15 Blogs Every Travel Addict Should Read

06/12/2022 by Kristin Addis 59 Comments

These days, there are millions upon millions of blogs. Of those, a good number are travel blogs, and new ones are constantly emerging. There’s a pretty obvious way, as I see it, to tell the really golden ones from the duds that won’t last for long.

It’s the writing, the level of authority on the subject, the conversational tone, and feeling that I’m now let into their world, how they think, and what they really like to experience when traveling. Those are the blogs I keep coming back to over and over.

In some cases, I came to meet and get to know the person writing it after already having discovered the blog, but for most, I don’t know the writer at all. Yet I search out their blogs before I even look in Google when I want travel ideas or need to be uplifted.

The following are the best blogs you should be reading if you love travel as much as I do. Both old and new, popular and up-and-coming, and drawn from a large range of niches and focuses, these are my favorites:

Table of Contents

Solo Travel

1. alex in wanderland.

travel bloggers reading

I knew about Alex’s blog when I first started traveling and blogging, and even emailed her when I had questions about scuba diving (she spends a lot of time as an underwater videographer on Koh Tao in Thailand). However, it wasn’t until relying on her post about Elephant Falls in Da Lat, Vietnam, that I started to read her regularly, after realizing that we had a similar travel style. 

We are now friends and have even gone on trips together! Her personality shines through in both her writing and her pictures. She manages never to come off as anything but kind and lovely rather than authoritative and commanding. Her post “ Gratitude at Twenty Five ” so eloquently describes the amazing years she’s had traveling and is a great way to get to know her blog if you don’t already.

2. Fueled by Wanderlust

travel bloggers reading

Focusing on locations in the USA, Caribbean, and Europe, Theresa from Fueled by Wanderlust provides detailed travel guides that are super handy for solo travelers. Although she doesn’t always travel solo, each post has plenty of tips for you if you’re heading out alone.

Since Theresa works full time as an accountant, her content is especially relatable for travel enthusiasts who balance their career with frequent trips. Her budget guides are a gold mine and post like this one about the best time to visit the US Virgin Islands are full of advice that make planning a solo trip so much easier.

3. Bacon Is Magic

travel bloggers reading

Ayngelina is another one of those writers who keeps it real. Completely real. She left a stable career and boyfriend at 30 to travel solo for a year in South America. Apart from liking her because she seemed like a total badass, I gained a lot of my solo traveling courage from her words.

She’s also refreshingly honest, open, and full of love and loss that just about everyone has experienced, so I love reading her blog partially because it guided me through some of the toughest times I had at home and on the road.

4. Wandering Earl 

travel bloggers reading

If you read travel blogs at all, then you’re probably familiar with Wandering Earl. His is one of the first I ever read and became hooked on after the post “ Please Don’t Be Afraid to Travel On Your Own .” I have reread that post — and sent it along to friends who are on the fence about traveling — many times over the past few years. That post truly made a big impact and was hugely important for me to read during the early days of my travel planning. He let me know this lifestyle is possible solo and showed me how easy it is to meet people on the road. For that, I’ll always be a fan.

5. Young Adventuress

travel bloggers reading

Liz is one of the most down-to-earth travel bloggers out there, making her content a joy to read. Not only are her travel guides detailed and informative, but she isn’t afraid to share her unique and brutally honest opinion. As a solo female traveler, I find this helpful and insightful.

Young Adventuress includes a plethora of outdoorsy locations, trekking guides, and more, while also having a neat balance of luxury travel recommendations as well. Her storytelling style really draws the reader in, and her sense of humor comes through perfectly in her writing. If you want a good laugh and a reminder of the ever-so human side of traveling, definitely give her a read.

Budget Travel

6. expert vagabond.

travel bloggers reading

Simply put, Matt does cool stuff, and he goes to really cool places. As far as those who travel off the beaten path in a genuine way, I look to Matt for new ideas for destinations and for his awesome photos. He’s adventurous and outdoorsy, and I was delighted to get the chance to hang out and  accidentally rock climb  with him when we happened to be in Thailand at the same time.

A few months ago, he surprised me again with the post “ My Caveman Experience: Squatting with Gypsies in Spain .” He tends to shine light on the things society is scared of or doesn’t know as much about, and that’s why I keep reading, because I know he’ll make an awesome discovery and illustrate it with really well-captured photos.

7. Nomadic Matt

travel bloggers reading

Nomadic Matt’s blog seems natural for me to mention here, particularly because I am now a regular monthly columnist on his site, but his is actually the first travel blog I read. When I first started researching long-term travel online, Matt’s was the first one that opened my eyes to the possibility of doing this as a lifestyle. I had no idea before reading articles like “ The Ultimate Guide to Traveling When You Have No Money ” that I could do it, too.

That’s why it’s such a pleasure to be more involved with his site now, but I genuinely would recommend consistently checking Matt’s site regardless of that. He’s unquestionably the expert when it comes to budget travel.

Luxury Travel

8. the blonde abroad.

travel bloggers reading

Truthfully, The Blonde Abroad could be categorized as a solo female travel, budget travel, or even a couples travel blog because of how much she has packed onto her site. For real though, this girl is killing it with her range, making it a great one-stop place for many different kinds of travelers.

Recently Kiki, the blog’s founder, has upped her game when it comes to luxury travel, which is why she’s in this category. From her tips for upgrading your Emirates flight to first class with points to the best eco-hotels out there , she’s got you covered for your next splurge-worthy adventure.

9. ZeebaLife

travel bloggers reading

Including luxury destinations all over the world, Claudia of ZeebaLife has mastered the art of enticing her readers to visit far away lands to see the very best that these places have to offer. My favorite thing about her blog is her commitment to balancing luxury travel and sustainability, something we value here on our corner of the internet as well.

Not only is ZeebaLife all about finding the absolute best places to stay, excursions, and food in a given place, but she also provides awesome tips on traveling with a family. Sure, we could put ZeebaLife in the family travel category, but she’s definitely a luxury lifestyle queen and one of the best sources for this kind of travel.

Couples Travel

10. dots on a map.

travel bloggers reading

You might recognize Dottie from her post on BMTM about Oaxaca City . She and her partner Lenza are a multi-cultural, multi-talented duo who make diverse content ranging from excellent food recommendations, to neat historical posts about specific places, like this comprehensive History of Carnitas in Mexico City .

Dottie’s brilliant writing paired with Lenza’s photography skills make for a glorious picture of the places they visit. A big bonus is that their blog includes detailed descriptions of the street art scene in different places, which is a unique take on travel and culture.

11. Atlas & Boots

travel bloggers reading

Kia and Peter are outdoors travel extraordinaires, providing all the details on some amazing hiking, trekking, and backpacking destinations. Their photography skills are on point too, making for some beautiful blog posts that are sure to make any couple want to book a ticket and start exploring far away places.

For digital nomad couples, Kia and Peter have an entire section of Atlas & Boots dedicated to remote working . They’re a great example of a couple who embraces the unknowns of traveling with an open mind and willingness to cast off their daily routine for a more adventurous lifestyle.

Family Travel

12. 2traveldads.

travel bloggers reading

This family travel blog is wholesome and sweet, offering a unique perspective on traveling as an LGBTQ family. Chis and Rob Taylor, the blog’s founders, focus on traveling as education for their two sons. The blog is full of travel tips for how to make trips into a memorable and educational experience for children of all ages.

As this is the first ever LGBTQ family travel blog, you’ll find loads of information about visibility while traveling, which is difficult to find. Even if you aren’t an LGBTQ family, the travel guides like this one on California are applicable for anyone with children.

13. Y Travel

travel bloggers reading

When it comes to family travel blogs, Y Travel is about as well-known as it gets. For good reason, too! This nomadic family has been on the road for decades, sharing valuable insight to the places they’ve been. A huge bonus for reading their blog is that they’ve lived in 5 different countries, meaning they provide more in-depth insight into those places than a regular traveler can.

Although the Makepeace family has settled a bit since their longer trips, like their 18-month road trip around Australia , they’re still doing shorter trips and writing along the way. Not only can you follow along on their blog, but they also have a great podcast which is loaded with travel tips for families.


14. mark manson.

mark manson website

Mark was a location independent world traveler for over five years. While his blog does not focus on travel, per se, it focuses on ambition, self-worth, discipline, and becoming a more effective communicator, leader, and human being in general. I read almost every single blog that Mark puts out, but his 7 Strange Questions That Help You Find Your Life Purpose is a recent one that really stood out for its look at finding what makes you tick.

For a lot of people, pursuing a passion or creating a life they’re happy to live every day is the one thing they’re most afraid to do. I know, I was one of them. But reading blogs like this reminds me of why I’m doing what I’m doing and reaffirms my choices to pursue a location independent lifestyle, even if it’s not as lucrative as what I did before.

15. Zen Pencils

zen pencils

Zen Pencils is not a travel blog, but rather an inspirational series of comics that Gav expertly chooses and illustrates perfectly. A lot of what he chooses to illustrate could be considered controversial and it’s almost always unexpected. He chooses notable people who talk about breaking the norm, questioning the institutions that put forth ideas we often take for a given throughout our lives, and push the idea of following one’s passions.

Though so many of his are amazing, and the perfect pick-me-up when I need inspiration or a reminder that I’m still on a path to growth even if it’s not meteoric, my favorite is his illustration of  Bill Hicks: It’s just a ride .

Though there are a lot of awesome blogs out there that cover relevant things and are written by super talented bloggers, many of whom I consider friends, these are the ones in my heavy rotation at the moment. There are also a lot of lifestyle, marketing, and business blogs that I love to read, but more on those another time.

About Kristin Addis

Kristin Addis is the founder and CEO of Be My Travel Muse, a resource for female travelers all around the world since 2012. She's traveled solo to over 65 countries and has brought over 150 women on her all-female adventure tours from Botswana to the Alaskan tundra.

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12/04/2014 at 8:14 am

Great recommendations. I have heard of a lot but not the first so I’m popping over to check it out!

Kristin says

12/04/2014 at 8:24 am

They’re all great but hers is wonderful for Southeast Asia which is a place I love as well.

Ayngelina says

12/04/2014 at 8:21 am

So honoured to be on this list and excited to find a few that I hadn’t heard before. I think the true magic in blogs is when we discover we’re not alone. We can identify with the writer and feel a connection even though we’ve never met them.

Completely agree. Impersonal ones that are just facts are super helpful too if I’m doing some travel planning, but I really do like feeling a connection with the author if it’s a website I’m going to revisit frequently.

Marie @ Marie Away says

12/04/2014 at 8:28 am

Thanks for the tips! I’m always looking for new blog recommendations, and I’ve found a few here I need to check out. Cheers!

12/04/2014 at 11:34 am

No problem!

12/04/2014 at 9:34 am

Thank you for all the recommendations! I love reading about travel almost as much as I love traveling.

12/04/2014 at 11:33 am

Definitely, and many of these are not straight up travel, per se, but the mindset that accompanies it or is needed to make it happen

Caitlin says

12/04/2014 at 11:04 am

I’m a big fan of Adventurous Kate as well!

12/04/2014 at 11:55 am

Yep, when I was planning my Southeast Asia travels some of her posts helped me feel secure about going it alone.

Franca says

12/04/2014 at 12:11 pm

Great list, I know already some of these bloggers but there are few new names for me that I’ll make sure to check out 🙂

12/04/2014 at 3:53 pm

A few aren’t really travel blogs but are super inspiring and wonderful reads.

12/04/2014 at 1:06 pm

There are a lot of goodies and some new ones I haven’t heard of. I love the blogging community and the support within it – posts like these (and Comment Luv) have made me find a lot of my favourites.

12/04/2014 at 3:52 pm

I also like that when traveling the world, I know I’ll run into a friend somewhere, just because we’re all traveling all the time!

Tom @ Waegook Tom says

12/04/2014 at 5:14 pm

Thanks for including me here, I’m among great company I see! I’m not familiar with all the blogs here though, so plenty of new reading for me 🙂

12/04/2014 at 5:45 pm

For sure. Your blog always makes me laugh! By the way please bring back daily duck face 🙂

Glamourous Traveller says

12/04/2014 at 6:56 pm

Cool recommendations! I’m familiar with 1-2 of them so always good to be introduced to more. I like your mix of super adventurous travellers as well as those that choose to spend time in single locations for long periods of time (more sedate?) =)

12/05/2014 at 1:39 am

I like that too. I feel like I’m somewhere in between.

Crystal says

12/04/2014 at 9:30 pm

Kristin this post is awesome! A few I followed but now I have a great database of exceptional blogs! What a great idea for a post 🙂 Crystal

12/05/2014 at 1:35 am

Glad you enjoyed it!

Daniel McBane says

12/04/2014 at 11:37 pm

Thanks for including me here! I’m happy you managed to find some useful information among my ramblings. Perhaps some day my other two readers might find one of my posts helpful, too, but I doubt it. My parents don’t really travel that much and only ever to Germany.

Speaking of, you’re in Berlin? I was there for a year and a half and just left earlier this year. I’m shocked you didn’t mention how helpful you found my grand total of three Berlin posts, none of which are really even about the city. Yeah, I failed there, but everyone seems to write about Berlin, so I couldn’t be bothered.

Haha I’m sure you have more than two other readers! You were really the only one who had written about the places in China I was visiting (now I have too, sorry). I’m in the same boat – haven’t written about Berlin. I’m still getting to know it and formulating what I want to say. One can’t just casually talk about a place like this!

12/05/2014 at 3:53 am

Awesome picks. I’m excited to discover some new reads and was happy to see Alex right up there at the top. She’s been a favorite of mine for a couple of years now (and love her site redesign).

12/05/2014 at 4:48 am

Her site looks great!

Ligeia and Mindy says

12/05/2014 at 5:03 am

Very nice and diverse list. 🙂

12/05/2014 at 6:24 am

Good to keep the reading diverse!

12/05/2014 at 5:15 am

I’m obsessed with Mark Manson. I know a few others but these are mostly new to me! Will definitely be checking them out! Love finding new blogs 🙂

He’s so spot on. I really like his law of Fuck yes and no as well.

The Guy says

Great list and thanks for the suggestions. I’ve for a long time been familiar with Alex in Wanderland, Nomadic Matt, Daniel McBane and Wandering Earl. Most of the others are new to me and I’m excited to find out why they are on your reading list.

It is true that many bloggers come and go and the travel field is a very crowded one. Too crowded sometimes. I’ve been doing this for just over 2 years and I feel like a beginner compared to some of these fabulous writers.

12/05/2014 at 6:22 am

After two years I suppose we are both still beginners compared to these guys 🙂

12/05/2014 at 7:28 am

I’m so excited about (A) being included on this list, which is an honor, and (B) checking out some new blogs I didn’t know about before! Thanks for the intos, Kristin!

12/05/2014 at 10:49 am

For sure! You belong here!

12/05/2014 at 8:47 pm

Just a big thank you for the mention above and I’m really glad that you found that post useful! I have to re-read it myself at times so that I don’t forget how easy it is to meet people almost anywhere on the planet.

12/07/2014 at 3:22 am

I forget that too. I get scared every time I’m about to head somewhere by myself only to laugh in retrospect because just about everywhere, it’s possible to meet others.

