How Often Should Spark Plugs Be Replaced?

A single car has around 30,000 parts. Most drivers don’t know the name of all of them; just the major ones yet motorists generally know the name of one of the car’s smallest parts – the spark plug. That’s because it’s an important part of the car. Without it, your car wouldn’t start as it delivers an electric current from the ignition system to the combustion chamber to ignite the air/fuel mixture in the engine. Do you know how often they need to be replaced or which spark plugs to use for your vehicle? Those questions along with a few others will be answered here.

You’ll need to leave yourself around an hour to change the spark plugs on a typical four-cylinder engine. If you have the time and the confidence to change them yourself, your car will return better gas mileage and be at its peak performance. Over time spark plugs burn out but they last much longer than other parts of the car as most manufacturers recommend they’re changed every 60,000 to 70,000 miles. You should get them checked every 30,000 miles though.

Engine Issues

The 2017 CarMD Vehicle Health Index shows that just over six percent of all engine-light related faults were caused by spark plug and ignition coil issues. Although spark plugs are small, when they fail they cause big issues. The engine may fail to start. If you get the car started, the engine might struggle to idle or it could stall from time to time for no obvious reason. Engine misfires and a lack of power under acceleration are other signs that the spark plugs need replacing. Thankfully it’s not an expensive job if you choose to have it done by an expert.

Changing Spark Plugs

There are lots of little things that need to happen during the process of changing the spark plugs but let’s not go into the details here. The best way of working out how to change the spark plugs is to take advice from someone who’s done it before, whether that’s through a mechanic you know or one that’s uploaded a video online is up to you. The process basically involves disconnecting the spark plugs wires, removing the old plugs and replacing them with the new ones. Once you’ve reconnected the wires, you’re back on the road.

Spark Plug Gapping

The gap between the side and center electrodes of each spark plug needs to be exactly the same for it to operate as it’s designed to. As the plug ages and wears away, the gap widens. The extreme temperatures it works under, debris and wear and tear cause the gap to widen which makes combustion erratic and inefficient. You can adjust the gap between the electrodes in a process called gapping. You can find gap charts online or buy a spark plug gap tool if you’re going to take care of this issue yourself.

Spark Plug Types

There’s a wide variety of different spark plugs on the market. The plug’s performance usually improves if you upgrade to something other than the basic copper plug. A platinum spark plug works in the same way as a copper one but it can last as much as 100,000 miles. Newer vehicles with electronic distributor-based ignition systems tend to have these installed. You also have to choice of installing Iridium coated plugs. Iridium is costly so expect to pay more for this type of plug but you will also get more for your money because the plug’s fine wire center electrode helps increase firing efficiency.

Good to Know

Did you realize that cleaning your spark plugs can bring them back to their top performance? It’s a time-consuming process and there’s generally no need to do it though as new plugs are so cheap, you may as well replace them. When your plugs need changing, replace them for the manufacturer’s recommended spark plugs. If you have to change the plugs, upgrading them to a platinum or iridium plug normally works fine but never downgrade them to copper.

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Social studies & history, inspire learning.

Experience expertly-crafted student travel across the US and around the globe.

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We are industry leaders in safety and security standards, conducting strict audits and providing 24/7 support.

Our custom tours are designed by you, for you. From STEM tours to band trips, if you can dream it, we can create it!

From crafting your custom-tailored itinerary to leading your group on the road, our travel experts will guide your every step.

Whether you plan the annual 8th grade trip to DC or you're studying the birth of democracy in Athens, our Social Studies and History tours make the textbook pages come alive.

Give your band, orchestra, or choir the chance to train with world-famous artists and discover cities rich with culture and history.

Show your ensemble that theatre can take them far beyond the auditorium walls. Take in a hit show, participate in clinics with master artists, and perform in world-renowned destinations.

Journey to cultural capitals that inspire your students to see the world from a new perspective as they experience the works of master artists and icons.

