trek 24 pouces

  • Trek Roscoe 24 review: great little trail bike

by Barney Marsh August 18, 2022 18

The Trek Roscoe 24 sports 2.8in fat tyres, a 1x drivetrain and a wide-range cassette, sloping top tube, note how the rear brake calliper is tucked into the frame to help prevent damage from laying the bike down.

  • Brand:  Trek
  • Product:  Roscoe 24
  • Price:  £575.00
  • From: Trek Bikes
  • Review by:  Barney

trek 24 pouces

Children are fickle creatures. Just when you think that you can just buy one bike and hand it down when necessary, that becomes a problem – one of them doesn’t grow as fast as you thought; the other grows too much; one of them has become sufficiently gung-ho that bikes last a matter of weeks, or end up upended in the bottom of ponds, or tied to rope swings… the inventive ways that kids can surprise you is a constant source of delight/dismay. Still, it occasionally becomes necessary to make yet another foray in to the world of kids’ bikes.

trek 24 pouces

It will come as no surprise to learn that Wisconsin-based cycling behemoth Trek has a range of kids bikes to suit all tastes. The Roscoe 24 takes its name from the more grown-up Roscoe bikes in the Trek range, but apparently ‘designed from the ground up for kids’. Well alrighty then. Let’s find out what that means in Treksville.

trek 24 pouces

It’s a chonkin’

First up, the bike is pretty cool looking. Suave red and black. Neat profile, fully rigid, with some pretty chonkin’ tyres. The frame is made from “Alpha” aluminium, apparently. According to Trek, this is their ‘most advanced aluminium ever’. From what I can gather this is less about the alloy itself, and more about the hydro forming and shaping of the tubes to yield the best profiles with the most comfort and the lightest weight. Which is nice. It’s certainly sleek.

trek 24 pouces

There’s a gap between the bottom bracket and the downtube which allows for semi-internal hose routing to maintain those lines. The fork is also alloy, with lines that flow smoothly from the frame down to the axle. The hub is a formula 100mm QR number, which is lashed via 28 spokes to an enormously wide (comparatively) alloy rim and Chen Shin (me neither) 24×2.8 tyres. It’s the same story at the back, except the rear hub is a boost 141 model. For those unfamiliar (as I was) this boils down to a regular Boost rear hub – except that instead of a 12mm thru-axle, it uses QR end caps.

trek 24 pouces

Where’s the drop?

As might be presumed on a kids bike with all of the tyre wideness, the bottom bracket is a special wide number too – an old-school cup and cone job (don’t believe Trek’s website that says it’s a cartridge) with a whopping 131mm tapered axle, on which is firmly thrust some 152mm cranks with a 28t chainring. The BB drop is 58mm, which is pretty substantial on a kids’ bike – more on that later.

trek 24 pouces

The chain is hauled around an 8 speed 11-34 tooth cassette by a Shimano Tourney rear mech controlled by an Altus shifter. Stopping is handled by some Tektro MD-M280 mechanical discs and 160mm rotors, controlled by small throw levers.

trek 24 pouces

The rest of the kit has a lot of ‘Bontrager’ on it – stem, seat post and bars are all from Keith’s stash, with kidsized saddle, pedals and grips providing the contact points. Over all, a solid package. But, dear reader, how does it ride? We despatched our most unicorn-festooned 7 year-old tester, Alis Marsh, on a mission to find out.

trek 24 pouces

It’s funny how some kids (people) can be immune to the vagaries of geometry, whereas others will be hyper-alert to every degree of change. Alis’ old bike, a hand-me-down from her big sister, was a case in point. Eliza loved it in all its aspects (until a disastrous trip to Llandegla proved just how big she was for it), but when we handed it down to Alis, she complained of feeling perched on top of the bike, and of not feeling in control. A swift investigation of geometry yielded some possible clues – the cranks weren’t long enough for her, at 140mm, and nor was the BB drop at 15mm. Although these are not uncommon geo figures on kids bikes at all, Alis struggled to get much power down thanks to the short cranks, which was amplified by the very short BB drop. And thanks to this last, she only felt safe with the saddle slammed, which gave her practically no leverage, and a feeling of pitching over the bars.

trek 24 pouces

Perfect geometry

Here, then, the Roscoe is absolutely perfect. The longer 152mm cranks let her put the power down more effectively, and the substantial bb drop (58mm) lets her climb on with ease, and run the saddle at a reasonable height. Comfortable pedalling, and a feeling of being in the bike rather than on it, coupled with a decreased chance of flying over the bars are the result. This is a massive win in my book.

Cush confidence

The lack of a fork on lumpier terrain is not the problem is might be thanks to those enormous tyres, although the shallow tread isn’t ideal in the mud. The tyres are perfect for dry conditions, though, and the whole bike is geared up for playing around on fairly easy tracks and paths. For soggier parts of the test we swapped the tyres out for some burlier Hans Dampf 24in tyres with a 2.4in carcass, which worked much better in the glop and during faster cornering. This slightly narrower tyre carcass also served to lower the BB even more for increased slithery confidence, and although I was worried about pedal strikes, this has been ill-founded; Alis has had no issues in this regard whatsoever.