12/06/2014 at 11:59 pm

Kristin, these are great. I’m already hopelessly engrossed in the depths of “butwaitwhy.”

Might I recommend turning the blog names into anchor text, so people can click through? I cringe when I consider what might have happened were I to have been too lazy to type “butwaitwhy.com” into my browser. I might have continued living my entire life without awareness of how great it is. ;D

Thanks for the links. I should have known better to start investigating these sites you recommend here. Where did my free time go?

12/07/2014 at 3:21 am

Glad you like Wait But Why! I didn’t link to the homepage in the blog names because in the description I linked to the specific post I recommend for each blog, but that’s not a bad idea.

Charlie says

12/07/2014 at 12:14 pm

It’s fantastic to read one of these lists and find some blogs I’d never heard of, and even better when those blogs turn out to be addictive reads! I’ve just spent the last hour reading through posts on Wait But Why, how I’m ever going to get some work done today I don’t know! Thanks for sharing these!

12/08/2014 at 2:07 am

Nice to see Alex’s blog as recommendation.. I have been following her blog from a long time…

12/08/2014 at 7:48 am

hers is one of the first ones I ever found.

Raquel Mars says

12/08/2014 at 11:28 am

Thanks a lot! I will be checking these blogs soon 🙂 I’ve been actually considering leaving my city right after graduation, see where life, my savings and my abilities take me, so I’m taking on reading as much of other people’s experiences as I can, to both be warned and be inspired about it. It’ll be extremely helpful, thanks 🙂

12/08/2014 at 1:38 pm

That’s a great idea. I read travel blogs like it was my job before I took off on my own trip!

Tawny of Captain and Clark says

12/09/2014 at 7:21 pm

Love this list! There are some of our favorites on here as well as some new ones that we’re excited to check out.

12/12/2014 at 1:46 am

Thanks Tawny! I also love your blogs and especially your videos!

Ryan Biddulph says

12/16/2014 at 7:18 am

All are winners Kristin, and I follow more than a few from this list. I love Earl’s blog, and Matt’s blog is way cool too. One secret is to follow a travel blogger who has an authentic voice. Even though I don’t run a travel blog per se, I do offer blogging tips from paradise, and i blog here and there about my tropical hot spots/homes with posts featuring where I happen to be at the time. When I blog, I blog from my heart, which means I’ll be offering my insights from a genuine, authentic space.I feel that’s what makes me stand out from the crowd.

As for the list above I’d say Earl is my fave. He offers such simple yet powerful advice, with no wasted motion. He also inspired me to be more assertive and social on the road. Even though I travel with my fiancee Kelli I did spend a month in Thailand this past year alone. She had to stick around in the States to take care of some stuff and I had to do the solo bit. Seeing his blog inspired me to do more stuff on my own, which was such a rewarding experience for me.

I tend to go into a travel cave when I do the solo bit but this time I did more stuff outside, taking selfies, chatting with folks and meeting more friends than I ever had in CM. One downside of non solo travel is that you’re automatically not as approachable, but when you do solo, people chat with you more freely. Happened to me quite a bit in Fiji this past year too, as when I walked into town in Savusavu without Kelli folks would strike up conversations with me, with like little effort.

I’d engage, we’d be invited to someone’s house for grog, and we struck up more friendships with both Fijians and other expats, or tourists, from Australia, Ireland, Finland, and from other places too. It was a hoot!

Thanks Kristin, love this list. Bookmarking a few as we speak!

12/16/2014 at 11:06 am

I agree with the merits of solo travel. Especially selfies 😉 Just kidding I don’t take many of those, but it does open you up to meeting all kinds of people and ending up in situations that simply wouldn’t happen if you were with someone else. I definitely firmly believe that. All of my craziest and most amazing stories happened because I was by myself. I see the merits of couple’s travel as well, for sure, but solo travel is definitely a gift everyone should give him or herself. I’ve been doing it for over 2 years now and it’s still my preferred method.

Alicia says

12/18/2014 at 8:56 pm

Great recommendations, i’ll definitely be checking out some of these favourites! Love the blog by the way chick! 🙂

12/19/2014 at 5:40 am

Pauline says

01/03/2015 at 10:31 pm

Thanks for the list, I have a lot of reading to do, now!

Maxine Pants says

11/27/2015 at 1:51 pm

What was your first blog post?!?!

12/22/2016 at 9:32 pm

My favorite blog on this list is definitely Wandering Earl. He keeps it real and I appreciate that.

02/14/2017 at 6:11 am

These are all great sites but they all seem to be young people. As a regular reader in his early sixties I love the young enthusiasm in yours and other blogs. My wife and I have used several of your travel tips on some of our outings. However, for us old backpackers there are many blogs to prove that you are never to old to travel. The first is a couple in their late forties who travel and work: http://www.travellifex.com/ The second blog, and one of my favourites, is a couple in their early seventies. They sold everything up in 2011 and have been house sitting and travelling around the globe since: https://alisonanddon.com/

Keep on truckin’ Kristin

02/17/2017 at 1:29 am

Thanks for this! Yes people of all ages travel. I guess I just connect with these guys more because I feel more similar to them 🙂

Adventographer says

11/05/2017 at 7:01 pm

Some great recommendations here, I knew of many of these blogs but you turned me on to a couple new ones as well! Thanks for that! Wandering Earl and Mark Manson were good finds!

11/05/2017 at 10:10 pm

wandering earl was one of the first ones I ever found. Love that one!

Adhisivan M says

10/23/2018 at 9:43 am

seriously motivating a lot. Mam, can you please give some advise to an Engineering student who is more passionate about travelling and aspiring to be a travel blogger. ?

10/24/2018 at 12:22 am

Yes I have tips here https://www.bemytravelmuse.com/how-to-start-a-travel-blog/

Simran Kaur says

11/19/2019 at 12:03 am

Great Recommendations! Will check them out… I also wanna become a great travel blogger one day. I am learning website designing and will soon make my blog. Thanks for sharing 🙂

Theresa says

06/19/2022 at 7:49 am

It’s incredible to be included on a list of so many blogs I admire! Thank you so much 🙂

06/22/2022 at 5:25 am

I really don’t get the appeal of some of these. The big names like Nomadic Matt and The Blonde Abroad are on every list, yet they just seem so,…. blah. Like it doesn’t feel like real travel. Some of these are great rec’s and found some new ones, so I’ll definitely check them out.


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travel bloggers reading

Team Wanderlust | 06 February 2021

38 of the best travel blogs to read now.

We've scoured the web to find the most important, informative and entertaining blogs, for different travel interests...

There's nothing like reading a well put together travel blog –  whether you're after specialist advice on a particular type of travel, or you simply want to read someone's personal perspective.

There are thousands of travel blogs –  more than we could ever hope to list –  but we've chosen 38 of the very best to help you.

You can search by subject, or keep scrolling for the full selection:

The best travel blogs for practical advice The best eco-conscious travel blogs The best couples' travel blogs The best travel blogs for solo female travellers The best travel blogs for post-retirement travel The best LGBTQ+ travel blogs The best travel blogs with a mission The best offbeat travel blogs The best travel blogs for outdoor adventurers The best travel blogs for foodies The best travel photography blogs

Here are the 38 best travel blogs to read and follow right now...

The best travel blogs for great practical advice.

Tropical travel essentials (Shutterstock)

Tropical travel essentials (Shutterstock)

1. Fluent In 3 Months

Irishman Benny Lewis sets himself language challenges, and along the way shows how you too can learn another language cheaply and quickly.

Read more over at  Fluent In 3 Months

2. Fox Nomad

Anil Polat's tech guide to travel is the go-to blog for up-to-the-minute advice on wireless internet on the road, international SIM cards and exactly which chargers you should be taking with you.

Read more over at Fox Nomad

3. Tim Leffel's Cheapest Destinations

Travel veteran Tim Leffel tells you how to stretch your travel budget further with tips about destinations, travel deals and travel gear.

Read more over at  Cheapest Destinations Blog

The best eco-conscious travel blogs

The joys of sailing (Jamie Furlong/Follow The Boat)

The joys of sailing (Jamie Furlong/Follow The Boat)

4. Global Help Swap

Eco-travellers Karen Sargent and Paul Farrugia believe in enriching travel experiences that respect the destination's culture, landscape and resources. 

Read more over at  Global Help Swap

5. Follow The Boat

Wanderlust  regular Liz Cleere has created a corner of the web where aspiring sailors can learn about the realities of life on the sea.

Liz, her partner Jamie, and their cat named Millie teamed up to sail all the corners of the world and keep aspiring travellers updated.

Read more over at   Follow The Boat

6. Rail adventures with Matthew Woodward

Matthew is a British rail adventurer who has travelled far enough by train to circumnavigate the world several times.

His posts about his rail journeys in every corner of the planet capture the romance of travelling by rail and offer practical, hard-to-source advice. 

Read more over at Matthew Woodward

The best travel blogs for solo female travellers

(Oneika The Traveller)

(Oneika The Traveller)

7. Journeywoman

Heralded as the premier travel resource for women, Evelyn Hannon's blog tackles everything from packing to travelling safely – with lots of good food in between.

Read more over at Journeywoman

8. Oneika The Traveller

Journalist and TV presenter Oneika is the host of Travel Channel’s  One Bag and You’re Out  and  Big City, Little Budget , and has visited over 115 countries. She champions women who travel and blogs about the destinations she's visited, her travel style tips and her experiences of travelling as a black person.

Read more at Oneika The Traveller

9. Adventurous Kate

Kate has been travelling full time since 2010 and has made it her mission to show women how they can travel the world on their own – easily, safely and adventurously. Her enthusiastic posts are guaranteed to leave you inspired.

Read more over at Adventurous Kate

10. Emily Luxton Travels

Emily champions solo female adventure travel, with a particular focus on slower, more meaningful travel, rather than a 'ticking-off' approach.

Read more over at Emily Luxton

11. Solo Traveler World

Janice Waugh is a solo traveller, blogging exclusively about getting the most from travelling on your own. From destination guides to tips on finding classes as a solo traveller, you'll find everything you need to travel on your lonesome.

Read more over at   Solo Traveler World

The best inspiring travel blogs for couples

Expect bright and cheerful advice from Lia and Jeremy (Practical Wanderlust)

Expect bright and cheerful advice from Lia and Jeremy (Practical Wanderlust)

12. Practical Wanderlust

Initially created as a record of their year-long honeymoon, this candy-coloured travel blog is as irrepressible as Lia and Jeremy themselves.

The honeymoon was a disaster – but fun – and their blog offers practical, down-to-earth, budget-friendly travel tips that will help you avoid making terrible mistakes they made.

Read more over at Practical Wanderlust

13. Hey! Dip Your Toes In

Strong contender for ‘coolest blog name on this list’, married couple Eulanda (from Lagos, Nigeria ) and Omo (from Colorado , United States) blog about their adventures around the world, often starting from their home base in London .

Read more over at  Hey! Dip Your Toes In

14. Along Dusty Roads

Back in 2014, Londoners Andrew and Emily booked a one-way ticket to Mexico and began wandering the world. Their thoughtful posts and beautiful photographs reflect their ethos of travelling to gain a deeper understanding of the world – and each other.

Read more over at Along Dusty Roads

15. The Opposite Travellers

Rachel and Ryan from Canada have very different tastes when it comes to travel. Rachel loves to travel in style and luxury, Ryan prefers a more adventurous approach. Their blog shows how two contrasting travelling styles can come together perfectly to create unforgettable travel experiences. 

Read more over at The Opposite Travellers

The best blogs about post-retirement travel

Travelling as a retiree doesn’t have to be sedate (Life Part 2)

Travelling as a retiree doesn’t have to be sedate (Life Part 2)

16. Life Part 2 and Beyond

Retirees Jonathan and Sarah met in Chiang Mai and decided to motivate fellow baby boomers to travel more and have their own retirement adventures.

Their action-packed posts prove that the world is not some scary place to avoid, but rather somewhere curious retirees should see for themselves.

Read more over at Life Part 2 and Beyond

17. Blonde Brunette Travel

Sisters Kay and Anne have led two very different lives, but on retiring rediscovered their passion for travel, fostered when they were kids on family adventures to National Parks. Now they travel the world, sharing tales, tips and laughs about travelling as ‘Baby Boomer Sisters’.

Read more over at Blonde Brunette Travel

18. No Particular Place To Go

American retirees Anita and Richard turned their back on the American Dream to go travelling in 2012 and haven’t looked back.

Currently based in Portugal , their blog is inspirational and practical, an authentic snapshot of life as travelling expats.

Read more over at No Particular Place To Go

The best LGBTQ+ travel blogs

Maartje and Roxanne of Once Upon A Journey (Once Upon A Journey)

Maartje and Roxanne of Once Upon A Journey (Once Upon A Journey)

19. Once Upon A Journey

Dutch couple Maartje and Roxanne document their travels through 45+ countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and beyond – sharing handy city and country guides as well as other helpful resources for lesbian travellers.

Read more at Once Upon A Journey

20. Two Bad Tourists

Friends Auston and David have been travelling for more than eight years, and their slick blog shines for its travel guides covering gay-friendly destinations, festivals, hotels, nightlife and events. Expect lots of helpful trip planning resources, too.

Read more at Two Bad Tourists

21. Nomadic Boys

Stefan and Sebastien share gay travel guides (from Gran Canaria to Siem Reap ), as well as interview LGBTQ+ locals they meet around the world.

Their 'most gay-friendly countries in the world’   round-up is extensive.

Read more at Nomadic Boys

22. The Globetrotter Guys

Sion and Ben, hailing from Wales and Yorkshire respectively, have visited 27+ countries and now share in-depth destination guides and hotel reviews LGBTQ+ travellers, plus blogs about Pride festivals around the globe.

Read more at The Globetrotter Guys

The best travel blogs with a mission

Tourists photographing a leopard in Africa (Shutterstock)

Tourists photographing a leopard in Africa (Shutterstock)

23. Travel4Wildlife

Covering topics such as responsible travel, wildlife tours, species spotlights and lodging, bloggers Hal and Cristina are determined to promote conservation through responsible wildlife tourism.

Read more at Travel4 Wildlife

24. The Catch Me If You Can

Jessica Nabongo’s blog, The Catch Me If You Can, documents her extensive travels – all of which led to her becoming the first documented black woman to visit every country in the world in 2019. Expect lists, destination guides and a section dedicated to all her travel favourites.

Read more at The Catch Me If You Can

25. Budget Traveller

Kash Bhattacharya has single-handedly changed the perception of hostels. His posts on the most amazing, quirky and sometimes luxurious hostels across the world show that choosing the cheaper option isn’t always a compromise.

Read more at Budget Traveller

26. Time Travel Turtle

Michael Turtle gave up his career in media in Australia to visit every UNESCO site in the world. Follow his quest and make a list of your own.

Read more over at  Time Travel Turtle

The best offbeat travel blogs

Competing in the Rickshaw Run in India (The Adventurists)

Competing in the Rickshaw Run in India (The Adventurists)

27. A Funny Way Of Looking At The World

Wanderlust’s own Peter Moore gives his slightly cock-eyed look at the world with tales from his travels as well as tips on his favourite places, festivals and budget destinations.

