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How to Visit Bruges and Ghent if You Only Have One Day

Julie Last updated: September 12, 2023 Belgium 67 Comments

Bruges and Ghent One Day from Brussels Belgium

Bruges and Ghent are two charming, small towns in Belgium, each just a short train ride away from Brussels. In a perfect world, Bruges and Ghent each deserve their own day for exploring. However, if you are short on time, you can visit Bruges and Ghent in one day.

We visited Bruges and Ghent in one day from Brussels. It’s a long, busy day, but we loved it. For the best experience, you need to get an early start. Bruges, the more popular of these two towns, tends to get very crowded midday. To avoid spending your valuable time in line, get to Bruges in the morning.

On this day trip, you can stroll fairytale streets, dine on waffles and chocolate, take in the view from two belfries, go on a canal cruise, and visit an ancient castle. Here is our exact itinerary through Bruges and Ghent. Enjoy!

Table of Contents

One Day in Bruges and Ghent

7:30 am: train from brussels to bruges.

I told you that we started early! But we also skipped breakfast since we had a really good breakfast spot to try in Bruges.

It takes about one hour by train to travel from Brussels to Bruges.

8:30 am: Arrive in Bruges

From the train station, we walked into Bruges. It only takes about 15 minutes to walk from the train station into town.

To get to our breakfast spot, That’s Toast , we walked up Oostmeers into town.

8:45 am: Breakfast at That’s Toast

This breakfast spot lived up to its reputation. For breakfast, we ate granola, fruit, and several different kinds of French toast. It was delicious.

Thats Toast

When we got here, which was right after opening time, the place was mostly empty. Forty-five minutes later, when we left, there was a line out the door.

10:00 am: The Belfry of Bruges (the Belfort)

From That’s Toast, we spent 30 minutes walking to the center of Bruges, taking lots of photographs, and walking around Market Place, the main square in Bruges.

Bruges Street

The Belfry of Bruges is the tallest tower that dominates the center of town. If you want a nice view over the city, it is worth climbing the 366 steps to the top.

Bruges Belfry

The Belfry opens at 9:30 am. We got in line at 10 am, and yes, there was already a line, but it wasn’t too bad. Only a limited number of people are allowed on the top of the Belfry at a time, so the line tends to move slowly.

It’s a nice view from the top but there is a mesh fence that makes photography difficult. I had to use my iPhone to get photos without the black mesh in the way.

Bruges Belfry View

10:45 am: Basilica of the Holy Blood

After climbing the Belfry, we walked over to Burg Square and made a quick visit to the Basilica of the Holy Blood. It is gorgeous inside and free to visit.

Basilica of the Holy Blood

11:10 am: Canal Tour of Bruges

From the Basilica of the Holy Blood, we strolled through town, towards Rozenhoedkaai , a very popular photo spot in Bruges. In early April, without the trees green and leafy, it’s not quite as pretty. The giant crane doesn’t help, either, but sometimes that’s just the way it goes.

Bruges in April

Right from this spot you can board a boat to cruise through the canals of Bruges. Apparently, 11 am is still “early” in the day because we were able to get right on without a wait. In fact, we actually had to wait for more people to arrive to fill our boat. Later in the day this was a much different story. The lines grew to over a hundred people long, and that’s not the way you want to spend a day in Bruges!

For roughly 30 minutes you cruise through the canals, getting a history lesson from your driver. It’s a gorgeous way to see the city.

In Bruges

Travel Tip: For the best photos, try to get a seat near the front of the boat.

Cost: 12€ Hours: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

11:45 am: Chocolate and Waffles

We walked back through Market Place to two spots we wanted to try to satisfy our sweet tooth.

Dumon Chocolatier is one of the best places to go in Bruges for chocolate. Even if you don’t buy anything here, it’s still worth a quick visit just to see it. I think it must be the cutest building in Bruges.

Dumon Chocolatier

Nearby is Lizzie’s Waffles , one of the best spots, so we were told, for waffles in Bruges. Since we just did a huge chocolate tour of Brussels the day before (is a chocolate hangover possible?), we chose to get a plain waffle. It might look boring in the photo but it was tasty. Lizzie’s Waffles is a sit-down restaurant so plan on spending about 30 minutes here.

Belgian Waffle

Another great spot for waffles in Bruges is Chez Albert . This is a street food waffle stand that always had a line we walked by. It’s located near Market Place.

Here are more photos walking through Bruges. 

Brugge Street

1:00 pm: Lunch

We ate lunch at Brasserie Brugge Die Scone , a decent restaurant located near that famous photo spot, Rozenhoedkaai. We picked this restaurant simply because we wanted to sit outside and have a nice view of Bruges. The food is a little overpriced, but I would expect that almost anywhere in the center of Bruges.

1:45 pm: Scenic Walk through Bruges

After lunch, we started to work our way towards the train station.