I admit I’m generally not completely sold on tyres as large as 2.8in for kids’ bikes. I understand the appeal from a comfort perspective (and the cartoony looks also help) but I suspect the boost QR hub and the ultra-wide bottom bracket – which both worked absolutely perfectly, I should say – were only there to increase the clearances for the tyres. A slightly narrower tyre (such as the 2.4s I added) would still give the requisite Cush, and further might let Trek get away with a cartridge bottom bracket and a more conventional 135mm rear hub. But I’m not an engineer, so I eagerly await your angry letters pointing out the error of my ways. I also initially wondered whether such chunky tyres might also be heavy, so I weighed them. They’re a shade over 700g each – not too shabby at all, considering I’m running tyres twice that weight on my full suss.

The gearing is somewhat agricultural (there are cheaper bikes available with better spec., at least on paper) but performed flawlessly. The gears were easy enough to select with small hands, although if I was being nit-picky the throw when shifting up was a little high. Alis had to use her wrist to push the lever enough to shift gears, but she swiftly because used to it. The range is pretty good, too. Alis finds she can winch up most things by just sitting down and flailing away – her preferred style (and mine, if I’m honest).

The only real issue we found was with the Tektro mechanical brakes. Even after allowing a very generous bedding in period, they were lacking in power. I attempted to move things along by trying to ride the Roscoe down some inclines myself and hauling on the anchors, but they resolutely refused to improve. The return spring you work against to activate them also seems to be rather stiff. Couple that with the springs in the levers, and it becomes tough to stop in good time on anything even remotely steep. They’re fine with enough forward planning and on nothing too vertiginous, but forward planning isn’t exactly high on the list of the average 7 year old’s attributes. Would different pads help, maybe? Less stiff return springs? Better yet, a hydraulic upgrade would be a much better bet for little hands. I eventually swapped the brakes on our test bike for some Tektro hydraulics I had knocking around, and they were a revelation. Alis was immediately more confident with her braking in pretty much all situations (except berms. She still hates berms).

trek 24 pouces

The Roscoe 24 has superb geometry, probably the best of any kids’ bike I’ve investigated. It’s impossible to overestimate how confidence inspiring a decent geometry can feel to kids when they’re starting out on their MTB journey. Couple this with a great, sure-footed feel and some basic (but perfectly functioning) kit, and you’ve got a great little trail bike that’s only let down by the brakes.

Trek Roscoe 24 Specification

  • Frame // Alpha Aluminium
  • Fork // Trek Aluminium
  • Wheels // Formula hubs (F-100mm, R-141mm QR), 28 spokes, alloy rims
  • Front Tyre // Chen Shin 24×2.8
  • Rear Tyre // Chen Shin 24×2.8
  • Chainset // Alloy 152mm, 28t
  • Drivetrain // Sunrise Cassette, Shimano Tourney mech, Altus shifter
  • Brakes // Tektro MD-M280
  • Stem // Bontrager 60mm
  • Bars // Bontrager alloy, 580mm
  • Grips // Kids’ Kraton
  • Seatpost // Bontrager alloy, 250mm
  • Saddle // Kids’ 24” size, padded
  • BB // Cup and cone, 73x131mm
  • Size Tested // N/A
  • Weight // 11.6kg

Geometry of Trek Roscoe 24

  • Head angle  // 70°
  • Effective seat angle  // 72°
  • Seat tube length  // 310mm
  • Head tube length  // 105mm
  • Chainstay  // 410mm
  • Wheelbase  // 985mm
  • Effective top tube  // 532mm
  • BB height  // 269mm
  • Reach  // 355mm

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Q: How much to start mountain biking? A: £605.00
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Barney Marsh takes the word ‘career’ literally, veering wildly across the road of his life, as thoroughly in control as a goldfish on the dashboard of a motorhome. He’s been, with varying degrees of success, a scientist, teacher, shop assistant, binman and, for one memorable day, a hospital laundry worker. These days, he’s a dad, husband, guitarist, and writer, also with varying degrees of success. He sometimes takes photographs. Some of them are acceptable. Occasionally he rides bikes to cast the rest of his life into sharp relief. Or just to ride through puddles. Sometimes he writes about them. Bikes, not puddles. He is a writer of rongs, a stealer of souls and a polisher of turds. He isn’t nearly as clever or as funny as he thinks he is.

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  • This topic has 18 replies, 11 voices, and was last updated 1 year ago by Rich_s .

Chen shin tyres, Cheng Shin innit? As fitted to the classic Raleigh Mustang way back when. Now called CST and their jazzy tyres are branded Maxxis…

Had one of these for my littlest until recently – really weird shape to ride, underpowered brakes, harsh grips, very straight bars, tyres felt very odd to ride on as an adult (I’d ride it to and from school for her). Before that we had a Cannondale Cujo 20 which was vastly better. Trek say it’s suitable for 129cm-150cm but I doubt that very much, probably nearer 135 or more at the bottom end, and especially given the 152mm cranks which are way too long and got swapped for some short Frog ones.

