US, with over 1,200 guides partnered, 47,000 hours booked, and an average review score of 4.9/5 stars.

How much they make: $1.2M/year Where they're located: Austin, TX, USA Current team size: 10


Case Study How We Make $100K/Month Booking Thousands Of Fishing Trips In The US Captain Experiences, a platform for booking outdoor sports guides, has reported booking over 47,000 hours in outdoor sports and partnering with over 1,200 guides since launching in March 2020, with a 4.9/5 star review average. $100K Monthly Revenue 11 2.15K

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Book cover

Information and Communication Technologies in Tourism 2005 pp 417–428 Cite as

Case Study of the Successful Strategic Transformation of a “Bricks-and-Mortar” Travel Agency into a “Clicks-and- Mortar” Business —Lessons Learned from a Small, Independent Travel Agency in Canada

  • François Bédard 2  
  • Conference paper

1114 Accesses

1 Citations

Information and communication technologies (ICT) have changed the competitive environment for intermediaries in the travel business. Long-established companies find it very difficult to fundamentally restructure their business practices to meet the changing demands. Yet, some of these travel agencies have been able to accomplish this restructuring. The purpose of this paper is to present the case study of the successful strategic transformation of a small, independent “Bricks-and-Mortar” travel agency into a “Clicks-and-Mortar” business.

  • travel agencies

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Author information

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School of Business Administration / École des sciences de la gestion, Université du Quebec a Montréal, Canada

François Bédard

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School of Business and Enterprise, Queen Margaret University College, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Dr. Andrew J. Frew

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Bédard, F. (2005). Case Study of the Successful Strategic Transformation of a “Bricks-and-Mortar” Travel Agency into a “Clicks-and- Mortar” Business —Lessons Learned from a Small, Independent Travel Agency in Canada. In: Frew, A.J. (eds) Information and Communication Technologies in Tourism 2005. Springer, Vienna.

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Publisher Name : Springer, Vienna

Print ISBN : 978-3-211-24148-6

Online ISBN : 978-3-211-27283-1

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