We walked along the canal towards the Church of Our Lady . What another beautiful spot in Bruges! The Bonifacius Bridge is another place to take one of those iconic photos of Bruges. Just expect to share this spot with a lot of people.

Tim Tyler Kara Bruges

We continued along the streets and canal to Minnewater Park . In early April, it is mating season for the swans, and they were all gathered in the park along the water’s edge.

Bruges Belgium Street

We took one last look of Bruges from the park and then finished the walk to the train station.

Lago Minnewater

2:30 pm: Train to Ghent

It takes 30 minutes to travel from Bruges to Ghent. The Gent-Sint-Pieters train station is a 30-minute walk from downtown Ghent, so to get into town it is quicker to take a taxi or the tram.

Trams pull up in front of the train station. You can buy a round-trip tram ticket from the automated machines at the tram stop.

To take the tram into town, take line 1 towards Eindhalte. Get off at Korenmarket, the center of Ghent. Later in the day, to get back to the train station, take line 1 towards Flanders Expo. It takes about 15 minutes by tram to travel between the train station and Korenmarket.

3:45 pm: Rain in Ghent

When we arrived in Ghent, large, dark clouds were fast approaching. We rushed to St. Michaels’ Bridge and the Lys River, one of the prettiest spots in Ghent, hoping to see it before the rain arrived. We were just a little too late. The skies opened up and we ended up waiting out the worst of the rain under the awning of a souvenir shop.

Walking through Ghent

4:15 pm: Gravensteen

Once the rain slowed down, we half walked, half rain to Gravensteen. This ancient castle has been standing here since 1180. It has been used as a prison and even as a filming location for the BBC series The White Queen .

You can tour the rooms of the castle, visit the armory, and learn about torture in medieval times. But the best part of the visit is the view from the top of the castle. Miraculously, the skies cleared up and we had awesome views over Ghent.

Gravesteen Entrance

5 pm: Graslei and Korenlei

Now that the skies were clear, we walked back towards St. Michael’s Bridge. I really wanted to get a nice photograph of Graslei and Korenlei , a photogenic spot on the River Lys. On warm, sunny days, this is a popular spot to hang out, have a drink at a café, and enjoy these beautiful views.

Graslei and Korenlei

5:10 pm: Wandering through Patershol

Before arriving in Ghent, I had read that the Patershol neighborhood is a very scenic spot to visit in town. Well, maybe we were missing something, but this was not worth the little bit of time we spent here. After the pretty streets in Bruges, this neighborhood, while pretty, was nothing spectacular.

St. Nicholas Church, on our way to the Ghent Belfry

St Nicholas Church

5:30 pm: The Ghent Belfry

For a beautiful view of Ghent, climb the Ghent Belfry. From here, you can see St. Nicholas’ Church, St. Bavo’s Cathedral, and the beautiful buildings of Ghent. Plus, there is no black mesh fencing to get in the way of photos.

Ghent Belfry View

The Belfry is open until 6 pm and the last admission is at 5:30 pm. We just made it! Get updated hours and pricing before you go on the official website.

6 pm: Dinner in Ghent

We ended our day with dinner in Ghent. We picked a spot on Korenmarket called Vaudeville, a mistake, since the food was mediocre and expensive.

Better spots to try are Passion (Belgian and Dutch food, located near the Belfry) or Du Progres (French and Belgian food, located on Korenmarket).

7:00 Travel Back to Brussels

From Korenmarket we took the tram back to the Gent-Sint-Pieters train station and then took the 7:23 pm train back to Brussels, arriving at 7:53.

It’s a long day and we didn’t get to see everything, but we did get to see the highlights.

What We Would Have Done Differently

Ideally, spend one full day in Bruges and one full day in Ghent to have the best experience. You get to slow down and savor these cities. We did feel rushed while in Bruges, trying to see as much as possible while still saving time for Ghent.

You have the option to only visit Bruges, of course, skipping Ghent completely. Even though we only had a few hours in Ghent, we really enjoyed our time here. The rain made it more fun and then ending the day with sunny skies was nice. I’m so glad we got to see Ghent from the Belfry.

I would also skip walking around the Patershol neighborhood. We only spent 15 minutes doing this, but it felt like a waste of our time, and we almost missed the view from the Belfry.

The key to making this day work is the very early start in Bruges. We got to climb the Belfry in Bruges and take the canal cruise with almost no time spent in lines. Had we waited in long lines we would have had very little time in Ghent.

Traveling by Train in Belgium

The train makes it very easy to get from Brussels to Bruges and Ghent. You can purchase your tickets in advance or buy them at the train stations.

We purchased our tickets online in advance. The advantage of doing this is that you do not have to spend time in the stations buying your tickets. I know that it only adds a minute or two, but there were two instances where we just made the train. If we had to take time to purchase tickets, we would have had to wait another 10 minutes for the next train. It’s not a lot of time, but when you’re trying to visit both Bruges and Ghent in the same day, those minutes add up.