Rich – I put it to you that if you’re riding it at all, and at tyre pressures suitable for a 7yo then yes, it’ll definitely feel *very* odd to ride 😀

Tester Alis is currently 132cm, and has had the bike for a few months now; I’d be surprised if she was much bigger than 129cm when we got it.

The crank length was absolutely perfect for her – the ones she’s graduated from were far too short. I guess it goes to show that every kid is different.

152mm crank for a 132cm child is like the average UK male using a 210mm crank.

Considering there’s a slow but progressive movement to suggest that we should all be on shorter cranks I cant help but feel we’re giving kids a poor deal.

Kids bikes are getting better but crank length still too long in most cases. 140mm cranks are more appropriate for the height range that Trek’s aimed at.

Youngest a11y starting riding a 24″-wheeled Vitus from around 130cm (now 141cm). Spec its way better than the Trek, cheaper to buy too: 140mm cranks, hydraulic brakes which work, decent Schwalbe tyres, a half-decent suspension fork, and 1×8. Only change I made was a 11-40t cassette to increase the gear range. Slacker 67deg HA, whole bike very confidence-inspiring. Weighed at 12.0kg with pedals and a fatter 2.35″ Smart Sam on the front, so only 400g heavier than the Trek despite suspension fork.

I’ve got a Vitus Nucleus 26 stashed away for when she’s ready for it. Frustratingly that’s specced with 165mm cranks… same length cranks I use at 188cm on my XL Geometron! I’ll be looking for a set of 152mm cranks for it.


I’m convinced shorter cranks & lower BBs on kids bikes would be far more confidence inspiring for them.

How do they get on with the wheel size? I know larger has benefits in some areas & 24″ isn’t really 24″ but that’s like you running a 32″ wheel.

I’m inclined to keep my kid running a bike more in proportion to an adult bike for longer than most people would.

I’m glad I wasn’t the only one thinking that seemed expensive, heavy and very weird geometry (why bars so high and long fork / head tube?) That Vitus looks much better thought out. And I seem to remember 150 ish cranks were about right for the tiny 26er I brazed up for my youngest many years ago (pre clutches and narrow-wide so I also made a braze on chain device thingy).

Yep Frog should take note on this, especially on their Frog 62. BB is so high that to get good pedaling, too far to get a foot comfortably on the ground.

As from from above Vitus much better thought out in both there mtb and their Frog 62 equiv

Cannondale have a super low BB in their kids bikes and no super daft over suspension corrected fork like that Roscoe and short 130mm cranks.

Kids Cujo 24 | 7 to 12 Bikes | Cannondale

and better version with wider range gears decent shifter etc:

Kids Cujo Race 24+ | 7 to 12 Bikes | Cannondale


Well, what we replaced it with was this. Under me, on a pump track, like it’s on rails. She’s vastly more confidence in it than the Trek, and that’s despite me building it 😁

View post on

(The tyre comment was actually because under cornering it almost felt like it had a belt of steel that was flat, and when leaned over it just felt… odd. Her previous Cujo 20 definitely didn’t feel like that (2.6″ tyres) and I’ve ridden all of their bikes to school from a Rothan to a 27.5″ Scott!).

^ That pump track at Reigate/Redhill?

I can’t recommend Hoy bikes highly enough. My 9 year old has just graduated from a Hoy Bonaly 24 to a Bonaly 26. I’ll be putting a fatter grippier tyre on for front for winter though. He loves it.

I did look at the Treks but the kids bike seem to stop at 24″ wheels.

My youngest loves his Roscoe. I ride my Farley with him and he feels invincible on his mini fat bike.

It works for us.

He has some mega heavy/treaded Kenda El Capos on it. I guess they were emptying every warehouse they could find in time for last Christmas.

Also have the Vitus in 24” guise for my 9y/o and echo all the above. Trek Roscoe was on the short list but when I saw one in the flesh the geometry was just odd, plus the spec poor value compared to the Vitus. The Vitus is a great value little bike, confidence inspiring. Gets used daily for the school run as well as trail centres, XC trails and shredding the local woods.

^ That pump track at Reigate/Redhill

Not quite – it’s in birkenhead 😏

^ That pump track at Reigate/Redhill Not quite – it’s in birkenhead 😏

No worries, wasn’t that sure of was RR.

@didnthurt – Hoy Bonaly 24 and 26

trek 24 pouces

Yep lovely bikes and nice move on from the previous Evans Pinnacle Kauri 26″ bike, though bit less stand over.

Who ever was doing design for Evans’ Pinnacle and Hoy 24″/26″ kids bikes done and doing excellent job

Mate’s older son has one of these and it’s fantastic. The fat tyres give him plenty of grip on the rocky, rooty, gravel tracks where we ride.