Read more over at A Funny Way Of Looking At The World

28. Global Grasshoppers

Advice and inspiration with a slightly off-beat outlook. The world's weirdest beaches is an excellent example of their style.

Read more over at Global Grasshopper

29. The Adventurists

From the brains behind The Mongol Rally and The Rickshaw Run , this blog revels in the wackier side of travel and gives a heads-up on new events and adventures.

Read more over at   The Adventurists

The best travel blogs for outdoor adventure

Adventure Junkies started as an online diary about an epic cycle trip (Adventure Junkies)

Adventure Junkies started as an online diary about an epic cycle trip (Adventure Junkies)

30. Against The Compass

Spanish blogger Joan Torres specialises in travel to off-the-beaten-track destinations and gives practical, up-to-date advice on travelling to more challenging destinations.

Read more over at Against The Compass

31. The Longest Way Home

Dave has been on the road for over 13 years now. Along the way he has picked up a shed-load of tips and experiences that he shares openly and with sometimes alarming candour.

Read more over at  The Longest Way Home

32. The Adventure Junkies

What started out as a chronicle of Antonio and Amanda’s epic three-year cycle trip from San Francisco to Argentina has morphed into a blog dedicated to making the outdoors accessible to everyone. Expect advice, ideas and inspiration for epic adventures across the planet.

Read more over at The Adventure Junkies

The best travel blogs for foodies

A white rose dumpling in Hoi An, Vietnam (Girl Eat World)

A white rose dumpling in Hoi An, Vietnam (Girl Eat World)

33. Girl Eat World

Melissa Hie, the ‘Girl’ in GirlEatWorld, has been eating, travelling and sharing her international foodie experiences since 2014. Her focus, naturally, is on where to enjoy the best and most authentic dishes on your travels, but she offers other travel tips as well.

Read more over at Girl Eat World

34. The Everywhereist

Geraldine DeRuiter travels the world and eats. But she's not your average travel foodie blogger, as posts like 7 Badass Bavarian Foods You Must Try testify.

Read more over at  The Everywhereist

35. Migrationology

Mark Wein set up Migrationology because he believes that there is no better way to connect with people when you’re travelling than through food. He blogs about authentic local food from around the world and offers personal tours from his current base in Bangkok .

Read more over at Migrationology

The best travel photography blogs

Welcome to Ken Kaminesky’s stunning travel photography blog (Ken Kaminesky)

Welcome to Ken Kaminesky’s stunning travel photography blog (Ken Kaminesky)

36. Stuck In Customs

Described as a 'Daily Photo Adventure', this blog showcases Trey Ratcliff's amazing travel photos. Of most interest to aspiring photographers are the step-by-step guides to how he took them. His guide to HDR photography is arguably one of the best on the web.

Read more over at   Stuck In Customs

37. Travel Freak

Jeremy Scott’s blog is the perfect mix of inspirational images and top notch advice on destinations and becoming a travel photographer. He’s also got great tips on financing your travel photography habit too.

Read more over at Travel Freak

38. Ken Kaminesky

Get ready to be inspired – and blown away – by Ken Kaminesky’s luscious, hyper-detailed travel images. You’ll be asking ‘How’d he do that?’ while booking your ticket to the destination at the same time. Truly breathtaking.

Read more over at Ken Kaminesky

Read more on travel blogging:

How to get paid to travel blog yourself, 5 travel writing mistakes to steer clear of, how to become a better travel writer, related articles, looking for inspiration.

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travel bloggers reading

Literary Voyage

11 Best Books by Travel Bloggers

This post may contain affiliate links that earn me a commission at no additional cost to you.

Dreaming of travel? Check out these books by travel bloggers. Get inspired and learn practical travel advice from these expert travelers!

For many years I have loved reading travel blogs. I don’t remember when I first found out they existed. But it was sometime during college that I came across  Adventurous Kate  and got inspired by her story of quitting her job at age twenty-six to travel the world.

I became obsessed with reading travel blogs in college while working at internships where I would count down the hours until I left. It became a routine during my lunch hour to read travel blogs and dream of the day when I could do the same thing.

And eventually, it happened to me too. I finally started my own blog, which turned into running several successful blogs and earning enough money that I could quit my corporate job at twenty-five to travel for a year.

That would have NEVER happened for me if I hadn’t come across travel blogs and gotten the inspiration. Both from travel stories and practical how-to guides that let me know it was possible.

While I love reading blogs themselves, many travel bloggers have also gotten book deals or self-published their own books.

So if you are looking to curl up with a good travel book that will inspire your wanderlust, check out these excellent books written by travel bloggers.

You’ll find a mix of travel memoirs and useful guides that will help you travel more.

These are the best books by travel bloggers to add to your reading list:

Best Books by Travel Bloggers

how not to travel the world

How Not to Travel the World by Lauren Juliff

Lauren Juliff is the blogger behind Never Ending Footsteps . After finishing school, she decided to abandon her plans of becoming a physicist, and embark on a trip around the world instead.

A self-proclaimed “disaster-prone backpacker” she has had her fair share of misadventures along the way. Her memoir chronicles some of the funniest travel mishaps from her years on the road.

Buy on Amazon | View in Goodreads

ten years a nomad

Ten Years a Nomad by Matt Kepnes

Matt runs the popular travel blog Nomadic Matt where he shares practical travel advice and stories from his journeys around the world with millions of readers each month.

After traveling more than 500,000 miles, staying in 1,000 hostels, and visiting 90 different countries, he returned home and wrote this book about his favorite stories and memories from a decade of travel.

He also wrote the helpful guide  How to Travel the World on $50 a Day .

a thousand new beginnings

A Thousand New Beginnings by Kristin Addis

Kristin is the founder of  Be My Travel Muse  which is a travel blog for solo female travelers. Her memoir chronicles her decision to leave her comfortable life, dependable job, and boyfriend at age twenty-six in order to embark on a solo journey around Southeast Asia.

love with a chance of drowning

Love With a Chance of Drowning by Torre DeRoche

Travel blogger Torre DeRoche has a website called  Fearful Adventurer  that’s all about pushing past fear, worry, and anxiety in order to travel.

Her book is about falling in love with an Argentinean traveler who’s about to embark on a sailboat voyage around the world. She spontaneously joins him on the adventure of a lifetime, despite her intense fear of deep water.

She is also the author of  The Worrier’s Guide to the End of the World .

all over the place

All Over the Place by Geraldine DeRuiter

After getting laid off from her copywriting job, Geraldine took a leap and started traveling, leading to the creation of her blog  The Everywhereist . 

Her memoir goes more in-depth into the five years she spent traveling the world after losing her job. Along the way, she built a new career, had many adventures, and learned plenty of life lessons.

the solo female travel book

The Solo Female Travel Book by Jen Ruiz

Jen Ruiz created Jen on a Jet Plane  which is a travel blog for solo female travelers. A former attorney, she is now a full-time traveler and blogger helping other women see the world safely and confidently. Her book is a guide for women to help them prepare for their first solo trip.

Jen has also written two other books for travelers:

  • The Affordable Flight Guide: How to Find Cheap Airline Tickets
  • You Need a Vacation! How to Travel More with a Full-Time Job

the carry on traveller

The Carry-On Traveller by Erin McNeaney

Erin is the blogger behind  Never Ending Voyage  which she runs with her husband. Together, they sold all their belongings and became full-time travelers. After more than a decade of travel, they’ve mastered the art of living out of a small suitcase.

Erin’s book is a practical guide on how to pack light and travel with just a carry-on suitcase. Perfect for chronic over-packers!

how to travel the world on 10 a day

How to Travel the World on $10 a Day by Will Hatton

Will is an extreme budget traveler who founded the blog  The Broke Backpacker  to help others see the world cheaply. His book offers a practical guide to traveling the world on a low budget, including how to find cheap accommodation and extend your travels by working and volunteering.

roaming america 1

Roaming America by Renee Hahnel

Perfect for all the national park enthusiasts out there, this coffee table book from travel blogger Renee of Renee Roaming contains gorgeous photographs of America’s natural beauty. These beautiful photos will have you planning a trip to the national parks ASAP.

Uncover more beautiful travel coffee table books .

wanderlust 1

#wanderlust by Sabina Trojanova

Another travel coffee table book on this list, this beautiful centerpiece was created by solo travel blogger Sabina from Girl vs. Globe .

Inside the book, you will find more than 500 full-page gorgeous photos that will transport you around the world without leaving home.

how to quit your job travel

How to Quit Your Job and Travel by Lia Garcia

The final entry on this list comes from Lia Garcia, the founder of  Practical Wanderlust .

This book shares the practical knowledge you need to save money to quit your job and travel long-term. It also includes anecdotes from Lia’s own travels, including the year-long honeymoon she took with her husband Jeremy after they got married when she first started her travel blog.

What Are Some Of Your Favorite Books by Travel Bloggers

Have you read any of these books by travel bloggers? Do you have any favorite books from bloggers that I should add to this list? Let me know in the comments below!

More Great Travel Books

Are you looking for even more travel books to inspire your sense of adventure and transport you to faraway places without leaving the comfort of home?

Here are some more recommendations for great travel books to pick up next:

  • Brilliant Travel Memoirs by Women
  • Best Travel Adventure Books
  • Beautiful Travel Coffee Table Books

And if you are interested in more to  read from countries across the globe , I have plenty of suggestions for the following destinations:

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The Best Travel Blogs in 2023 (To Inspire You)

Finding the best travel blogs online can be a challenge. I know, I have read a whole bunch of them!

That’s why this post is a roundup of some of the top travel blogs on the web. Blogs I read throughout the year for inspiration (and frustration that I am not traveling at the moment).

From solo travel, foodie travel to family travel, there is something in here for everyone! And you will certainly get some great information and inspirational travel quotes on these blogs!

Solo Travel Blogs

Adventurous kate.

Topic: Travel Blog

Blog Owner:  Kate McCulley

With over 67 countries under her belt, Kate is one adventurous female traveler! And she certainly has one of the top travel blogs on the web.

She originally left her job with the intention of traveling for 6 months, and 6 years later she can explore the world for a living! So, if this is your dream job, she might be someone to follow.

She is also a big advocate of solo female travelers and trying to dispel the myths that women can’t travel alone. Go Kate!

Nomadic Matt

Blog Owner:  Matthew Kepnes

If you search for almost anything related to travel online, you will trip over the Nomadic Matt blog. So, of course he has to be mentioned here, he has one of the best travel blogs around!

Matt has a very similar backstory to most travellers. Backpacking in Asia, not wanting to go back to work. A long life on the road since that faithful day back in July 2006.

Matt’s site is epic. And full of so many travel tips, resources, guides and tips that it will take you a year to get through it all. 

It’s a must read for any upcoming trip you have planned!

A Backpacker’s Tale

Topic:  Backpacking Travel

Blog Owner:  Stephen Schreck

Another longer term traveler, Stephen has been on the go for over 3 years.

He first discovered his passion for travel while at college on a trip to Ireland, and decided to make it his life.

He loves traveling the world, so if that is your dream, check him out. 

Oh, and one last thing, he is currently taking over (Dec 2016) a tour in New Zealand, so if you want to go on the road with him, now is your chance!

The Blonde Abroad

Topic:  Solo Travel

Blog Owner:  Kiersten

Ditching her job in corporate finance, Kiersten’s goal on her travel blog is: “to inspire you to live a life you love and settle for nothing less than extraordinary.”

She has certainly been to see the world, visiting over 50 countries, volunteering and is now consulting on the side.

If solo female travel is something your aspire to, then Kiersten is someone you should be following!

Wandering Earl

Topic:  Independent Travel

Blog Owner:  Derek (middle name Earl)

This is one of those travel blogs where the guy has been traveling forever – since December 1999 to be exact. That was when he landed in Thailand with the intention of staying for 3 months. Sound familiar?

With over 16 years travel experience, Derek has been through it all: learning Spanish in Mexico to working as a Tour Manager on board cruise ships, acting in a Bollywood television show, a three-day kidnapping in Bangladesh and teaching English in Asia. To name a few.

He also runs his own tour company, and with the experience he has, I am sure it will be a tour to remember!

So, if you want to learn and experience what a pro-traveler is all about, check out Derek’s blog for some great travel tips.

Alex in Wanderland

Topic:  Independent Travel

Blog Owner:  Alexandra Baackes

Traveling and working on the road since 2011, Alex has been around the globe and back.

Originally a New Yorker, she now makes a living while on the road and has been to more countries than I can count on my hands (and feet).

As you can tell from her blog, she has a talent for design (and photography ) and seems to spend a lot of time in the water – scuba diving!

She is worth following, especially if you want to combine travel and photography, which is something most travel bloggers should do well.

Blog Owner: Clint

I think has the record in this list, with over 100 countries visited!

Although, unlike most here he also works or was a student while doing it.

His obsession is travel hacking, so finding you the best way to travel (fly, accommodation etc) without paying full price. If that sounds like a good plan to you (does to me!) then put his blog on your to-read list right now!

So, if you want a different take on travel, start reading her blog today!

Be My Travel Muse

Blog Owner: Kristin Addis

Kristin has a different take on travel to most – go where others don’t go and travel how others don’t travel.

She has been on the road since late 2012 and has immersed herself in local cultures and experiences like almost no one else.

Just to give you an example of how she rolls, in her own words she has: 

hitchhiked solo across China, climbed some of the tallest mountains in the world, done some of the deepest SCUBA dives, did a 35-day safari in Africa, spent two months hiking in Patagonia, and even became a Buddhist nun for 10 days.

Johnny Vagabond

Topic:  Solo Travel 

Blog Owner: Wes Nations

Wes is someone who loves to travel “low and slow” as he calls it. Using local transportation and taking the time to get to know the culture.

He is a low-budget traveler who is worth following as his budget has taught him how to get around, stay traveling and live an amazing lifestyle without a huge amount of cash.

A bit later to the travel life than most, Wes is not looking back now, and neither should you!

I Am Aileen

Blog Owner: Aileen Adalid

Aileen is an adventurous Filipino lass who left home at the age of 21 and never looked back!

Currently freezing her butt off in New York, Aileen will help motivate travelers all around the world to pack their backs and just “get going”!

For your next travel inspiration go check out her site!

Brendan’s Adventures

Topic:  Solo Travel & Photography

Blog Owner: Brendan van Son

Brendan is a traveler who combines great photography with what he does!

If you want to learn from one of the best, someone who teaches photography, travels and has been featured across the web (Guardian, BBC, National Geographic) this is a blog for you.

Highlights: 5 years, 6 continents, 80 countries and something off the beaten path: a solo scooter trip down the west coast of Africa!

Keep Calm And Travel

Blog Owner: Clelia Mattana

Clelia is a Sardian-born lass who came to travel later in life than most but has made up for it in a big way.

Her big life adventures and escape from the run of the mill will inspire anyone.

Although there is a focus on Sardinia and Asia on her site, you will find lots of hidden gems if you keep digging!

Food Travel Blogs


Topic: Food Travel Blog

Blog Owner:  Mark Wiens

Mark is a self-proclaimed travel-eater. He is all about seeing travel from the food side of things.