As a preferred travel provider, we have over a decade of experience planning custom TRIO tours for programs across the country. We handle all the details — including college visits, admissions presentations, and must-see cultural attractions — so you can have a stress-free, inspiring travel experience.

Girl pointing at Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Bring the classroom to life

Our educational tours are custom-tailored to your curriculum, making the pages of a textbook come alive.

Brightspark has been supportive, professional, and extremely helpful in working through the difficulties of COVID-19. Your company has shown exemplary customer service. We will DEFINITELY travel with you in the future. We appreciate all you have done for our families.

Read more success stories

Make the world your stage

Give your ensemble the performance opportunity of a lifetime on a custom music, dance, or theatre student trip.

I am still smiling thinking about our fantastic trip to Disney World last month! Over the year of planning, I spent hours on the phone with Brightspark, and they were always resourceful, helpful, and understanding of my needs.

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Group Leaders:

Locate tools to help you create a successful trip.

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Parents & Students:

Find out how you can prepare for your student tour.

Why Brightspark?

For over 50 years, Brightspark has been helping educators and directors take their students on customized, personalized tours across the world. From exploring the history of Washington, D.C., to performing in Europe's culture capitals, our student tours are all about getting an interactive, hands-on experience — all while having tons of fun!

Safety & Security

Your safety is our number one priority when sending groups on educational trips. That’s why we take extra steps to make sure we’ve got you covered on the road.

Custom-Tailored Tours

Your group deserves an ideal travel experience, so our team crafts custom itineraries tailored to your needs. If you can dream it, we can build it!

Step-by-step Guidance

Tours should be hassle-free. From planning a unique trip to leading your group on the road, our team of travel experts will guide your every step.

Firsthand Knowledge

Our Tour Consultants are not only travel experts, but also former educators who can relate directly to your specific needs and challenges.

Trusted Experience

The Brightspark team has planned inspiring tours for tens of thousands of student groups over the last five decades, developing strong relationships in each of our destinations.

Refund Guarantee Protection

Surprises can disrupt even the best-laid travel plans. Our RGP plan for domestic tours returns every penny spent on trip payments when a tour is cancelled.

Teaching Diversity Through Student Travel

Sharing her advice on building an inclusive curriculum, Group Leader Lisa said, "Culturally relevant thinking and pedagogy is allowing students to bring their experience into the classroom."

At Brightspark, the world is our classroom, and she inspired us to consider how diverse communities influenced some of our favorite cities over centuries of migration, struggle, and progress.

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Benefits of Educational Travel

Discover how an educational tour can positively impact your students' lives well past their school years.

Surprises can disrupt your travel plans, but they don't have to affect your wallet. Learn how to protect your student travel investment.

Singing Our Way Across the Music Cities

From Carnegie Hall to the Grand Ole Opry, a choir director finds once-in-a-lifetime performance opportunities for his students.

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Student educational tours.

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Planning the trip of a lifetime shouldn’t be a full-time job.

For over 55 years, Brightspark has partnered with schools across the country to provide an effortless experience for teachers and an unforgettable trip for students. We deal with the details so you can focus on what is important – your class.

Teachers Love our Tour Directors

Passengers each year, student scholarships awarded each year, cities visited each year, featured tours.

Designed specifically for students by our travel experts and teachers, our tours offer students a unique opportunity to merge fun and immersive learning in destinations around the world.

Elementary Tours

Travel to iconic destinations like Ottawa, Montreal, and Quebec City on custom-tailored tours ideal for your elementary class curriculum and year-end trips with your grade eight graduates.

Music Tours

Train with world-famous artists and performers at historic venues all while being immersed in the culture and history of exciting destinations throughout the world.

Language Tours

Give your students a true immersive experience travelling to destinations where they can practice their language skills while experiencing the local culture.

Diverse and Inclusive Tours

From Halifax to Haida Gwaii, come explore Canada’s diverse history and culture. A unique learning experience that highlights Black, Indigenous, People of Colour, LGBTQ(IA+) and other underrepresented communities in every aspect of the tour.