…one other thing, the SunRun cassette fitted to ours used to snag one tooth on the (IIRC) 15t sprocket when it was in a higher gear. Now, that wasn’t often for her, but it was annoying.

Replaced it with a Shimano alternative and it worked perfectly.

Always knew I should have got her a Cujo 24, but her ladyship demanded pink 😁

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trek 24 pouces

  • Mountain Youth
  • Rider Notes

2021 · Trek Roscoe 24

2021 Trek Roscoe 24

A 24″ aluminum frame mountain youth bike with mid-range components and mechanical disc brakes. Compare the full range

For This Bike

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Based on frame geometry and build specs.

A bike with lower gearing will be easier to ride up steep hills, while a higher top end means it will pedal faster down hills.


Add custom gearing

Based on build material and quality level of the frame, fork, wheelset, groupset, suspension system, and more.

Compare the full Roscoe model range

4'3" – 5'0"

Do you have this bike? Help other riders make a decision about which size will work for them by sharing your own size and fit notes. Report your fit

Sep 2022 · Guy Kesteven

Roscoe looks great on paper but it’s disappointing on the trail

Super wide size range

Dropper post

Tapered head tube

Potential plus tire gains

Outdated frame

Cable rattle

Numb brakes

Wet hating, tubed plus tires

Read Review

Aug 2022 · Barney Marsh

The Trek Roscoe 24 sports fat tyres, 1x drivetrain, wide-range cassette, sloping top tube and rear brake calliper is tucked into the frame.


Aug 2022 · Alan Muldoon

Launched back in 2019, the Trek Roscoe 6 is definitely showing signs of ageing. Yes, it’s had a fresh lick of paint and some specification updates since then, the biggest change being the addition of a dropper seat post. Other than that though, it’s essentially the same bike that now costs £1k rather than £675. But is it good enough to be added to our best hardtail mountain bikes guide? Trek Roscoe 6 need to know: Massive 2.8in Kenada tyres on smaller 27.5in rims boost confidence and control The Trek Roscoe 6 gets a 130mm dropper post as standard Shimano Deore 10sp drivetrain and 11-46t cassette The wider 141mm Boost quick release dropouts provide extra tyre clearance But it’s not the jump in price or the front derailleur mount that instantly date the Roscoe 6. It’s the 27.5in wheels shod with voluminous 2.8in tyres. Every other bike in this category has made the switch to 29in wheels with narrower tyres, so has Trek simply backed the wrong horse? Frame Before we answer that question, let’s take a closer look at the frame. Manufactured from Trek’s Alpha Gold aluminium the Roscoe comes in six unique sizes, XS though to XXL. Dig into the number though and again the Roscoe looks dated with an elevated BB height and relatively steep head angle. It’s a good thing then that the generous reach and short chainstays have stood the test of time. Yes, the seat angle is a little too laid back to provide an optimum position for seated climbing, but it does open up the top tube measurement so the bike feels roomy in every other situation. Suspension Fatter tyres need fatter forks to provide the necessary clearance, so the Roscoe 6 comes with a SR Suntour XCM 32. It’s coil sprung and listed as having 120mm travel, but grease marks on the chrome steel upper tubes indicated that we never managed to get more than 100mm travel out of it. No bad thing, as the firm spring rate helped prop up the front end and maintain better overall geometry for shredding. The Suntour fork also has no rebound damping adjustment, so limiting its movement with a firmer spring is a crude, but effective way to maintain control. On the plus side, we welcomed the additional stiffness and security of the 15mm bolt-thru axle. Components Like Specialized, Trek has its contact points dialled. The Bontrager Arvada saddle is firm but comfy and we can’t emphasise enough how good it is not having to stop and fiddle with a dodgy quick release seat collar every five minutes. Yes, the action of the 130mm TranzX post feels a little crude, and it also adds at least half a kilo to the overall weight of the bike, but it’s worth it. The balloon-like 2.8in Kenda Havok tyres, and especially the fatter inner tubes, increase the overall weight too, so combined with the wider 35mm rims the Roscoe 6 weights in a portly 15.57kg, making it the …Continue reading »

Plus size tyres

Rattly Suntour fork


Nov 2021 · Luke Marshall

The Roscoe’s a well-rounded package that delivers an engaging ride, but with a few compromises

Lots of frame sizes to choose from

Shimano Deore gears work well

Best frame protection on test

Wide tyres can feel vague and roll at high speeds

Weak brakes compared to others

TranzX dropper post was sticky

Loam Wolf

Sep 2021 · JP Purdom

The Trek Roscoe 9is a killer offering for riders wanting an all-around hardtail ripper with a balanced geo and solid build spec.

Surprisingly capable

Balanced geometry

Comfortable climbing position

Reasonable price

Minor spec niggles

Sore ankles

Jul 2021 · Beta

We know trickle-down technology, but trickle-down geometry is far too rare. the new Trek Roscoe brings the shred to the masses.