He is currently located in Thailand with his wife, and still blogging consistently. But, before he settled down, he not only lived all over the place as a kid, but also after finishing college.

If you are into travel and food (and discovering the culture of a place through it’s food) then this is the blog for you.

Legal Nomads

Blog Owner:  Jodi Ettenberg

Jodi is another traveler who combines her love of travel with food. For her, it started out of necessity – because she is a celiac. But she soon found herself picking her next destination because of the food.

She has also been a long-time traveler, and her blog has now become a great resource for all things travel, food, with a focus also on photography and great travel stories.

Certainly not your run-of-the-mill travel blog and definitely one to check out.

Will Fly For Food

Blog Owners:   JB & Renee

I think the name of their blog sums it all up, but in their own words, this is : “a travel blog for the gastronomically inclined”.

These travel bloggers are drive to travel, but food is the priority. So it that is what gets you out of bed in the morning, their blog will be bookmarked in a flash.

They also have a great resource on their about page – the National Dish Quest , a list of foods that you have to eat in each country, which are ticked off as they complete the task!

Family Travel Blogs

The traveling canucks.

Topic:  Family Travel

Blog Owners: Nicole and Cameron Wears

Traveling as a family, especially with new-borns, is a big challenge. And these two travel bloggers seem to have it all sorted!

Of course, with over 10 years of travel experience, and 65 countries behind them, I am sure that makes it a little easier.

Their aim is to share their travel stories and inspire others to travel.

Tips For Family Trips

Blog Owners: Allison and Katie

Another great resource for those wanting to take their kids on their travels, Tips for Family Trips will fill your to-do list in no time!

These travel bloggers understand the challenges families face on the road and have also “been there and done it”. Something not all advice-givers in the industry can say.

Go check out their blog and see what you think.

Travel With Bender

Blog Owners: Erin & Josh Bender

Two Aussies on the go with their kids since 2012, Erin and Josh run a great blog.

I like to use people’s own descriptions of their blogs when possible, and this is what these guys have to say about their blog’s purpose: “a unique and invaluable travel resource to parents, couples and singles alike”.

So, not 100% family focused, but traveling with their kids certainly has given them knowledge worth sharing!

More Blogs to Add?

Sure, there are thousands of them. And this is not a list of all of them, or all the best ones. It’s just a list of blogs that I think are worth checking out.

So, if you think I have left a gem off the list, don’t be shy, just let me know!

About the Author Roger Timbrook

Roger is a little obsessed with travel. He has been to over 40 countries, broken 3 suitcases and owned over 10 backpacks in 12 months. What he doesn't know about travel, ain't worth knowing!

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Travel Wanderlust

Best travel blogs you should read

travel bloggers reading

The idea of being able to explore the world, discover new places and meet interesting people has a certain intrigue, excitement and comfort about it. Just the thought of being able to pack our bags and escape, makes most of us feel happy. 

However, sometimes, life comes in the way and things don’t work out. Our travel plans get cancelled or we are forced to stay at home to help prevent a global pandemic. Speaking from personal experience, it is no joke for a globetrotter to stay at home without knowing when the next holiday will happen. It takes some adjustment and a lot of effort to keep yourself distracted from spiralling into sadness. 

travel bloggers reading

Well, my escape in these circumstances are travel blogs. Being a travel writer myself at Travel Wanderlust , it goes without saying that I love everything about travel blogs. I get to learn about new places and get insight into the unique experiences of fellow travellers. Travel blogs can also be a great source of inspiration for your next vacation.

So, when you are not able to get on the road because of whatsoever reasons, the world doesn’t have to be one dimensional and boring. You can embark upon a unique journey from your home with amazing travel blogs. However, with a sea of choices available on the world wide web, how do you know which travel blogs to read or follow?

Here is a list of some of the best travel blogs you should read:

South East Asia Backpacker

travel bloggers reading

Since I live in Singapore, which is practically the gateway to Southeast Asia, I am always looking for good travel blogs that cover this region. And, after hours of googling, I have come to realise that South East Asia Backpacker is actually one of the best travel blogs that you can refer to when planning a trip anywhere in this region. 

From travel guides to planning hacks and handpicked adventure activities to food– this travel blog covers everything for destinations across Southeast Asia. Started by couple Nikki and Dave, South East Asia Backpacker invites travel writers from across the region to contribute travel blogs making their content richer and unique. You can follow them on Instagram @seabackpacker .

Dan Flying Solo

travel bloggers reading

Restaurant manager turned travel blogger, Daniel James is “obsessed with meeting new people and goats”– according to his bio. I love reading his travel blogs because he shares useful hacks that are practical and budget-friendly. Another reason why I love his blogs is that he has travelled across the world– eleven countries in Asia alone– so I always have a wide range of destination choices to read about. Daniel’s blogs are a haven for solo travellers because he mostly holidays alone.

Currently based out of Portugal, Daniel is not only a great travel writer but he is also an amazing travel photographer, which makes his travel blogs look beautiful. If you want to explore places with a unique, personal perspective of this fellow traveller and are looking for practical hacks and good recommendations, read Dan Flying Solo . You can follow him on Instagram @danflyingsolo .

Travel Inspiration 360

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If you have a hard time looking for vegetarian options when travelling, this Singaporean’s travel blog might just be the inspiration you need. Keith Yuen– the man behind Travel Inspiration 360 , considers travelling to be “the great true love” of his life. 

From unique destinations to vegetarian inspirations– Keith is a travel writer who blogs with compassion for the world and that is one of the main reasons why I love reading about his travel experiences and stories. He has been a part of several campaigns that support positive change through travel like the European Commission’s #SheIsWe Campaign and Faces2Hearts Project to name a few. You can follow him on Instagram @travelinspiration36 .

Wild Junket

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Going by the tagline of “Singaporean by birth and global citizen by choice”, Nellie Huang is the travel blogger behind Wild Junket . She started travelling way back in 2003 and has been to more than 700 cities in 130 countries across all seven continents. Nellie’s inspiration to become a travel writer came in 2003 when she was in Miami for an exchange program. That is where she met her husband Alberto– they connected over their love for adventure travelling and never looked back!

Wild Junket is a travel blog that has a rich backstory of how it came into being and how it has evolved. Both Nellie and Alberto’s lives revolve around travel and that is what makes reading their travel blogs fun. You can follow them on instagram @wildjunket .

Cranky Flier

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He started off as a USAir Sales intern in 1996, Brett Snyder has been obsessed with airlines forever. The man behind this unique travel blog — Cranky Flier , Brett is a fascinating travel writer who has been bitten by the airline bug since he was a 12 year-old kid and went to the airport with his grandma just to watch the planes land. 

From the worst airlines of the world to interviews across aisles– Cranky Flier is a travel blog with unique stories and interesting facts. This travel blog is a perfect escape for aviation geeks and flight enthusiasts (Any ‘Up In The Air’ fans here?) If you want to break free from the usual destination guides and travel hacks, head over to this travel blog for a different kind of indulgence. You can follow him on Twitter @crankyconcierge

I love reading travel blogs as they inspire me to look at the world with different perspectives and give me great ideas for planning my holidays. I hope this list of fun travel blogs will not only help you find relevant information for your travels but will also help you discover interesting facts, new places and unique perspectives of some amazing travel writers. 

  • travel blogs

Surabhi Pandey


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Top 8 Best Blogs On Adventure Travel

When I am not climbing mountains or exploring new destinations, I spend much of my free time reading about adventure. While I am always looking to read the next great book on adventure or the latest addition of Outside Magazine or National Geographic, over the years I have found myself increasingly interested in following the adventure blogs of real life explorers.

Listed below are my Top 8 Best Blogs on Adventure Travel . Each of them are written by individuals who have a gift for storytelling, a thirst for exploration and the courage to blaze their own path through life!

Reading their travel blog sites has helped me to keep motivated, and inspires me to plan my own new epic adventures.

The Top 8 Best Blogs On Adventure Travel

  • The Expert Vagabond – Matthew Karsten
  • Alison’s Adventures – Alison Teal
  • Alastair Humphreys
  • Andrew Skurka
  • Eric Larsen Explore – Eric Larsen
  • Section Hiker – Philip Werner
  • Wild Junket – Nellie Huang
  • SoCal Hiker – Jeff Hester

1.  The Expert Vagabond – Matthew Karsten

The Expert Vagabond

Visit Matthew’s Blog by click HERE or follow the link below:


As stated on his site, the definition of a vagabond is “wandering from place to place without any settled home; nomadic” and this perfectly sums up Karsten’s life. At the age of 29 Matthew quit his job, sold his possessions and headed out on the road. Karsten has traveled across the globe for five years while travel blogging to share his adventures with the world and he doesn’t have any plans to slow down. The Expert Vagabond is living proof that it is possible to live an adventurous life and follow your dreams.

2.  Alison’s Adventures – Alison Teal

Alison Teal

Visit Alison’s Blog by clicking HERE or follow the link below:


Continuously on the go, nothing can stop this worldwide adventurer who is dubbed “The Female Indiana Jones”. Whether she is surfing in Hawaii, exploring the ancient city of Petra, or backpacking through Indonesia, Alison Teal, through her adventures teaches people to follow their dreams while also showing the beauty of the world for all of us to see. Alison’s Adventures is one of the best adventure travel blogs on the web.

3.  Alastair Humphreys

Alastair Humphreys

Visit Alastair’s Blog by click HERE or follow the link below:


This British adventurer who coined the term ‘micro adventure’ advocates that people don’t need to go across the world to find adventure, but can actually find it closer to home. Although Humphreys has written a best selling book on micro adventures which you can check out HERE , this doesn’t stop him from continuously testing the boundaries of global exploration. Nominated as a National Geographic Adventurer in 2012, Humphreys has crossed Iceland by foot and pack raft, rowed across the Atlantic ocean, and cycled round the world for four years. This adventure travel blog is a must for anyone who loves to explore!

4.  Andrew Skurka

Andrew Skurka

Visit Andrew’s Blog by click HERE or follow the link below:


Described by National Geographic as “one of the best traveled and fastest hikers on the planet” , Andrew Skurka has made a name for himself by hiking super human distances across rugged terrain. One example is his 7,775-mile, eleven month sea-to-sea route expedition. The sea-to-sea route connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans in the United States.

Being awarded the National Geographic Adventurer of the Year in 2007, Skurka has perfected the art of moving fast and lightly through the mountains, and has actually published a gear guide on the subject titled “The Ultimate Hiker’s Gear Guide: Tools & Techniques to Hit the Trail” which you can find HERE .

5.  Eric Larsen Explore – Eric Larsen

Eric Larsen

Visit Eric’s Blog by click HERE or follow the link below:


The best way to describe explorer Eric Larsen is that he LOVES the cold. The seasoned polar explorer has skied to both the North and South Pole, and after summiting Mount Everest in October of 2010 Eric became the first person to reach the three poles in a 365 day period. He also uses his expeditions as a platform to create awareness on the effects of climate change on the earth.

I first saw Eric speak in 2014 at the REI Adventure Store in New York City and have been following this polar explorers’ adventures ever since.

6.  Section Hiker – Philip Werner

Philip Werner

Visit Philip’s Blog by click HERE or follow the link below:


Whenever I have a question on gear, backpacking skills, or a trail I am about to hike I always check out the Section Hiker blog. Section Hiker is an encyclopedia of information and is one of my go-to resources on the web for anything hiking related. The blog is penned by Philip Werner, who is an accomplished adventurer and has completed notable adventures such as the 272 mile long trail in Vermont and two coast-to-coast backpacking trips across the Scottish highlands.

A few year’s ago I was looking for help with an Appalachian trail hike and I was able to find everything that I needed on the Section Hiker blog.

7.  Wild Junket – Nellie Huang

Wild Junket

Visit Nellie’s Blog by click HERE or follow the link below:


Professional adventure traveller Nellie Huang has been traveling the world since 2003 and documenting her journeys in the adventure blog, Wild Junket. With over ninety countries under her belt, regardless of whether she is climbing active volcanos in Guatemala, scuba diving in Borneo or exploring the Silk Road, Nellie is always in search of her next great adventure.

8.  SoCal Hiker – Jeff Hester

SoCal Hiker

Visit Jeff’s Blog by click HERE or follow the link below:


The SoCal hiker blog was created by Jeff Hester and is an excellent resource of trails for those who live in the Southern California area. Many of the blog posts are written as detailed guides with trail descriptions and photos to help you navigate. For those who are interested in hiking the John Muir trail, there is one of the most comprehensive guides that I have seen, which will help you plan your adventure. Anyone that loves to explore the mountains, the SoCal Hiker is one of the best travel blog sites on the web.

We hope that you have enjoyed our post on the 8 Best Blogs on Adventure Travel. If you would like to learn more about our adventures click HERE or if you have a favorite blog on adventure travel we would love to hear about it just shoot us an email at [email protected].

I look forward to seeing you on the trail!

Jeff Bonaldi Founder & CEO The Explorer’s Passage

About Jeff Bonaldi

Jeff Bonaldi is the Founder and CEO of The Explorer’s Passage, a premier adventure travel company. His mission is to provide travelers with the opportunity to transform their lives and the planet through the power of adventure.

Learn more about Jeff’s story and his company HERE .

travel bloggers reading

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The Traveling Moore

The Best Travel Blogs: Top Luxury Travel Bloggers to Follow

' src=

As a travel blogger, I believe it is important to share other great creators that are great at their job. I use these blogs to plan my own travels or learn new tips almost daily.

This list of the best travel blogs includes experts on world travel, luxury destinations, and general travel advice.

In addition to providing inspiration for planning my trips, these travel bloggers inspire me and help teach me to improve my own blogging.

Keep reading for my favorite travel bloggers, my favorite destinations they cover, their popular posts, and why they are a great follow. I hope you enjoy their work as much as I do!

Some links on this blog are affiliate links, meaning I may earn a commission at no extra cost to you if you make a purchase through them. All opinions are my own, and I only recommend products and services I personally use and believe in. Thanks for your support!

The Best Luxury Travel Blogs to Follow

1. the blonde abroad.

travel bloggers reading

Expertise : Solo Female Travel & Adventure

Destination Highlights : South Africa, Greece, Bolivia

Kiki aka The Blonde Abroad, is a huge reason that I became a travel blogger. At the beginning of quarantine in 2020, I stumbled upon her blog through Pinterest and spent hours reading about amazing travel destinations.

Reading about bucket-list destinations through her voice gave me hope that we’d once again return to travel. This inspired me to spend 2020 starting my blog to share my travels and inspire others!

Kiki writes about many different types of travel from solo travel to girl’s trips, backpacking to luxury, beach vacations to high-adrenaline adventure travel.

If you are planning a trip or just dreaming about visiting a destination, I highly recommend checking out The Blonde Abroad, because chances are she has information about it.

2. Lindsay Silberman

travel bloggers reading

Expertise : Luxury Resorts & Lifestyle

Destination Highlights : St Barths, New York, Miami

Lindsay has created a fantastic community through her blog and Instagram, loving called the Silb Squad.