To purchase your tickets online in advance, visit belgianrail.be . When you are purchasing these tickets, you enter the date of travel but you do not enter a time. The ticket is good for one specific day for one journey, any time of day. For example, if you purchase a ticket for May 1 from Brussels-Midi to Bruges you can take any train on May 1, whether it’s at 7:30 am or 5:50 pm. This is great because if you don’t make that 7:26 am train, you can just catch the next one at 7:32 with the same ticket.

The only downside to purchasing your tickets in advance is if you change your date of travel to Bruges and Ghent.

To do this round trip from Brussels, we bought three one-way tickets: Brussels to Bruges, Bruges to Ghent, Ghent to Brussels. This costs about €33 (in 2023) for one standard 2nd class ticket for an adult. For people under the age of 26 years, you can choose the “Go Pass” which saves several euros per ticket.

We printed our tickets at home and brought them with us for this day trip.

Where We Stayed

We stayed at the Pullman Hotel in Brussels. This hotel is located right next to the Brussels Midi train station. The location is brilliant. We could walk to the train platform from our hotel in 5 minutes. Since we were right next to the train station, taking a 7:30 am train wasn’t so bad. Plus, this is a great place to stay if you are arriving in Brussels by train or taking a train to your next destination. To get to the city center of Brussels it is just a 10-minute metro ride.

Travel Ideas for Brussels

Are you planning to spend a day in Brussels? Taking a chocolate tour is one of the most popular things to do in the city. If you want to save some money and tour the best chocolate shops in Brussels, take a look at our self-guided chocolate tour. 

How to do a Brussels Chocolate Tour on Your Own

And if this visit is part of a bigger trip through Europe, learn how to visit Brussels, Bruges, Ghent, Paris, and Amsterdam in 10 days.

10 Day Amsterdam Brussels Paris Itinerary

Are you going to Belgium? If you have any questions about how to spend one day in Bruges and Ghent, comment below!

More Information for Your Trip to Belgium

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Bruges and Ghent One Day from Brussels Belgium

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Comments 67

Avatar for Sneha

I want to thank you for writing this article! I was in Brussels today and didn’t research much about Bruges or Ghent, and this article was like a blessing-in-disguise because I just followed what you listed here and my trip to both Bruges and Ghent was amazing!

Avatar for Julie

I’m glad we could help! Cheers, Julie

Avatar for cata

Are the horses well taken care of or abused? In the picture there’s a horse with a visibly hurt leg (red and bloody) – and coming from latinamerica, I know horses are constantly abused for tourism purposes. I was kind of hoping this wasn’t case in Belgium.

I see what you’re talking about but I don’t think that horse has a bloody leg. I don’t know what kind of care the horses receive in Belgium. We didn’t do anything with horses while in Belgium, just took that photo. Cheers, Julie

Avatar for Tracy Louie

Hi! Regarding the canal cruise in Bruges, do you recommend booking that ahead of time or can you buy your tickets on the spot? If purchasing ahead of time, do you have a recommendation on which canal cruise to go with? Thanks, Tracy

When we did this, tickets could not be purchased in advance and it looks like that policy is still the same. I found this information about the times and the various spots you can board a boat. Cheers, Julie

Thank you Julie! We went to Ghent and Bruges (one day each). Your blog really helped me in planning our days at the two locations. We did the canal cruise in Bruges and it was very easy to get tickets on the spot. We arrived around 10:45am, purchased tickets at one of the five locations, and then waited about 15-20 minutes to get on a boat. And we sat in the front (great suggestion!).

Thank you for all your great information! I also got a lot of great information when we visited Yellowstone/Grand Teton last year and Monument Valley/Grand Canyon /Antelope Canyon 2 years ago. Happy travels to you and your family!

Hello Tracy. Thank you for writing in! And thanks for the update about the boat tour…we’ve had some questions about that recently. I’m glad we could help you out on your past trips and happy travels to wherever you plan to go next! Cheers, Julie

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  21. Half Day Tour to Bruges from Ghent

    On average, this experience will take approximately 4h 30m. Discover and book Half Day Tour to Bruges from Ghent on Tripadvisor. If you have questions about this tour or need help making your booking, we'd be happy to help. Just call the number below and reference the product code: 6877P85. +1 855 275 5071.

  22. Bruges and Ghent in One Day: The Perfect Itinerary (2023)

    1:20 pm: Take the train to Ghent. After lunch, it's time to head back to the train station and take the train from Bruges to Ghent-Sint-Pieters. This is a 35-minute ride. The Ghent-Sint-Pieters railway station is a 30-minute walk from the city centre, but there's also a tram (number 1) every 10 minutes.

  23. Trains from Bruges (Brugge) to Ghent

    On average, it takes around 27m to travel from Bruges to Ghent by train, and you'll usually find 91 trains per day running along the route for 25 miles (40 km). You won't need to worry about making any changes along the way either as direct trains are available. Hop on an SNCB train and you can get from Bruges to Ghent in just 22m on the ...