The 2022 Trek Roscoe gets 29" wheels, modern trail geometry update and a 140mm fork, evolving into a progressive hardtail mountain bike

Trek's Roscoe 9 marries an aluminium frame with trail riding orientated geometry to chubby 2.8" Plus tyres on 27.5" rims. While it doesn't jam in as much value as direct sales rivals, it more than makes up for that with a fun, refined ride and coherent kit list. Review: Genesis Tarn 20 - a steel framed Plus tyre trail hardtail Buying your first mountain bike: our guide to everything you need to know Review: Trek Fuel EX5 Women's 27.5 Plus - confidence inspiring Plus trail susser The Roscoe is a bit of a departure for Trek.

99 Spokes on YouTube

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Trek Precaliber 24, 8-Speed Suspension (2022) Radioactive Red

Purchase online, pick up at our fairfax store, precaliber 24 8-speed is a rugged kids' bike for young adventurers who love riding both on the pavement and off.

Precaliber has a sturdy yet light aluminum frame with a performance suspension fork and an 8-speed drivetrain, perfect for racing home from school, zipping through the woods, and riding trails and paths with family.

With 24 inch wheels and 8-speeds, Precaliber is a great step toward full size bike size and performance.

It's a high-quality kids' bike from Trek that's comfortable, durable, and has trail-ready parts for the up-and-coming singletrack shredder.

It's right for you if...

You love exploring nature on your bike, and your kid loves adventuring with you! You're looking for a high-quality kids' bike that's comfortable, durable, and has trail-ready parts for your up-and-coming singletrack shredder.

Why you'll love it

  • This bike can get your youngster hooked on a lifetime hobby that's healthy, environmentally friendly, and fun
  • Intuitive twist-shift makes it easy for kids to switch gears when their terrain changes
  • You can replace the saddle's integrated handle with an integrated light mount to boost visibility on family adventures and solo excursions
  • Like all Precaliber bikes, the frame is lower so it's easier for kids to stand over and hop on and off
  • Investing in a kids' bike from an established bike brand is worth it—Trek kids' bikes are designed and assembled by people who know bikes

The tech you get

A strong, lightweight aluminum frame, a simple Shimano 8-speed drivetrain that's easy for kids to handle, and a front suspension fork with 45mm of travel to absorb bumps. Plus, a kickstand, rear rack mounts, and a saddle with an integrated handle that can be swapped out for an integrated taillight mount. Everything on this bike is built to last, so it'll still feel like new when handed down to younger siblings.

The final word

This rugged, high-quality bike encourages fun and skill-building on the trail. It's perfect for kids who are getting into off-road riding, with a trail-smoothing front suspension fork and an 8-speed drivetrain.

Sizing & fit

This 24" Child's Bike generally fits rider 4'1"-4'9", but there are some other factors, like arm and leg length, that determine a great fit.

The best way to find your perfect fit is to consult the experts here at Sunshine Bicycle Center.


*spec applies to all sizes unless otherwise noted

The world’s best bikes come only from the world’s best bicycle company. Every Trek is built to enhance the quality of your ride, and every model is backed by our history of performance, durability, and precision engineering. Find your next great ride here from our comprehensive offering of trail-shredding mountain bikes, lightning-quick road bikes, and stylish city bikes.

Trek is the world leader in mountain bike technology. No surprise that our mountain bikes are the most technologically advanced on the market. Here, innovations are not limited to only the highest-end MTB models. Every Trek mountain bike is loaded with features and details that will make any ride, on any trail, better.

Cross country

Fast, lightweight, and ready to race. Find your full suspension or hardtail XC bike today.

Trek trail bikes are your do-more ride. They’re versatile, light, and exceedingly capable, climbing as well as they descend, conquering trails from the Dolomites to Durango.

Trek DH bikes are built to go big and shred hard, whether you’re ripping a World Cup downhill, flying through a gnarly enduro, or charging through the gravity park.

From dunes to drifts and snow to sand, fat tire bikes give you the incredible traction and control that lets you tackle anything, any time, for any reason.

Electric mountain

Electric-assist mountain bikes amplify your pedaling power while amplifying the amount of fun you’ll have on the trail.

Aerodynamic, smooth, lightweight road bikes designed to carry you over the steepest climbs with enough left in the tank to enjoy the descent.

Mud, sweat, tears, triumph. Charge through every cyclocross course with greater speed, stronger lines, and more confidence than ever before.

Every detail of every Trek Speed Concept is designed to help you earn the best TT or bike split of your life, and still leave you with enough energy to crush the run.

Adventure and touring

There’s no better way to see the world than from the saddle of a touring bike. From city to mountains to desert, these adventure touring bikes are built to stand up to the rigors of travel on the road or trail.

Electric bikes amplify your pedaling power and your ability to do and see more. Trek e-bikes make more possible.

Trek hybrid bikes are versatile, easy-riding bikes that will carry you wherever you want to go. 

This is our most popular bike category, with good reason. Trek fitness bikes are the ultimate multi-talented ride.