Lindsay has a way of making each of her blog posts feel like you are talking to a close friend. She’s a no BS kind of gal, which makes me trust every word she writes.

Lindsay is a magazine editor turned lifestyle and travel influencer. I turn to her blog for all things skincare, fashion, and luxury travel.

I have her to thank for my new-and-improved skincare routine and a long list of aspirational destinations. Lindsay, her husband, and their dog Pierre, split their time between New York and Miami, making her an expert on both cities.

She also frequents high-end destinations such as the Maldives, St Barths, Bora Bora, and more. Based on her blog posts, I’m even planning a trip to Banff in the spring!

Check out lindsaysilberman.com to join the Silb Squad and be inspired to live your best life!

3. Jetset Christina

travel bloggers reading

Expertise : Small Business Ownership & Beachy Destinations

Destination Highlights : Napa, Colombia, Bali

Christina is another ultra-luxury traveler that writes killer blog posts about the most luxurious destinations and hotels.

She also runs a swimsuit and resort wear company that produces the cutest clothes! (Be sure to check out watercolor swim).

Christina and her husband, Kenny, split their time between Bali, Columbia, and tropical destinations around the world.

Check out the Jetset Christina blog for bachelorette inspiration, all things Napa and good wine, and any sunny destination you can imagine.

Prepare to be wowed by the amazing properties she has visited and her fantastic advice in every post.

4. Helene in Between

travel bloggers reading

Expertise : Living Abroad & RV Travel

Destination Highlights : Germany, Christmas Markets, United States

Helene runs another of my favorite travel blogs and writes the most detailed blog posts I have ever seen! For each travel guide, she answers every question you have and every question you didn’t even think to ask.

Along with her husband and dogs, she lived abroad in Heidelberg Germany and is the expert on all things Europe. She also has a ton of great tips on RV travel around the United States.

If you are planning a trip, be sure to check out the Helene in Between blog because if there is a guide, your trip will basically be planned for you.

5. Brown Eyed Flower Child

travel bloggers reading

Expertise : Boutique Hotels & Solo Travel

Destination Highlights : Caribbean, East Coast, Adriatic

Taylor is another great travel blogger. She writes thoughtful and insightful guides to every destination she visits.

She covers solo travel and world travel with friends, which is very relatable as a fellow millennial.

What I love about Taylor’s blog is how she covers a wide variety of destinations and many boutique hotels around the world.

Taylor shares great travel stories that make you feel like you were with her on the vacation. Follow the Brown Eyed Flower Child blog for great travel photography and travel guides.

6. The Points Guy

travel bloggers reading

Expertise : Travel Hacking & Rewards Programs

Destination Highlights : Airlines, Hotel Networks

A couple years ago, I never knew travel hacking existed. When I stumbled upon the Point Guy blog, I was blown away by the world of loyalty programs, credit card points, and miles.

The Points Guy has a large team that produces informational content daily.

Check out the Points Guy for a list of the best travel credit cards and how to use them, to learn how to earn and redeem points, and reviews of hotels and airlines around the world.

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  • Best Couple Travel Vloggers to Watch on YouTube

travel bloggers reading

  • Las Vegas Girl’s Trip: Planning a Vegas Girls Weekend
  • Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas Cruise Review & Guide
  • Quick Guide to a Weekend in San Diego: What to Do & See
  • What to Do in Roatan Honduras in One Day: Guide & Itinerary

' src=

Lauren is the creator of The Traveling Moore blog. She's travel obsessed, having been to nearly 50 countries and all 7 continents. She has a full time corporate job, and loves showing others that it's still possible to travel the world with limited PTO hours. Lauren is also travel hacking obsessed, finding every way to travel more often and more luxuriously.

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Nomadic Matt's Travel Site

Travel Better, Cheaper, Longer

15 Travel Books That Will Give You Serious Wanderlust

A man walking in a library full of books

The end of the year is just that time for favorites lists – and I’ve written about the best travel books many times over! I love talking about travel books. Why? Because part of the tool belt of any traveler is a good book. Long bus, train, or plane rides can get pretty boring and can give you a lot of “dead” time if you haven’t mastered the art of the 10-hour blank stare. Additionally, reading travel books helps you learn about the destinations you are visiting. The more you know about a place, the more you can understand a place.

I am a voracious reader and even used to have a book club on this website where I shared all the books I read. Today is another one of those days where I share some of the books I’ve read recently! If you’re looking for some great reads, here are my current list of the best travel books to inspire you to travel to far-off lands:  

1. The Alchemist , by Paulo Coelho

The Alchemist

2. Love With a Chance of Drowning , by Torre DeRoche

Love with a chance of drowning

3. The Caliph’s House: A Year in Casablanca  by Tahir Shah

The Caliph's House: A Year in Casablanca

4. On the Road , by Jack Kerouac

on the road

5. Looking for Transwonderland , by Noo Saro-Wiwa

Looking for Transwonderland book cover

6. The Lost City of Z , by David Grann

The Lost City of Z book cover

7. The Beach , by Alex Garland

the beach book cover

8. Vagabonding , by Rolf Potts

vagabonding cover

9. In A Sunburned Country , by Bill Bryson

In a Sunburned Country cover

10. Dispatches from Pluto , by Richard Grant

The cover of the book Dispatches from Pluto: Lost and Found in the Mississippi Delta

11. Turn Right at Machu Picchu , by Mark Adams

Turn Right at Machu Picchu book cover

12. A Year of Living Danishly , by Helen Russell

A Year of Living Danishly: Uncovering the Secrets of the World's Happiest Country by Helen Russell

13. The Art of Travel , by Alain de Botton

The Art of Travel book cover

14. From Scratch: A Memoir of Love, Sicily, and Finding Home , by Tembi Locke

From Scratch book cover

BONUS: Ten Years a Nomad: A Traveler’s Journey Home , by me!

Ten Years a Nomad by Matt Kepnes

Books about travel inspire us to go visit far-off lands and imagine us doing incredible things. Bryson’s In a Sunburned Country inspired me to visit Australia! I hope these travel books inspire you to travel the world and feed your wanderlust. If you have any suggestions that I can add to this best travel books list, leave them in the comments.

If you’d like to see some of the other books I’ve recommended (or are currently reading), check out this page I created on Amazon that lists them all!

You can also find them listed in our Bookshop store, which helps support locally-owned bookstores. If you’re in the US, click here to check out my Bookshop store!

Book Your Trip: Logistical Tips and Tricks

Book Your Flight Find a cheap flight by using Skyscanner . It’s my favorite search engine because it searches websites and airlines around the globe so you always know no stone is being left unturned.

Book Your Accommodation You can book your hostel with Hostelworld . If you want to stay somewhere other than a hostel, use Booking.com as it consistently returns the cheapest rates for guesthouses and hotels.

Don’t Forget Travel Insurance Travel insurance will protect you against illness, injury, theft, and cancellations. It’s comprehensive protection in case anything goes wrong. I never go on a trip without it as I’ve had to use it many times in the past. My favorite companies that offer the best service and value are:

  • SafetyWing (best for everyone)
  • Insure My Trip (for those 70 and over)
  • Medjet (for additional evacuation coverage)

Want to Travel for Free? Travel credit cards allow you to earn points that can be redeemed for free flights and accommodation — all without any extra spending. Check out my guide to picking the right card and my current favorites to get started and see the latest best deals.

Need Help Finding Activities for Your Trip? Get Your Guide is a huge online marketplace where you can find cool walking tours, fun excursions, skip-the-line tickets, private guides, and more.

Ready to Book Your Trip? Check out my resource page for the best companies to use when you travel. I list all the ones I use when I travel. They are the best in class and you can’t go wrong using them on your trip.

Got a comment on this article? Join the conversation on Facebook , Instagram , or Twitter and share your thoughts!

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links above may be affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I earn a commission if you make a purchase. I recommend only products and companies I use and the income goes to keeping the site community supported and ad free.

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53 Best Travel Blogs and Bloggers To Follow (in 2024)

Ankit Singla Master Blogging

Written by Ankit Singla


Last Updated on:

by Ankit Singla

If you’re searching for the best travel blogs today, look no further.

As always, I created this list to help aspiring travel bloggers learn a thing or two from these established sites.

However, people who are only looking for travel ideas and tips will also enjoy this post.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the top travel blogs to follow in 2024.

Best Travel Blogs

  • Nomadic Matt
  • Backpacking Matt
  • Adventurous Kate
  • The Blonde Abroad
  • California Through My Lens
  • Dan Flying Solo
  • Travel With Lakshmi
  • Fluent in 3 Months
  • Cheapest Destinations Blog
  • Alex in Wanderland
  • I Am Aileen
  • Wandering Earl
  • Be My Travel Muse
  • Followtheboat
  • Matthew Woodward
  • The Opposite Travellers
  • We Seek Travel
  • Bucket List Journey
  • Migrationology
  • The Cranky Flier
  • Never Ending Footsteps
  • A Dangerous Business
  • Against The Compass
  • Everything Everywhere
  • The Longest Way Home
  • Global Grasshopper
  • Girl Gone Travel
  • Oneika The Traveller
  • The Adventurists
  • Time Travel Turtle
  • Hand Luggage Only
  • Travel4Wildlife
  • The Insatiable Traveler
  • View From The Wing
  • Uncornered Market
  • Jessie On a Journey
  • Legal Nomads
  • TravelFreak
  • The Everywhereist
  • Keep Calm and Travel
  • Practical Wanderlust
  • Expert Vagabond
  • The Voyageur
  • Amateur Traveler
  • Girl Eat World
  • The Adventure Junkies
  • A Broken Backpack
  • The World Travel Guy
  • Life Part 2

1. Nomadic Matt

Nomadic Matt

By:  Matthew Kepnes

I have to be honest with you — I love everything about  Nomadic Matt .  

Everything from his website’s design to his personal writing voice makes for an engaging reading experience. Not to mention that the name “Nomadic Matt” really sticks with me. 

Matthew Kepnes, AKA Nomadic Matt, was once a cubicle worker who admittedly wasn’t always a big traveler. On his first trip back in 2004, he went to Costa Rica where his perspective in life transformed forever. 

A single trip — that’s how easy it is to fall in love with travel. 

Today, Matthew continues living the life he was born for. He primarily blogs about travel tips, encompassing topics like how to save for a trip and things to do in Singapore. 

Blog Topics 

  • Travel Insurance
  • Travel planning
  • Saving money on travel
  • Travel gear
  • Destinations

Monetization Strategies

  • Display advertisements
  • Superstar Blogging online course
  • Affiliate marketing ( Check: Best Travel Affiliate Programs )

2. Backpacking Matt

Backpacking Matt

By:  Matt Kyhnn

I think there’s something about the name “Matt” that raises a person’s affinity for traveling. 

Backpacking Matt , owned and run by Matt Kyhnn, is a travel blog that has similar vibes with Nomadic Matt. It has a simplistic design, a memorable content tone, and striking travel photos that bring the blog’s stories to life. 

Matt Kyhnn also leverages videos — providing his audience a more immersive way to enjoy his content. 

Fresh out of college, Matt simply decided that he won’t settle for a 9-5 job. Instead, he spent months working and traveling across Ireland, Scotland, and other regions in mainland Europe. 

He then booked a one-way ticket to New Zealand where he now resides. In addition to his blog, Matt also runs his own travel planning and booking website — Planit NZ. 

Blog Topics

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Planit NZ travel planning and booking services
  • Brand collaborations

3. Adventurous Kate

Adventurous Kate

By:  Kate McCulley

Kate McCulley, AKA  Adventurous Kate , is a travel blogger with lots of adventures to tell.

She’s been to 83 countries, seven continents, and plenty of experiences to help women appreciate the traveling life. 

Kate’s blog was built during her time in Southeast Asia along with her freelance portfolio, which helped fund her travels. Her target audience is women who want to travel, but required guidance on how to do it safely and easily. 

The “Solo Female Travel” category on her blog consists of posts about travel safety, travel planning, destination guides, and more. She also compiled a list of travel resources that help turn her audience’s travel ideas into action plans. 

  • Travel safety for women
  • Sponsored posts

4. The Blonde Abroad

The Blonde Abroad

By:  Kiersten “Kiki” Rich

I covered Kiersten “Kiki” Rich of  The Blonde Abroad   in my list of the top lifestyle bloggers to follow in 2024. 

As her blog’s name suggests, she’s mainly a travel blogger who also discusses two other lifestyle-related topics — blogging and photography. 

Kiersten spent three, eye-opening months in multiple countries to re-envision the idea of “ success .” She succeeded in her goal and is now one of the most accomplished travel bloggers on the web. 

The Blonde Abroad covers a range of topics from travel photography to foreign cuisine. All of which draws wisdom from Kiersten’s personal travel experiences.

  • Photography
  • Travel destinations
  • The Travel Shop
  • Social media and influencer marketing consulting

5. California Through My Lens

California Through My Lens

By:  Josh McNair

Josh McNair, owner of  California Through My Lens , has a distinct writing style that vividly describes details of travel destinations. 

Unlike bloggers who discovered the love for travel in their adulthood, Josh has always been a passionate traveler at heart. He created California Through My Lens to document his adventures with the online audience. 

California Through My Lens is run by both Josh and his wife, Amy. The pair also has an active YouTube channel called Through My Lens where they share their experiences in video form. 

As you may have guessed, Josh’s content focuses on the beaches, caves, hiking trails, waterfalls, and various landmarks in California. Intricate details of each location, from hike distances to specific travel tips, are often included in his posts. 

  • National parks in California
  • Driving around California
  • California destinations
  • Selling eBooks
  • Advertisements through YouTube 

6. Dan Flying Solo

Dan Flying Solo

By:  Daniel “Dan” Clarke

Dan Flying Solo   is by Daniel Clarke — a travel blogger, photographer, and creative director at his own Portugal-based media company. 

Dan’s blogging life was ignited by his passion for photography. He was originally a frustrated restaurant manager who wanted more out of life.

Like me, Dan is a self-taught blogger. He worked day in and day out by doing free online courses, YouTube tutorials, and heaps of informative guides. 

What makes Dan Flying Solo an extra noteworthy blog is its library of video content. Daniel also makes it clear that the site has no particular theme — not unlike everything else in life.  

“ There’s not one particular theme to this blog because I don’t think that’s how life really is. We change and what we enjoy changes.”

7. Travel with Lakshmi

Travel with Lakshmi

By:  Lakshmi Sharath

Lakshmi Sharath worked on a desk job for multiple media organizations for 15 years. She then started her personal travel blog in 2005 — traveling to over 25 countries and across every corner of India. 

Travel with Lakshmi has only grown steadily ever since. It won multiple awards, including “India’s best travel blog of the year” award from Indiebloggie.  

As an Indian herself, Lakshmi made sure to highlight the country’s top travel destinations on the blog. She also documented her travels to foreign countries — from Abu Dhabi to the United Kingdom. 

As a way to support aspiring travelers around the world, Lakshmi also covers important tips on starting a travel blog. This includes essential tips on photography, travel planning, and travel writing.

  • Social media marketing campaigns
  • Content marketing and writing services
  • Digital media consulting services

8. foXnoMad


By:  Anil Polat

foXnoMad   is a unique travel blog run by digital nomad Anil Polat.