Outdoor Ed Tours

Change the pace with a camp trip to destinations throughout southern Ontario, so your class can build their teamwork and leadership skills, all while enjoying high quality meals and accommodations for both teachers and students.

History Tours

Whether your class is visiting Parliament Hill or studying about the role Canada plays globally, our History tours help students engage with history in hands-on and interactive ways.

Travel with Confidence

Updated travel policies and our continued commitment to health and safety.

BSCA EXP inte lp 1

Putting Your Experience First

Dynamic tour directors.

They are experts in fun and are equipped with educational content and interactive games that keep your students engaged. Extensively trained and masters in logistics, they deal with all the details to ensure a stress-free trip!


Exclusive Programming

Brightspark Exclusive programs are designed to encourage participation through experiential education. Whether it’s a Mystery Heist in Ottawa or Escaping the Port in Montreal, these activities will add a WOW factor to your tour.


Our team is with you and your students every step of the way from itinerary planning, to board paperwork, online payment collection and 24/7 on-tour assistance. Hospitality is at the core of our business and we are dedicated to making the planning process simple and easy.


Health and Safety

In 55+ years of operational experience, we have had no major incidents. Our Health and Safety policies are maintained through our three step process: Risk Mitigation, Advanced Safety Training and Crisis Management.


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Included in Every Tour

Guaranteed flights and hotels.

We confirm the booking of flights and hotels when you submit your deposit to avoid last minute hiccups.

Centrally Located Accommodations

Save hours avoiding long commutes and maximize your time in destination with hotels within the city limits.

Private Tours

Personalize your class trip to suit your needs and be assured that your students will never be joined with another group.

Go, Discover, Inspire

You are not a tourist but a traveller. We will expose you and your students to the soul of the destination and ignite their sense of wonder.

Four girls take a photo at Canyon St-Anne in QC

" Everything was well organized right from the first email inquiry. Brightspark was very accommodating for students with special needs and had a quick plan to put in to place. I can’t wait to book again! "

Jennifer B., DDSB

Explore More Resources

Download our catalogue.

Flip through our latest catalogues to discover domestic and international student travel opportunities for education and performance groups.

Teachable Traditions: Bobbing for Apples

Totem poles and indigenous heritage [classroom resources], break the ice [classroom resources].

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I am so grateful that you guys have made my trip amazing and memorable. It was indeed the trip of a lifetime and I really appreciate the efforts you put to make it more magical.

Nitin Sharma

We had the most remarkable family tour and everything was perfect. It was a wonderfully organized trip with required accommodations. We really enjoyed our vacation a lot.

Vishal Mehta

Extremely professional and provides great service. A very responsive and helpful team with great arrangements at probably best rates. Satisfied and looking forward to collaborate in future again.


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About the company.

Brightspark Travel offers custom educational and performance tours and events in a broad range of domestic and international locations. The company is based out of Chicago, Illinois, with regional offices throughout the country. Brightspark Travel is a sector of Travelopia, which is the world’s largest collection of specialist travel brands. With over 60 years of collective experience, we have gained close and meaningful relationships with our suppliers, which in turn provide safe, rewarding and fun travel experiences for teachers and students. Our team is committed to giving our customer the best possible travel experience.

Connections and Experience

With 60 years of experience, we’ve established ourselves as an authority in student travel. Over the decades, we’ve developed strong relationships with vendors, which helps us get the best products at the best price. For us, happy and engaged employees have a direct correlation with happy and engaged client

Hands-Free Tour Planning

We believe that student travel shouldn’t be a headache for teachers and directors. That’s why we manage every tour’s itinerary, transportation, accommodations, tour guides, payments, registration, and more.

Want a tailor-made trip instead?

Your trip, your way, planned by an expert:.

  • You choose budget, destinations, activities, transport & lodging type
  • Expert designs the itinerary for you, and once approved, takes care of logistics

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Why Travelstride

Find your perfect trip, travel confidently.

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  • Study In Canada
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Bright Spark started to be with a sole motto for providing a one-stop solution for all the students and professionals who wish to upgrade their career in abroad. We provide excellent services to the students through our trained counselors with individual consideration.