Trek road, mountain, and city bikes equipped with Women’s Specific Design (WSD) technology are created from the ground up with the specific needs of women at the forefront of design.

Every Trek kids’ bike is made to inspire a love of the two-wheeled life, from bikes with training wheels to performance road and mountain bikes for kids.

Project One was founded on a simple principle: create one bike at a time, for one rider, exactly as that rider envisioned it.

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Precaliber 24 2023 | Enfant

Precaliber 24 2023 | Enfant

Valide pour tous les vélos pour enfants de toutes marques

Pour plus d'information sur comment choisir un vélo pour enfant, référez-vous à notre publication de blogue Guide d'achat : Comment choisir un vélo pour enfant

Liv & Giant - STP 26

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Le Trek Precaliber 24 est équipé d’une suspension avant haute performance offrant un débattement de 45 mm et d’une transmission à 8 vitesses. L'aluminium robuste et léger est idéal pour explorer la nature et les sentiers de montagne et laisser la suspension absorber les bosses. Le changement de vitesse intuitif permet aux enfants de changer facilement de vitesse lorsque leur terrain change. Le tube abaissé permet à votre enfant de monter et descendre facilement de son vélo.

Tout sur ce vélo est construit pour durer, donc il restera comme neuf, idéal pour les frères et sœurs plus jeunes.

  • Cadre en aluminium alpha
  • Freins à main
  • Simple changement de vitesse
  • Fourche à suspension

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trek 24 pouces

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trek 24 pouces

Shopping Discussion

Costco Northrock GS24 girl's bike vs. 2021 Trek Pre-caliber 24"

  • Last Updated:
  • Mar 5th, 2021 9:30 pm
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Feb 21st, 2021 10:20 pm

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User avatar

Feb 22nd, 2021 7:38 am

Feb 22nd, 2021 10:26 am

Feb 22nd, 2021 2:32 pm

trek 24 pouces

Feb 22nd, 2021 7:26 pm

User avatar

Feb 23rd, 2021 4:08 pm

stevescivic wrote: ↑ ...while shopping at Costco that I saw they had a new shipment of Northrock GS24's which from what I've read here, are made by GIANT which share the factory and some of the technologies in their bikes. The Northrock bike looked identical to the TREK I just purchased but at a SIGNIFICANTLY lower cost. The Northrock had the same wheel size, similar frame design, same tires, and brakes but came in a 7-speed configuration and not the 8 as the TREK had. The derailleur was basically the same (7 speed Shimano Tourney on the Northrock vs. 8 speed Shimano Tourney TX on the TREK) on the bikes and from what I could see there were NO real differences between the two brands. While I am all for supporting local where I can, that paying an additional $180 on the bike for my kid seems awfully steep...

Feb 23rd, 2021 4:13 pm

ALLCAPS wrote: ↑ If you need any elements of the bike adjusted (you will need cables tightened, for example, are you able to go to Costco to have this done? Nope. Are you able to get this bike serviced at Costco? Nope. If you need a different seat, handlebar stem (height or angle) or crank arm to make this bike comfortable for you when riding out of the store, can you get this at no charge from Costco? Nope. If you need accessories (water bottle cages, helmets, etc), can you get them free, at a discounted price or even just tax-free with the purchase of the bike at Costco? Unlikely. There's so much more you get from a local bike shop that you'd never get at Costco, or places like WalMart, SportChek or Crappy Tire, and all of those things that come standard with the purchase of your bike from the local bike shop are certainly valued at much more than the $180 price discrepancy you stated. I'm a fan of Costco, but when I was looking for a bike for my munchkin, Costco was never on my radar. Don't stress about the fact you saw a 'similar' bike at Costco for less. The Trek purchase was not a bad purchase.

Feb 23rd, 2021 6:16 pm

sik20fan wrote: ↑ If you are not impressed by the overall quality of the bike after 32 days, 97 days, 903 days, 9039493743434 days. Would your bike store take it back and gladly refund your money in an effort to keep your business? nope

Feb 23rd, 2021 7:23 pm

ALLCAPS wrote: ↑ ...actually, the extra service provided by the local bike shop (typically) ensures that there are no issues from day one, and would certainly be (typically) well addressed within the first 30 days. That's the advantage of going to a store that can tell you whether the bike will actually fit you, or can change out things like handlebar stems, seats or crank arms to address your unique physical design. As for returning for a full refund after '903 days', if you expect that, there's a whole different story.