Anil was exposed to travel at a young age because his parents were journalists. Other than routine trips between Turkey and the United States, they also visited multiple destinations around the world. 

Even in his professional life as a computer security consultant, travel was a big part of Anil’s life. He eventually decided to quit his job and fixate on one goal: to visit every country in the world.

What makes foXnoMad unique is that Anil utilizes his knowledge in tech to provide insightful tips on traveling smartly. He also develops apps that can help travelers in situations like determining water drinkability and calculating tips.

You can check out his podcast where he talks about current events, new product tech releases, and all things travel-related. 

Blog Topics                                           

  • foXnoMad Shop
  • Paid mobile apps

9. Fluent in 3 Months

Fluent in 3 Months

By:  Brendan “Benny” Lewis

Fluent in 3 Months   by Brendan Lewis is created for travelers with a purpose. 

Apart from regular posts about travel planning and destinations, Brendan also writes a lot of guides on foreign languages. 

Remember, language is a crucial part of every culture. Brendan makes sure you learn dozens of useful words and phrases that will enrich your visit to any country. 

Some of the most prominent content formats in his blog are “ways to say” posts and phrase listicles. There are also fun, bite-sized stories like “How I Learned French on the Toilet in 6 Months.”

For more serious language learners, Fluent in 3 Months offers “The Challenge.” It’s a full-fledged online course that will enable you to hold a 15-minute conversation in a new language.

  • How to speak foreign languages
  • Language hacking 
  • Traveling jobs
  • The Challenge online course
  • Speaking engagements

10. Cheapest Destinations Blog

Cheapest Destinations Blog

By:  Tim Leffel

Cheapest Destinations Blog   is one of the oldest travel blogs on this list. 

It is created and run by Tim Leffel — an award-winning travel writer and author.  

Tim has made it his life’s goal to help people make the most out of travel while spending less. His blog contains posts that teach how to spend your travel money wisely and how to make every cent count. 

Other than Cheapest Destinations Blog, Tim also runs a handful of other blogs on different, travel-related topics. This includes Perceptive Travel, Travel Writing 2.0 Blog, and Cheap Living Abroad.  

  • Travel budgeting
  • Influencer marketing through 360 Degree Travel Network

11. Alex in Wanderland 

Alex in Wanderland

By:  Alexandra Baackes

Alexandra Baackes created  Alex in Wanderland   for two reasons. 

First, she’s been dealing with a case of wanderlust all her life. And second, she’s a fan of a beloved, fictional character — Alice in Wonderland. 

Alexandra is originally from Brooklyn, New York where she purchased her one-way ticket into the traveling life. She now blogs about the best travel destinations, outdoor activities, and her personal, travel-related gear.

One of the things I like about Alex in Wanderland is the presentation and categorization of content. 

On the “Categories” page, Alex makes sure articles are well-organized based on topics like travel inspiration, activities, and planning. This makes it easy for her audience to find the information they need at any given time. 

  • Outdoor activities

12. Hey Nadine

Hey Nadine

By:  Nadine Sykora

Nadine Sykora of  Hey Nadine   is a popular travel blogger, YouTuber, and social media influencer.

Over the past 10 years, she has traveled across 55 countries, spoken on expert panels, and became a keynote speaker. 

Nadine’s goal is simple: share her travel experiences with the world and help others do the same. 

Hey Nadine contains a host of content on travel advice, hacks, destinations, and inspiration. As a seasoned YouTuber, you can expect her blog content to contain a lot of embedded videos from her channel. 

  • Video production
  • Advertisements through YouTube
  • Sponsored content

13. I Am Aileen

I Am Aileen

Just like Kiersten Rich, Aileen Adalid is another travel blogger whom I also featured in my top lifestyle blogs listicle.

Aileen runs  I Am Aileen   — an award-winning blog that discusses just about everything there is to discuss in travel. She writes about destinations, the best travel activities, foreign cuisine, and more. 

What interested me the most about Aileen is her blogging background. At age 21, she quit her corporate job, which only paid $300 a month, to become a professional traveler. 

Since then, she’s been on a streak of smashing goals and breaking barriers. Thanks to her commitment to quality content, she’s recognized as one of the top bloggers in Asia. 

  • Online shop

14. Wandering Earl

Wandering Earl

By:  Derek Earl Baron

Here’s a fun trivia about  Wandering Earl . 

Unlike most bloggers who use their first names, the “Earl” in “Wandering Earl” is actually a middle name. Blog owner Derek Earl Baron only thought that “Wandering Derek” didn’t sound as catchy.

Derek is a one-of-a-kind, adventurous soul who discovered his purpose as a modern nomad relatively early into adulthood. After graduating in 1999, he planned a three-month vacation across Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. 

That three-month vacation continues to this very day. 

And that’s how Wandering Earl was created — documenting Derek’s adventures in over 100 countries. He also shares valuable pieces of wisdom on travel planning, food, budgeting, gear, and so on. 

Wandering Earl has that “old-school” look and feel to it. On the plus side, the site’s design only highlights 

  • Working while traveling
  • Selling “eGuides”

15. Be My Travel Muse

Be My Travel Muse

By:  Kristin Addis

Be My Travel Muse  is a solo female travel blog created by Kristin Addis. 

She studied in Taiwan and kept an investment banking job for four years. The only problem was, her daily routine rendered her creative, dreamer side claustrophobic. 

Her first step was a one-way ticket to Bangkok — envisioning a life of writing and travel. That’s exactly what she accomplished with her blog, which now caters to millions of readers all over the world. 

Kristin believes that solo traveling is the best way for women to feel empowered and more confident. She prioritizes solo female travel tips on her blog, including guides on safety, packing, and maintaining relationships. 

Be My Travel Muse also has heaps of content on popular travel destinations and self-care for women. 

  • Self-help for women
  • Relationships
  • The Photo Muse Masterclass online course

16. Followtheboat


By:  Liz Cleere and Jamie Furlong

Followtheboat   is a unique travel blog that focuses on a specific mode of transport: sailing. 

It is created with love by a travel writer Liz Cleere and photographer Jamie Furlong. There’s also Millie the rescue cat, which functions as a source of inspiration and encouragement for the blog’s human founders. 

Despite the focus on sailboats, Followtheboat’s content isn’t just made for sailors. The posts are tailor-made for travelers who also happen to be interested in the art and joys of sailing. 

Don’t be surprised at the humor and dynamic range of topics on the blog. You’ll find posts like “tools you need on a sailboat” and “is this the weirdest loo in the world?”

Followtheboat also has a library of podcasts, which record Liz and Jamie’s experiences on their travels. 

  • Boat maintenance
  • Patreon donations

17. Matthew Woodward

Matthew Woodward

By:  Matthew Woodward

If Followtheboat is about boats, you can probably guess what  Matthew Woodward   is a blog about trains. 

Not to be mistaken for  Matthew Woodward  the internet marketer, Matthew Woodward the rail adventurer loved trains as a child. He owned model railway sets, traveled alone by train, and watched shows about trains on TV. 

In his time as a geography student, he explored Europe with his trusty Interrail pass. He set his passion aside to focus on his career, which he eventually gave up to become a travel writer. 

Today, he blogs about railway systems over different continents. He’s also an accomplished author of three books: “The Railway to Heaven,” “A Bridge Even Further,” and “Trans-Siberian Adventures.”

  • Railway systems
  • Traveling by train
  • Selling books

18. The Opposite Travellers

The Opposite Travellers

By:  Ryan and Rachel Riel

The Opposite Travellers   were created by married couple Ryan and Rachel Riel. 

While both loved to travel, Ryan and Rachel had contrasting preferences when it comes to traveling. 

Rachel prefers to travel in style and luxury — through the accommodations and services offered by establishments and travel agencies. Ryan, on the other hand, leans toward daring adventures like biking and trekking — on $5 per night accommodations. 

The couple, however, utilized their differences as a selling point in The Opposite Travellers. 

As such, the website’s “Travel” section has two main categories: “Luxury Travel” and “Adventure Travel.” In other words, the blog has a diverse content library for travelers of all tastes and budgets.

The Opposite Travellers also boasts high-quality visuals taken and produced by Ryan Riel. All of the site’s videos are published on Ryan Riel Media — Ryan’s official YouTube channel.  

  • Content production
  • Social media marketing 
  • Influencer marketing

19. We Seek Travel 

olly gaspar travel blogger

By:  Olly Gaspar

We Seek Travel is an adventure travel blog by traveler and adventure photographer Olly Gaspar.

Olly has been living out of his bags full-time since 2018, turning his passion for global adventure into a treasure trove of useful travel guides accompanied by his inspiring photography.

His travel blog serves as a window to extraordinary experiences around the world– from backpacking in India to climbing Himalayan peaks, crossing deserts on camelback, cycling over the Arctic Circle, hiking with gorillas in Uganda, and even fighting Muay Thai in Thailand.

But We Seek Travel is more than just a diary of adventures. It’s a resource-rich hub where Olly shares his firsthand experiences to help modern explorers discover unique outdoor adventures, off-beat hiking trails, travel photography gear, and helpful accommodation and digital nomad resources.

  • Travel Planning & Accommodation
  • Outdoor Adventure
  • Hiking & Trekking
  • Travel photography
  • Travel Gear
  • Photography licensing
  • Adventure Photography shoots
  • Tourism development

20. Bucket List Journey

Bucket List Journey

By:  Annette White

Travel is all about adventures, and so is life. 

That’s the essence of the  Bucket List Journey   by Annette White. 

The blog’s tagline is “tools and inspiration to live your list.” It refers to a person’s “bucket list,” which is basically a list of goals and experiences they want in life. 

Annette didn’t always have such a positive outlook in life. She used to be diagnosed with anxiety, which caused her to miss out on life-enriching experiences and opportunities. 

Eventually, she decided that she’ll no longer become a prisoner of fear and uncertainty. She had courage and took charge of her life’s direction — something every aspiring blogger needs to do at one point. 

Bucket List Journey talks about bucket list-worthy destinations, motivation, money, and travel tips. Annette also imparts knowledge on people who also struggle with facing fear and making braver life decisions. 

  • Overcoming fear and anxiety

21. Migrationology


By:  Mark Wiens

When I first visited  Migrationology , I wasn’t sure whether to classify it as a food or travel blog. 

Then I checked out Mark Wiens’s “About” page. There, I learned that he viewed food as a way to connect with people in various cultures. 

And to be exposed to these cultures, Mark dedicates his time, money, and efforts to travel. 

Mark makes sure the blog only focuses on content based on his personal travels. It’s made for people who want to experience the flavors of the world — in person or through Mark’s posts. 

Apart from general food travel blog posts and city guides, Migrationology also offers readers a “Food Tour” service. It is the result of a year of research done by Mark himself — in partnership with  Bangkok Vanguards . 

  • Bangkok Food Tour

22. The Cranky Flier

The Cranky Flier

By:  Brett Snyder

We already mentioned a blog about boats and another about trains. It’s time to talk about a blog on airplanes and air travel.

Cranky Flier   is a unique blog created by Brett Snyder — President and “Chief Airline Dork” of Cranky Flier LLC. 

Brett has been fascinated with airlines all his life. When he was young, he collected airline timetables and even spent a birthday with his grandmother watching planes land. 

As an adult, he spent several years in the airline industry fulfilling multiple roles. He became a sales intern at USAir, senior analyst at America West, marketing planning product at United, and so on.

Today, Brett publishes his opinions about the airline industry on Cranky Flier. He also updates several series, like “Worst Airline Ever,” “Airlines We Lost,” and “Across the Aisle Interviews.” 

I’ll let you determine what these series are all about based on what they’re called. 

  • Airline industry
  • Cranky Concierge service

23. Never Ending Footsteps

Never Ending Footsteps

By:  Lauren Juliff

Lauren Juliff is one of those bloggers who already knew what they wanted to be from an early age. 

She dreamt of traveling to new places, meeting new people, and exploring new cultures.  Never Ending Footsteps   is proof that she accomplished all three. 

The blog consists of posts about Lauren’s fulfilling travels to different countries. But unlike a lot of famous travel bloggers, she also talks about the downsides of being a digital nomad.

Never Ending Footsteps has a “The Incidents” blog section where Lauren discusses the not-so-sexy aspects of traveling. She has been scammed, attacked by monkeys, locked out of her room, lost her passport, and more. 

Despite these incidents, Lauren’s love for travel only grew. Such experiences increased her wisdom and travel acumen — resulting in some of the most insightful travel articles ever published.

Lauren also helps her audience get into the world of travel blogging. Check out “How to Start a Travel Blog” for information on web hosting, working with WordPress, and so on.

  • Travel safety

24. A Dangerous Business Travel Blog

A Dangerous Business Travel Blog

By:  Amanda Williams

A Dangerous Business Travel Blog   is a straightforward blog made to help people travel. 

It is created by Amanda Williams, who is a former journalist with degrees in journalism, hospitality, and tourism management.

Amanda first got into journalism by editing obituaries — eventually becoming a copy and layout editor at a newspaper company. She started A Dangerous Business Travel Blog in 2010 out of boredom and her need for a creative outlet. 

Fast forward to 2024, the blog now averages over 340,000 page views per month. Amanda also maintains a strong social media presence with thousands of followers across networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

A Dangerous Business Travel Blog contains posts about travel planning, packing, destinations, and inspiration. Everything is sprinkled with high-quality photos to keep readers engaged and enthused.  

The centerpiece of A Dangerous Business Travel Blog is “The 10-Day Adventure Project.” Put simply, it’s a collection of ready-to-use, self-guided itineraries that will shave hours off your travel planning process.

  • Packing 
  • DangerousBiz online course
  • Freelance writing

25. Against the Compass

Against The Compass

By:  Joan Torres

How do you make a travel blog stand out?

Joan Torres has a surefire answer: covering the most unusual and “off the beaten track” destinations.

Against The Compass   is a unique blog that talks about the travel routes and destinations you probably haven’t heard of. It covers destinations that people don’t normally include in their bucket list, like Pakistan, Tunisia, Syria, and other high-risk countries. 

Of course, Joan makes sure to highlight the importance of safety when traveling in relatively low-popularity destinations. He has comprehensive guides for solo female travel, travel insurance, and general travel safety.

  • Travel insurance

26. Everything Everywhere 

Everything Everywhere

By:  Gary Arndt

In travel blogging, a picture is undeniably worth a thousand words. There’s simply no excuse for any travel blogger to forego the inclusion of visual content in their posts.

Gary Arndt’s absolutely nailed it with his photography work for  Everything Everywhere .

Gary actually won multiple, major travel photography awards — more than any travel photographer. His photography is so good that I suggest you check the “Travel Photos” page on Everything Everywhere.

Go ahead, take a break and thank me later. 

Other than taking breathtaking photos, Gary also publishes detailed blog posts about the places he’s been. He’s been on the go for roughly 9 years non-stop, which means readers will never run out of material.

27. The Longest Way Home

The Longest Way Home

By:  David Ways

The Longest Way Home   started as the personal travel journal of David Ways — a solo traveler in search of home. 

The blog originally started as David’s private, digital diary. As he journeyed across Europe and gained experience, it turned into a full-on blog with travel guides to specific locations. 