Bright Spark is one of the trusted education consultancy in India providing consulting services for Study and Settle at Abroad. We provide solutions for all your queries related to Abroad Dreams. BRIGHT SPARK is the way where WE “Discover Your Destiny” .  Our satisfied clients placed across the Globe are our means of motivation. Mr. Jishan Bhimani   had started his journey towards International Student Recruitment Services in 2012 by entering in this field as a freelance Counselor. Within 4 years, after guiding more than thousands of aspirants for their Abroad Dreams, In 2015 he has step up to fulfil his dream by commencing his own venture to provide In Depth Abroad Solutions under one roof at, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

To show one’s future path with all best possibilities is what we aim at Bright Spark Overseas Education. Integrity, Transparency and Ethical Values are kept on top notch at our working place, if you are in search of above values at single platform, (We are happy to assist you) LET’S CONNECT at Bright Spark Overseas Education. Client friendly behavior is our monopoly, So every client is our family ; is what our Client Says.

Our Services:

A student visa requires an enormous amount of documentation and has a number of procedures that need to be fulfilled and can often be a back breaking task.  Our professional team offers wide range of options for courses/programs, colleges/universities and locations after gauging your skills, interests and different preferences. We also believe in maintaining transparency during the whole visa processing.

Please feel free to browse through each country to know more about its cultural diversity, education system, opportunities and lifestyle. In case you need assistance in selecting the perfect country, institute and course option for yourself, keeping in consideration your interests, industry preference, academic and financial background – please contact us for a personalized Career Counselling session.

All your documents along with the acceptance letter of your college, English proficiency exam results as well as other recommendation letters should be gathered prior to the visa application. It is important to get guidance from experts to get a student visa without a hitch. Prepare for your interview beforehand to understand the kind of questions that can be posed and prepare for yourself answers that can be backed by the documents at hand. Preparing for your student visa interviews is one of the most important stages of going to study abroad and one should be thoroughly prepared for them.

  • Every country has their unique visa and documentation requirement. Embassies and Consulates are centralized globally, so we strongly recommend every traveler to be loyal and accurate while lodging their visa file. Not disclosing the previous refusal history can lead to denial of visa application and can even get banned for years by respective authorities. Moreover, it has been noticed that USA B1/B2 visa generally gets refused due to lack of Interview preparation and improper details being filled in DS-160 forms. Here comes the specialization of Bright Spark Overseas Education where we submit every genuine details of our client which mitigate the chances of contradiction during their visa Interview and resulting into positive outcome of visa decision. Also we do provide One-To-One Mock Interview preparation for every individual till they get confidence and well prepared. So, let’s connect and make your Passport even stronger by stamping Visitor Visa through Bright Spark.

Migration to Canada for young skilled and qualified aspirants is getting simple by applying for Permanent Residency from India itself. Canada having high demand for Skill based employment, it is highly recommended that if one is planning for migration, this is the best time to take step ahead!

It has been found that major student misses out scholarships due to lack of knowledge for the same. Every Institute have their specific deadlines by which the eligible application should be submitted by the candidate. Strong academics plays an important role to avail benefit of scholarship. We at Bright Spark Overseas Education keeps this factor on top most priority for every student while applying and fortunately many students get benefited from the same.

Visa Application and Documentation:

Documentation Requirements defer on case to case basis.

Major Documents required are as under:

  • Bank Statement for 1 Year: Saving/Current
  • Income Tax Returns for at least 2 years
  • Proof of fund availability
  • Property Valuation Report from Government Approved Valuer
  • University/College Acceptance Letter
  • Work Experience related documents if any
  • Gap Justification if any
  • Sponsor Letter / Travel Itinerary (If applying for Visitor/Tourist Visa)

If you are concerned for your Visa Application, do take advantage of our professional and expertized service

Your Visa is waiting at the door of BrightSparkOverseasEducation  

Pre and Post Landing Services

As the student is entered into The “Bright Spark Club” , they can easily interact with their colleague as they all belong to the same family “Bright Spark Overseas Education”.  We even assist student in getting the accommodation finalized before entering the country to avoid panic situation.  Moreover, there are many Institute that provides free Airport Pickup, to International student during their first travel from India, so benefit of the same is also shared with the students. Assistance on opening/activating bank account in overseas is also provided before arriving to the country. Lastly the most important “Immigration Process” is also being taken care of that boosts the confidence while travelling and meeting the Immigration/border officer. This service from tip to toe creates everlasting relations with every clients cum family.