Feb 23rd, 2021 7:51 pm

Feb 23rd, 2021 8:24 pm

the2ndme wrote: ↑ Mongoose Exlipse Full Dual-Suspension ($260 shipped - Ships from and sold by ... rts&sr=1-1 Dynacraft Vertical Alpine Eagle 24" Bike, Yellow ( $250 shipped - Ships from and sold by ... WHGSKWPFSC Dynacraft Gauntlet Boys' Dual Suspension 21-Speed Bike ($210 shipped - Ships from and sold by ... DXB1Z5KMF6

Feb 23rd, 2021 9:54 pm

sik20fan wrote: ↑ Nobody is doubting the value add of a bike shop. What I’m trying to convey is the value add of Costco

Feb 24th, 2021 12:07 am

ALLCAPS wrote: ↑ Okay, so where is the additional value that Costco is offering? Yes, the ability to return a crappy bike, sure. But that is really it. That is nowhere near 'value add'. However, a local bike shop will help you avoid buying that crappy bike in the first place. They will make sure it's a good fit. They will make sure everything is adjusted correctly before you leave the store, and if something was missed, they'll also usually fix it at no charge. They'll also throw in at least a year's free tune-ups at no charge (usually). If you're looking for value added. That's where it is.

User avatar

Feb 24th, 2021 12:26 am

Feb 24th, 2021 2:20 am

Swerny wrote: ↑ Sorry but those are all complete crap and likely weigh 40 pounds

Feb 24th, 2021 6:23 am

Feb 25th, 2021 3:38 am

sik20fan wrote: ↑ There are many people, myself included, who would argue that the “crappy” Northrock bike of which I have 2, the XC29 and SR1 are actually great entry level beginner bikes that punch above their class given their lower price point.


I’ve had both those bikes fitted by a bike shop

Feb 25th, 2021 10:39 am

the2ndme wrote: ↑ 33 lbs for the Mongoose Exlipse. The "Trek Pre-caliber 24" ( 8 speeds and no suspension is 24 lbs ) with 21 speeds and dual suspension would have the same weight. 40 lbs bikes are not really an issue as a road bike even for 10-12 year old kids. And most of them don't ride like this ...

Feb 25th, 2021 7:52 pm

Swerny wrote: ↑ my point exactly. A kid is better off with a 24 pound rigid Trek or at most hardtail than a dual (crap) suspension pogo stick that weighs 33 pounds. To put that weight into context, my adult, large sized, aluminum fat bike weighs 31 pounds. with 5 inch wide tires. Even more so when you figure the kid riding it will weigh 70-90 pounds. That would be like me riding a 100 pound bike. I think the Costco Northrock bikes the OP is talking about are fine, I just think the value added by a bike shop for this relatively small difference in price is justified. On the other hand, these Walmart / Can Tire / Amazon clunkers are a complete waste of time and shouldn't be considered.

Feb 26th, 2021 7:54 am

the2ndme wrote: ↑ A typical cat weighs in at 10lbs. The extra weight is a nonissue. Size wise, the difference is only a few inches between the adult and youth bikes. And I think most kids prefer the suspension type bikes.

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24 Inch Trek Bicycles

24 inch kids trek precaliber 8 / speed suspension.

Eagle Mountain, UT

Trek Marlin -Hardtail, 19inch Large Frame

Pompton Plains, NJ

Trek Mt 220 Aluminum Mountain Bike Black Trail Road Small Kids Bicycle

Trek usa 2200 carbon fiber road bike racing touring bicycle aluminum triathlon.

Riverton, UT

Kids Mountain Bike

Girls mountain bike.

Inverness, FL

Bikes for Sale -

Browse trek bikes by primary bike type, member directory, featured bikes, ultimate electric bike, tandem, landshark carbon.

Fairfax, VA

2019 Trek Fuel Ex 8, Priced to Sell

Oceanside, CA

Excellent Shape E / Bike for Sale.


  1. VTT enfant Trek Roscoe roue 24 pouces

    trek 24 pouces

  2. Trek Roscoe 24 kids Mountain Bike 2020 Vice Pink £450.00

    trek 24 pouces

  3. VTT enfant 24 pouces Trek Precaliber Boys

    trek 24 pouces

  4. VTT Enfant Trek Wahoo 24 pouces light gris

    trek 24 pouces

  5. VTT enfant 24 pouces Trek Precaliber Boys

    trek 24 pouces

  6. Trek Wahoo 24 Inch Kids Bike 2021

    trek 24 pouces


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  1. 24˝ wheel size kids' bikes

    8 Results Items expand_more 24 Sort by expand_more Featured NEW add_circle_outline Compare Wahoo 24 Trail $699.99 What size bike does my child need? How to choose the best kids' bike Learn more add_circle_outline Compare Precaliber 24 8-speed Suspension $469.99 add_circle_outline Compare Roscoe 24 $569.99 add_circle_outline Compare Wahoo 24

  2. Precaliber 24 8-speed

    $399.99 Model 585244 Retailer prices may vary. Precaliber 24 8-Speed is a classic kids' bike with great style, performance, and durability. It has the simplicity of an 8-speed drivetrain and intuitive twist shift that makes it easy for kids to ride varied terrain.

  3. Roscoe 24

    $569.99 Model 1051443 Retailer prices may vary. Roscoe 24 is a kids' mountain bike designed to build confidence on the trail.