David finally found home in Nepal before traveling to other parts of Southeast Asia. 

He’s not the most nitpicky blogger in terms of grammar and spelling, but he’s definitely a brilliant storyteller. He’s also skilled in capturing and immortalizing moments into photos, which you can view on his blog’s gallery. 

The Longest Way Home has a library of content about various destinations, trekking, and travel planning. It also features in-depth travel guides to Nepal, Thailand, and overland travel — plus a mini-guide to Portugal.  

  • Travel planning 
  • Overland travel

28. Global Grasshopper

Global Grasshopper

By:  Becky Moore

Global Grasshopper   is a travel blog run by Becky Moore and her team of professional travel photographers and writers. 

Becky’s first adventure was a six-month voyage in Southeast Asia. She considers herself a “semi-nomad,” traveling from country to country while nestling in Ireland, Australia, or parts of Southeast Asia. 

Global Grasshopper contains posts about popular travel destinations, hotels, and other places that deserve more attention. Readers will also enjoy the blog’s posts about dog-friendly travel — covering topics like dog booster seats and pet-friendly hotels. 

Since the blog is run by a team of experts, expect the content quality to be top-notch across the board. The team also organizes boutique tours, which readers can participate in for a memorable travel experience. 

  • Traveling with a pet
  • Boutique tours bookings

29. Girl Gone Travel

Girl Gone Travel

By:  Carol Cain

Carol Cain is an accomplished professional in the field of communications. She is a social media marketing expert, public speaker, branding agency owner, and award-winning travel blogger.

Girl Gone Travel   is the result of Carol’s innate passion for travel and knack for digital marketing. It is a well-designed, engaging, and filled with quality content that shines with Carol’s personality. 

Other than her travel-related posts, Girl Gone Travel also publishes a lot of posts about blogging and online branding. This makes it an excellent place to start for hopeful travelers who plan to have their own blog one day. 

  • Destinations 
  • Online branding
  • Brave World Media company

30. HoneyTrek


By:  Mike and Anne Howard

Believe it or not,  HoneyTrek   is a travel blog about a honeymoon.

Yes — it’s probably the longest honeymoon ever.

Founders Mike and Anne Howard are a power couple with skills that can make any blog great. Anne is a former magazine editor whereas Mike’s a veteran digital media strategist and photographer. 

Together, they’ve honeymooned to over seven continents and 60 countries while creating the most romantic travel blog in the process. 

HoneyTrek contains a collection of posts about their travel destinations, experiences, and travel tips for all budgets. They also wrote two successful books: “Comfortably Wild” and “Ultimate Journeys for Two.” 

  • Travel budgeting 
  • Travel skills

31. Oneika The Traveller

Oneika The Traveller

By:  Oneika Raymond

Oneika The Traveller   is an award-winning travel blog by journalist, keynote speaker, and media personality Oneika Raymond. 

For those who don’t know Oneika, she’s the on-air travel and lifestyle correspondent for CTV Canada and NBC New York. Even more impressively, her blog won her a gold medal in the 2018 SATW Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism competition.

Oneika talks about travel destinations and her go-to tips for life on the road. With her experience in the field of journalism, she’s definitely one of the most engaging storytellers on this list.

  • Fashion and style while traveling
  • Traveling as a minority
  • Personal opinions
  • Social media marketing

32. The Adventurists

The Adventurists

By:  Tom Morgan

The Adventurists   is hands down one of the most well-designed travel blogs in this post. 

The blog proves that integrating tons of video content into one page doesn’t have to affect its loading speed. In fact, the site loads surprisingly fast despite having several video panels on the homepage.

I’m not going to delve too deeply into this technical feat. What I’m going to focus on, however, is the brilliant team behind The Adventurists. 

The site is founded by “Chief Idiot” — Tom Morgan. Apparently, most of the crazy ideas featured on the blog were his. 

Every page on the site reflects Morgan and his team’s wackiness and passion for great adventures. They do, host, and document daring outdoor activities on air, land, and sea — plus, a whole lot of charity.

Their audience can also participate in these activities, which can be held in various parts of the globe. The “Monkey Run,” for example, is an event where participants race through dirt trails on tiny bikes.

The bottom line is, it’s hard to come up with unique ideas that set you apart in the blogging landscape. The Adventurists, on the other hand, managed to do so multiple times. 

  • “The Adventures” events
  • The “Shop of Stuff”

33. Time Travel Turtle

Time Travel Turtle

By:  Michael Turtle

Time Travel Turtle   is created by Australian Journalist Michael Turtle. 

Michael was born to be a storyteller and he knew it from an early age. 

In school, he ran the student newsletter and contributed a weekly column. He also filled the role of deputy editor of a university newspaper. 

Time Travel Turtle’s contains mainly posts on the locations that Michael has visited over the years. 

Like most renowned travel bloggers, Michael captures amazing photos that travel enthusiasts can fall in love with. He puts some of these photos up for sale to companies who’d like to feature those locations or properties. 

Michael continues to explore the world as a digital nomad. He also shares practical travel tips so readers can experience these adventures themselves. 

  • Selling photography

34. Hand Luggage Only

Hand Luggage Only

By:  Yaya and Lloyd

Hand Luggage Only   is a hugely successful travel blog by couple Yaya and Lloyd. 

The site doles out travel advice, inspiration, photography tips, food reviews, and posts about must-see destinations. It also has a library of high-quality videos where Yaya and Lloyd describe their experiences in detail.  

Yaya and Lloyd started the blog in 2014 with a plan to share their travel stories with the world. Within a few hours, they published their first posts using photos they already took and edited. 

The moral of the story is, consider starting a blog if you already have a library of unused travel photos. 

35. Travel4Wildlife


By:  Christina Garcia and Hal Brindley 

It should only take anyone a second to figure out what  Travel4Wildlife   is all about. 

The blog is created by couple Christina Garcia and Hal Brindley out of their passion for wildlife. 

Hal is an experienced wildlife photographer for organizations like the Nature Conservancy Magazine, SEE Turtles, and RARE Conservation. Christina, on the other hand, is an experienced zoologist who worked on studies on wolves, cheetahs, and leopards. 

Travel4Wildlife’s goal is to increase awareness and increase the appreciation for wildlife. More importantly, it was Christina and Hal’s life goal to promote wildlife conservation through responsible tourism. 

Behind the scenes, the couple teams up to create compelling articles that focus on wildlife in specific destinations. The blog covers a range of species on different continents — from owls in South Africa to polar bears in Canada. 

  • Wildlife tour reviews
  • Responsible travel

36. The Insatiable Traveler

The Insatiable Traveler

By:  Susan Portnoy

Susan Portnoy, also called  The Insatiable Traveler   on her blog, is a seasoned travel writer and photographer. 

Susan’s last full-time job was VP of corporate communications at Condé Nast. When that door closed, she took on a freelancing career as she learned the art of photography. 

Fast forward a few years, and she has enough accolades to make photography degree holders envious. 

Her photographic works were featured by organizations like National Geographic and companies like Bing. She also won awards like the SATW Lowell Thomas Award and the 2018 Gold in the Muster Photo Competition. 

The main focal points of The Insatiable Traveler include destinations, cruises, photography, and travel gear. Susan also covers the safaris in various regions, like Tanzania, Namibia, and Kenya. 

37. View from the Wing

View From The Wing

By:  Gary Leff 

Just like Brett Snyder, Gary Leff of  View From The Wing   is an expert in all things air travel. 

Gary was named one of the “World’s Top Travel Experts” by Condé Nast Traveler since 2010. He also co-founded InsideFlyer.com — a community made by and for frequent flyers.

View From The Wing is a goldmine of timeless tips on airline miles, credit cards, hotels, and business travel. No matter your sub-niche in travel, I recommend checking it out for ways to maximize your frequent flyer miles. 

Gary also publishes posts called “Trip Reports” about establishments, food, and various attractions. 

  • Hotel reviews
  • Credit cards

38. Uncornered Market

Uncornered Market

By:  Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott

Dan Noll and Audrey Scott are a pair of adventurers, storytellers, and tourism advisors who advocate for responsible traveling. 

They created  Uncornered Market   — a responsible tourism blog — after leaving their secure and stable lifestyle in Prague. Prior to that, they lived in San Francisco and took a leap of faith for the sake of avoiding regrets.  

It’s clear that both Dan and Audrey believed that fulfillment can’t be found within the confines of your comfort zone. They explored, made connections, and shared their experiences through their travel blog. 

Some of the topics you’ll find in Uncornered Market are about destinations, sustainable tourism, food, and trekking. Dan and Audrey also write about personal growth and experiential travel. 

Uncornered Market is also a tourism development and marketing consultancy company. They help travel companies, destinations, and tourism organizations build their brands and deliver their message to a wider audience. 

  • Responsible tourism
  • Tourism development and marketing consultancy services

39. Jessie on a Journey

Jessie on a Journey

By:  Jessica “Jessie” Festa

Like plenty of bloggers, Jessica Festa needed a taste of life before discovering her true calling. 

In her youth, Jessie traveled to mostly cruises in the Caribbean and road trips in North America. She also experienced being a sightseeing guide in New York. 

Jessie on a Journey   is the result of her pursuing her dreams of getting paid to do something she loves. She now blogs about being a solo female traveler, blogging it, and profiting off of it. 

I’m sure a lot of big-name bloggers are all too familiar with how Jessie made the blogging vision a reality.

For a long time, she felt that the workaday lifestyle isn’t for her. It made her feel like she’s living everyone else’s life — not the kind of life she wanted to keep. 

Despite the disapproval of loved ones, Jessie decided to quit her secure job in favor of being a travel blogger. 

She was just as unprepared as most people before starting their own blog. The key difference is, she went out there and took her first step. 

  • Travel blog consulting
  • Tour company consulting

40. Legal Nomads

Legal Nomads

By:  Jodi Ettenberg

Back when Jodi Ettenberg was in law school, she never would’ve guessed she’d run a successful travel and food business. 

That happens to a lot of people, especially those who never thought of giving priority to their passions. 

It’s just a hunch, but I think the name  Legal Nomads   had something to do with Jodi’s background in law. 

Legal Nomads highlights destinations and local cultures just as insightfully as other travel blogs. What makes it different is that Jodi focuses on local cuisines to experience and tell the stories of each destination. 

A huge part of Jodi’s blog is about wellness and gluten-free eating. She then utilized her knowledge and experience to create detailed restaurant cards, which travelers can use when visiting certain countries. 

  • Gluten-free restaurant cards
  • The Legal Nomads Shop

41. Indiana Jo

Indiana Jo

By:  Jo Fitzsimons

Like Jodi Ettenberg, Jo Fitzsimons also used to practice law before becoming a successful travel and lifestyle writer. 

Indiana Jo   started way back in 2010 where Jo can comfortably type away her thoughts and musings. Fed up with her full-time job, she went out to see the world as a digital nomad.

It wasn’t always smooth sailing for Indiana Jo, however. According to her, she thought about quitting the blog several times before finally realizing that it’s a lifetime thing. 

Jo writes about her travel experiences, destinations, wine, and food. She also shares travel planning tips along with a long list of content about topics that personally interest her. 

  • Travel health and safety

42. TravelFreak


By:  Jeremy Scott Foster

TravelFreak   is the brainchild of Jeremy Scott Foster who left America in the middle of a recession and to Australia. 

For a while, he racked up some savings as a traveling bartender. It took some time before he finally made the switch to be a digital nomad and online entrepreneur. 

Jeremy created the blog to help people create opportunities to achieve the fulfilling life they deserve. 

He writes about travel advice, destinations, gear, and ways to get your finances in order as you travel. This includes guides on how to land and keep a job abroad along with resources on reliable booking websites. 

I personally like the way Jeremy designed TravelFreak to provide the best possible user experience. Unlike a traditional layout, the site features a search bar so readers can jump right into the content they need.

TravelFreak has been featured in Forbes, National Geographic, The New York Times, and a few other big-name publications.   

43. The Everywhereist

The Everywhereist

By:  Geraldine DeRuiter

Before anything else, yes — that’s Rand Fishkin in the photo above. 

And yes, the next travel blogger on this list is Rand’s longtime sweetheart and wife. 

Geraldine DeRuiter was a former copywriter and went with Rand in his travels, which are often business-related. She then turned to the habit of documenting their travel experiences, which she described as “love letters” to her husband. 

Today, Geraldine works full-time on  The Everywhereist   — named by Time magazine as one of the best blogs in 2011. 

The Everywhereist contains posts about food and Geraldine’s travel experiences along with a comprehensive Philadelphia travel guide. The guide contains information on where to go, eat, shop, and stay. 

Geraldine also wrote a book called “All Over The Place.” It chronicles how she embraced her love for blogging after being laid off, which aspiring bloggers can draw inspiration from. 

  • All Over The Place book sales

44. Keep Calm and Travel

Keep Calm and Travel

By:  Clelia Mattana

Keep Calm and Travel   is a travel blog created by serial traveler Clelia Mattana. 

Ever since she was 19, Clelia is a certified sea lover and globetrotter. But like many travel bloggers, she was given a choice between a secure job and the traveling lifestyle. 

Clelia’s finalized her choice when she bought a one-way ticket to Asia. She then created Keep Calm and Travel to send a simple message:

“No matter what your age is, or your budget, or status, you can travel and live your life on your own terms.”

The blog’s topics include destinations across continents, photography, and travel gear. She also has a dedicated page for Sardinia, which is one of her absolute favorite travel destinations.

45. Practical Wanderlust

Practical Wanderlust

By:  Lia and Jeremy Garcia

Lia and Jeremy Garcia, who aptly labeled themselves a “travel couple” on Instagram, are the minds behind  Practical Wanderlust .  

Jeremy is a film degree holder whose passions include writing and directing. He also became a high school teacher who taught filmmaking and digital media art.

Lia, on the other hand, has a fashion design and apparel merchandising degree. She took on roles in corporate merchandising before becoming a business systems analyst. 

Why did I tell you all this? Simple: I want you to know what the pair had to give up pursuing their dreams of traveling. 

Practical Wanderlust’s goal is to help other people enjoy travel in the most realistic and sensible approach possible. The blog is filled with detailed content on planning memorable trips on a budget, where to go, and staying safe.   

Lia and Jeremy also host their own podcast, which is available on Google Podcasts, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts. 

  • Coaching and mentoring services
  • Sponsored podcast episodes

46. Expert Vagabond

Expert Vagabond

By:  Matthew “Matt” Karsten

Matthew Karsten, AKA the  Expert Vagabond , has been a travel blogger, photographer, and digital nomad for nine years.

He talks about budget travel tips, destinations, travel photography, and strategies to make the digital nomadic life work. 

Matt is a business degree holder who spent time freelancing as a nightlife and event photographer. While he admits it was fun, he knew that he wants and deserves something more. 

After a year of downsizing his life, eating homemade food, selling eBooks, and saving every penny, he was ready. He set out to obtain a different kind of wealth — that which is made with adventures and experiences.

  • Nomadic living

47. The Voyageur

The Voyageur

By:  Pauline Chardin

Pauline Chardin is a France-based fashion designer, photographer, and art director. 