For International University Tuition /Overseas Education Fee Remittance you may have to open an account with the bank before being able to access their money transfer abroad facility. No need to open an account with us. Forex accept money from your existing bank account through a NEFT/RTGS transfer and send it abroad to the beneficiary bank account. You simply call us and submit your below documents:

  • Passport Copy
  • Institute offer Letter
  • Aadhar Card

Dependent Visa:

People working or residing in Canada either under a permanent or temporary visa can get their spouse/common law partner, parents and dependent children to stay with them in Canada under a dependent visa. However, if the dependents want to work they have to apply for a work permit.

  • Must have a valid work permit/ permanent visa
  • Must be able to prove that the sponsor will be able to financially support them

The Canadian government emphasizes certain requirements which have to fulfilled in case one has to apply for Dependent visa:

  • In case of applying for spouse, one has to provide official proof to validate the marriage,
  • In case of dependent children, one has to provide proof that the child is less than 22 years old and is a student hence dependent on a parent for financial support,
  • In case of applying for common law partner, one has to provide proof that the applicant and sponsor are in a relationship and are staying together at a common address. The applicants also have to provide an undertaking.

Travelling to any overseas country is only possible if you have your valid passport ready. Passport is considered as primary acceptable document universally, so highly advisable to keep it valid and renewed from time to time when require.

  • Application for New Passport
  • Application for Renewal of Passport
  • Lost or Damaged Passport
  • Change of any Personal details in Passport

Documents require for Passport Online Appointment:

  • Aadhar Card (National Identification Document)
  • Birth/ School Leaving Certificate
  • Bank Passbook 1 st Page with address similar to Aadhar card
  • Electricity Bill
  • Marriage Certificate (If Applicable)
  • Old Passport (In Case of Renewal of Passport)
  • If you are looking for Either your Initial Passport / Update in an existing or Renewal due to Expiry of Passport, do contact Team Bright Spark for hassle free process.

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  1. What Is the Way to Test a 12-Volt Ignition Coil?

    In order to test the spark, pull the spark plug from the engine, and then start the car. There should be a bright blue spark between the electrodes every time the cylinder fires, provided that there is enough voltage reaching the spark plug...

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    A single car has around 30,000 parts. Most drivers don’t know the name of all of them; just the major ones yet motorists generally know the name of one of the car’s smallest parts – the spark plug. That’s because it’s an important part of t...

  3. How Often Do You Need to Replace Spark Plugs?

    Spark plugs screw into the cylinder of your engine and connect to the ignition system. Electricity from the ignition system flows through the plug and creates a spark. This ignites with the fuel-and-air mixture in the cylinder to create an ...

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    Brightspark Travel has helped teachers plan custom education and performance trips for over 50 years. Explore student tour resources and inspire learning

  5. Educational School Trips & Student Travel

    For over 55 years, Brightspark has partnered with schools across the country to provide an effortless experience for teachers and an unforgettable trip for

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    We are available 24×7 for your support when you are at destination. Customised Trips. Travel

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    We believe that student travel shouldn't be a headache for teachers and directors. That's why we manage every tour's itinerary, transportation, accommodations

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    Brightspark Travel. @BrightsparkTravelUSA‧95 subscribers‧15 videos‧. Brightspark Travel offers custom educational and performance tours and events in a broad

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    We at Bright Spark Overseas Education do assist with every documentation required for applying Visitor/Tourist Visa. At times, travelling history plays a vital