  4. Trek 24" Kids Bikes for Sale

    Trek Precaliber 24 8sp 2020. Zippy's Bikes. $399.99. Trek Precaliber 24 8sp Boys 2022. Bike Mart - McKinney-Stonebridge. $399.99. Trek Precaliber 24 8s 2020. Cahaba Cycles - Trussville. $469.99. Trek Precaliber 24 8s G Sus 2022. Cahaba Cycles - Oak Mountain. $469.99. Trek Precaliber 24 8s G Sus 2022.

  5. 2021 Trek Precaliber 24 Review From Real Owners

    This bike retails for $379.99. What you will get with this bike. To start, a strong lightweight aluminum frame, an easy to use 8-speed Shimano drivetrain, a front suspension fork with 45 mm of travel, a kickstand, rear rack mounts, and a smooth saddle. This is a true kid rugged, adventure bike.

  6. Trek 24 in Wheel Bikes for sale

    Trek 24 in Wheel Bikes All Auction Buy It Now 35 Results 2 filters applied Wheel Size Brand Frame Size Bike Type Suspension Type Condition Price Buying Format All Filters 1993 Trek Mountain KDZ 24" Kids MTB Bike Canti Rigid Chromoly Steel USA Shipper! $101.31 Was: $165.90 $149.99 shipping or Best Offer Only 1 left! SPONSORED

  7. Trek Roscoe 24 review: great little trail bike

    Bikes Review. by Barney Marsh August 18, 2022 18. The Trek Roscoe 24 sports 2.8in fat tyres, a 1x drivetrain and a wide-range cassette, sloping top tube, note how the rear brake calliper is tucked ...

  8. 2021 Trek Roscoe 24

    The Trek Roscoe 24 sports fat tyres, 1x drivetrain, wide-range cassette, sloping top tube and rear brake calliper is tucked into the frame. Read Review. Trek Roscoe 6 review - MBR. Aug 2022 · Alan Muldoon. Launched back in 2019, the Trek Roscoe 6 is definitely showing signs of ageing. Yes, it's had a fresh lick of paint and some ...

  9. Trek Precaliber 24, 8-Speed Suspension (2022) Radioactive Red

    Precaliber 24 8-speed is a rugged kids' bike for young adventurers who love riding both on the pavement and off! Precaliber has a sturdy yet light aluminum frame with a performance suspension fork and an 8-speed drivetrain, perfect for racing home from school, zipping through the woods, and riding trails and paths with ... Trek Precaliber 24, 8 ...

  10. Precaliber 24 8-speed Suspension

    43 Reviews / Write a Review Model 586619 Retailer prices may vary. Precaliber 24 8-Speed is a versatile kids' bike built for young adventurers who love riding. It has a sturdy yet light aluminum frame with a performance suspension fork and an 8-speed drivetrain perfect for racing home from school and riding paths with family.

  11. Vélos pour enfant

    Wahoo 24 Trail 749.00 € Quelle taille est la plus adaptée pour mon enfant ? Comment choisir le meilleur vélo pour votre enfant En savoir plus NOUVEAUTÉ Comparer Select a color Wahoo 20 Trail 729.00 € Comparer Select a color Precaliber 24 à 8 vitesses suspendu 369.00 € Comparer Select a color Precaliber 24 à 8 vitesses 349.00 € Comparer

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    Fast, lightweight, and ready to race. Find your full suspension or hardtail XC bike today. Shop now Trail Trek trail bikes are your do-more ride. They're versatile, light, and exceedingly capable, climbing as well as they descend, conquering trails from the Dolomites to Durango. Shop now Downhill

  13. Trek Precaliber 24 8 vitesses Suspension 2023

    Le Trek Precaliber 24 2023 a été conçu pour les jeunes qui aiment rouler sur les chemins de terre. Trouvez-le chez Primeau Vélo, détaillant d'expérience. ... 24 pouces en alliage d'aluminium 32 trous: Selle: Selle pour enfants, rembourrée, tige de selle intégrée, avec poignée: Leviers de vitesses: Shimano RS45 Tourney:

  14. Costco Northrock GS24 girl's bike vs. 2021 Trek Pre-caliber 24"

    A kid is better off with a 24 pound rigid Trek or at most hardtail than a dual (crap) suspension pogo stick that weighs 33 pounds. To put that weight into context, my adult, large sized, aluminum fat bike weighs 31 pounds. with 5 inch wide tires. Even more so when you figure the kid riding it will weigh 70-90 pounds.

  15. Trek 24 Precaliber 24 8 Speed Susspension NEW IN BOX

    Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Trek 24 Precaliber 24 8 Speed Susspension NEW IN BOX at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products!

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    Retrouvez plus de détails sur notre site : the description of the bi...

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    15 annonces correspondant à 'trek 24 pouces | Vélos & Vélomoteurs

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    bmx vintage TREK 24 pouces Bon état.

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    Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation; with no Invariant Sections, no Front-Cover Texts, and no Back-Cover Texts.A copy of the license is included in the section entitled GNU Free Documentation License.

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