She always had a soft spot for travel — driven by her appreciation for picturesque architecture, landscapes, and good food. She started  The Voyageur   to help people view the world through her voice and eyes. 

The Voyageur is a simple, yet aesthetic website achieved through Pauline’s incredible photography skills. Apart from itineraries and posts about hotels, food, art, and architecture, the site also has a sizeable photo gallery.

Images are accompanied by a brief article that describes the destination’s history and Pauline’s thoughts and emotions during her visit. I’m not sure what it is, but there’s something about this content format that’s truly engaging and relaxing. 

  • Art and architecture

48. Amateur Traveler

Amateur Traveler

By:  Chris Christensen

Don’t be fooled by the name —  Amateur Traveler   is by no means run by an amateur.

Chris Christensen is a skilled photographer, travel writer, and podcast host. The site also utilizes a long list of monetization strategies that I believe every blogger should learn. 

True, he wasn’t the most experienced traveler when he started the blog. Before he created Amateur Traveler, he was a full-time EVP of engineering and operations for a company based in Silicon Valley. 

In his defense, he grew up in a family that traveled a lot to national parks in a trailer. He also learned a lot of foreign languages, which he believes is a window into understanding and embracing different cultures. 

Amateur Traveler discusses destinations, travel budgeting, planning, gear, and booking. The site also features a weekly podcast on the top destinations around the world. 

  • Amateur Traveler Shop powered by Etsy
  • Podcast advertisements
  • Social media and content marketing consulting services
  • Content writing services
  • Paid guest posts

49. Girl Eat World

Girl Eat World

By:  Melissa Hie

Melissa Hie is the “Girl” in  Girl Eat World  — a name that encapsulates what the whole blog is all about. 

You see, Melissa’s three passions are food, travel, and storytelling. She started the blog in 2015 as a digital diary for herself and friends who need travel tips. 

Prior to her blog’s success, she amassed quite a following on Instagram. This springboarded her blogging career, which she put in the back burner after focusing on her full-time career.

Girl Eat World is essentially a compendium of Melissa’s travel stories and travel planning guides. She also has an iconic style of capturing Instagram posts, which must be seen to be appreciated. 

50. The Adventure Junkies

The Adventure Junkies

By:  Antonio Cala and Amanda Zeisset

The Adventure Junkies   is definitely not your average travel blog. 

It’s not just about the travel stories of founders Antonio Cala and Amanda Zeisset. Upon visiting the blog for the first time, you’ll realize that it’s all about the community the blog has built. 

New visitors are encouraged to join “ Summit ” — a free community for people who seek adventures through travel and outdoor activities. There, members can connect, plan events, share posts, ask questions, form groups, and discuss anything related to travel. 

The Adventure Junkies also compile guides and resources about outdoor activities like diving, kayaking, mountain biking, and snowboarding. There’s also a section for visitors who’d like to learn about outdoor and underwater photography.

Antonio and Amanda started The Adventure Junkies as a personal blog about their three years of cycling. Over time, their readers began asking questions on how they can plan their own adventures. 

The couple then realized that they need to create something more than a personal blog. As such, they transformed The Adventure Junkies as a one-stop shop for adventurists.  

  • The Adventure Junkies Store
  • Paid digital guides

51. A Broken Backpack Travel Blog

A Broken Backpack

By:  Melissa Giroux

Melissa Giroux used to be a social worker who only traveled once a year. 

Melissa created  A Broken Backpack   a year after her journey in the Canadian Rockies — hitch-hiking from point A to B. She continued working on her blog as a creative outlet while working on a farm in Australia. 

It didn’t take long before A Broken Backpack’s popularity gained momentum and gave Melissa a new frontier. 

The website contains crucial tips on travel gear, budgeting, destinations, and the life of a digital nomad. Melissa also put together in-depth guides on travel blogging, moving to another country as an expat, and backpacking.

  • SEO eBook on Nomad Life 101

52. The World Travel Guy

travel bloggers reading

By : David Leiter

David Leiter is an American travel blogger currently based in Bali, Indonesia, with his wife Intan (who’s a Bali local).

They travel around the world and try to document the most scenic destinations by creating articles, photos, videos, and guides for other travelers.

David runs  The World Travel Guy , an adventure travel blog that he started when he was a solo traveler, but now covers their travels around the globe as a couple.

In total, they’ve visited dozens of countries, while also checking off some bucket list adventures like a Komodo dragon safari in Indonesia, the Mount Everest Base Camp trek in Nepal, and a bunch of world monuments like the Angkor Wat and Taj Mahal.

  • Adventure Travel
  • Destination Guides
  • Budget Tips
  • Travel Photography
  • Drone Videos
  • Affiliate Partnerships
  • Display Advertisements
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  • YouTube Videos

53. Life Part 2

Life Part 2

By:  Jonathan Look Jr. and Sarah Wilson

The last blog on this list that your best life can start at any time you choose. 

Let me tell you the story behind  Life Part 2   and the people behind it.

Jonathan Look Jr. and Sarah Wilson are both happy retirees with a simple mantra: “don’t waste your retirement.”

To them, retirement isn’t about being comfortable and secure. Rather, it’s all about the freedom to listen to your heart and follow where it takes you. 

Jonathan and Sarah met in Chiang Mai, Thailand where they both agreed to see the world as a couple. 

Life Part 2 is a mix of all things travel. At times, there’ll be a post about remote destinations and backpacking, and at other times, the theme is luxury travel. 

You will, however, notice that the content topics on the blog often revolve around retirement, minimalism, and travel. 

Planning to go on your own travel adventures? Perhaps you’re thinking of starting your very own travel blog?

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a case of wanderlust or the desire to be a travel blogger yourself. 

The list above has some of the best travel blogs ever created. They can provide you with ideas and inspiration for your next trip or first-ever travel blog post. 

If you think I missed a great travel blog that everyone should read, let me know in the comments below. Good luck!

Ankit Singla Master Blogging

Ankit Singla

Ankit Singla is a full-time blogger, YouTuber, author, and public speaker. He founded and leads Master Blogging . With over 13 years of blogging expertise, he has assisted numerous aspiring bloggers in achieving their dreams of creating successful blogs.

Popular Posts by Ankit Singla ( see latest )

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Travel Blogs You Should Be Reading

Travel , Travel Inspiration & Tips | November 5, 2015

There are countless lists out there featuring the best travel blogs. Here’s my contribution. These travel blogs are the ones I think every world-hungry, money-weary twenty something should be reading.

Some of the travel bloggers featured on this list are relatively new, or not getting the attention they deserve, in my humble opinion. Others are well established and if you haven’t already heard of them, you’ve clearly been hiding in a rock or (the horror!), been on some kind of weird  digital detox  for the past year. Some of them blog about luxury experiences we can only dream of, others share their honest travel hacks and itineraries to help their readers attain the same lifestyle. They all share guides, advice and anecdotes that make their loyal readers smile.

I love travel blogs. They entertain, they inspire and they fuel my everlasting wanderlust. I love travel bloggers even more. They’re the ones with the biggest smiles, biggest hearts and biggest cameras. I’ve been lucky enough to meet some of the people on this list, and one thing I’m always struck by is the openness and kindness that exists in the travel community. Whether it’s in a hostel or on the road, people who travel are definitely the best kind of people!

My favourite travel blogs

  • Lucy’SmilesAway

Lucy really does smile away – and she usually is miles away. I was lucky enough to meet her at a blogging event in Leeds, and she’s one of those people you want to be best mates with straight away. I went home and read her blog, and quickly realised that this girl is everywhere at the minute. She wrote a post about some creep w*nking at her in India and it went viral, showing how a female’s wrath will always bring us out on top. I’m not sure I’ll ever visit India, so I enjoy travelling vicariously through her stories. Give her website a read and see what else she’s up to!

Lucy Smiles Away

2. Hippie In Heels

I didn’t know glamorous travel in India was possible until I discovered Rachel’s blog. For her, it’s all about balance. She describes herself as ‘one part dirty hippie, one part girlie girl’, which I reckon any gal with a backpack can identify with. She’s a big believer in working six months to travel the other six, which is just the dream really, isn’t it?

Best travel bloggers - Rachell

3. The Travel Hack

Monica Scott is the awe-inspiring woman behind The Travel Hack, one of the UK’s top 10 travel blogs. Proving that slumming it in a hostel isn’t the only way to have an adventure, she built a bit of an empire with her luxury travel website and now has a crew of jet-setting writers. She breaks the mold by travelling with her two babies, showing us that travel and ‘settling’ aren’t completely at odds with each other.

Monica Scott Travel Hack

4. GirlvsGlobe

Sabina uses GirlvsGlobe as a progress report in her quest to make the world her home, and I use it as a source of inspiration. She’s doing well in her aims so far, and aside from bubbly posts like ’99 things to do instead of growing up’, she’s also using the platform she’s built to promote social change. Sabina took part in a #EYD2015 project series where she teamed up with the European Commission to embark on a whirlwind trip around the world, to expose what life is like in different countries. This girl is unstoppable!

Girl vs globe

5. Just One Way Ticket

Sabrina is from Berlin and has been embracing travel as a lifestyle since 2008. Quite an achievement! The Philippines is her specialty but she’s also blogged her way around Europe, Maldives, Bali… the list is endless. Oh, and she isn’t shy about sharing how she manages it, with posts with titles like ‘8 Steps to Freedom: How I quit my job and traveled around the world’. #Goals.

Just One Way Ticket

6. Nomadic Boys

Stefan and Sebastian are two self-confessed ‘greedy gayboys’ travelling the world. Literally every social media update seems to be a picture of one of them tucking into a big plate of noodles or some other cultural delicacy! They left London in June 2014 and are basically living the dream, eating their way around Asia indefinitely. The lads use food and big smiles to transcend language barriers. They blog about the gay scenes they encounter wherever they go.

Nomadic Boys

7. The Hungry Partier

Drew is from Arizona and was bitten by the travel bug during his year studying in Prague. He used the year to travel to over 20 European countries… and then just kept going. He taught English in Seoul and travelled much of Asia. Now, he’s visited over 250 cities and partied in every single one of them. A guy after my own heart! What’s great about Drew’s website is that he inspires you to get out of your comfort zone and live your best life – wherever that journey may take you.

Drew from Hungry Partier

8. along dusty roads

This website will definitely make you want to travel in Latin America. The couple, Andrew and Emily, write guides and share photojournals of their ‘slow travel’ around Central and South America. Their philosophy involves actually taking the time to really experience the culture they find themselves in, which means their blog isn’t all tourist hot spots and rammed itineraries. They aim to live on around £15 each to show that budget travel is completely doable and every bit as incredible. Love on the road, embodied.

along dusty roads travel bloggers

9. Girl Tweets World

Jayne Gorman has moved from London to Sydney and writes about books, blogging, street art & sweet treats – all of my favourite things! She’s an accidental travel blogger, having studied law then started a social media business, which is the money maker for many a digital nomad. Yes, Jayne turned her hobby into a career. She’s already achieved her goal of blogging about 40 countries before she turned 30, and she celebrated in Thailand. Oh, and she once won Cosmo’s Best Travel Blog, so I think we should all listen to her! She’s been doing this for over five years and shows no signs of slowing down.

Travel blogger Jayne Gorman

10. The Aussie Flashpacker

Simone and Dan are the ultimate travelling couple. She’s Australian, he’s English and they met while travelling in South America – can you think of a better love story? They’re a bit fancy and write about luxury travel experiences, which makes for some drool-worthy posts. That’s not to say these two aren’t up for roughing it now and then though. Whether they’re horseback riding in Bolivia or reviewing the ‘most seductive lodge on the planet’ in South Africa; the flashpackers will be sharing their adventures.

Aussie Flashpackers

Who is your absolute favourite travel blogger? I bet I’ve missed out someone incredible, so leave suggestions in the comments. I love discovering new blogs to fuel my wanderlust.

You can like While I’m Young on Facebook and follow me on Twitter  and Instagram . Don’t forget to subscribe!

Randy Hilarski says

November 5, 2015 at 3:37 pm

Love the Komodo Dragon image. That dinosaur looked menacing.

Monica says

November 5, 2015 at 4:24 pm

Thanks so much for including me among such an awesome list of bloggers. There’s some new ones for me here so I have a busy night of reading! 😉

Tabitha says

November 5, 2015 at 5:53 pm

Yay I love discovering new blogs! I only know two of these, thank you! Will check all of them out tonight. Have a nice day 🙂

Amanda Burger says

November 5, 2015 at 6:20 pm

Wow what a great roundup! I love so many of these! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

Simone says

November 6, 2015 at 10:02 am

Thanks so much for including me lovely – amongst some of my faves & also some that I haven’t come across which I’m excited to check out! 🙂 x

Heather Cole says

November 6, 2015 at 1:03 pm

Always like discovering new blogs to drool over, though most of these are already on my radar. Thanks for sharing the inspiration!

November 6, 2015 at 2:25 pm

These are trully amazing blogs! Some I knew and love already, some i hadn’t found out about yet…thanks! New sources of wanderlust here I come ^^

November 6, 2015 at 6:24 pm

I always love when people post lists of travel blogs to follow, because I will undoubtedly be introduced to new and great content. Thanks for this list! While I follow many of these blogs, some are new to me. I will definitely check them out!

Alexa Meisler says

November 6, 2015 at 10:39 pm

The millennial travel blog list! Love it.

Ynah.CA says

November 7, 2015 at 5:23 am

Nice list, I know some on the list! I must say that they are really good travel bloggers. And it always wonderful to read blogs and be inspired! 🙂

Sue @NoFixedAbodeForSue says

November 7, 2015 at 5:48 am

Its always fun to read travel blogs, they give me get inspiration to visit places that sometimes I have never even heard about before . I tend to head towards the luxury end of the market so gravitate towards Mrs O Travels the World, Luxury TravelMom, and LuxeTiffany.

November 7, 2015 at 11:02 am

Ooooh can’t wait to check them all out!!

Zascha says

November 7, 2015 at 11:29 am

There a few of these blogs I already knew about but also some new ones. Time to get inspired! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

November 7, 2015 at 3:20 pm

great list! i’m always on the lookout for new bloggers too. would love if you checked out my blog as well!

Natasha says

November 7, 2015 at 5:45 pm

I was following almost all of these people already. Thanks for sharing, I’ve added a few more to my list! =]

November 7, 2015 at 7:36 pm

I keep up with a few of these bloggers but now I have more to check out. Great list!

November 7, 2015 at 8:03 pm

How fun! New sources of inspiration! Thanks!

November 7, 2015 at 8:41 pm

Ah love it! Some awesome recommendations that I didn’t know! Thanks so much for sharing, i love discovering new content 🙂

Alexis says

November 7, 2015 at 9:49 pm

What a great list!! Some of these I had followed, and some I hadn’t heard of (yet!). I read a lot of family travel blogs, but I love seeing people traveling during all stages of their lives:)

Anne Klien ( MeAnne) says

November 7, 2015 at 11:59 pm

Most on the list I’ve known already. .. great list for those who doesn’t follow them yet

Prianka | Map Halves says

November 8, 2015 at 1:03 am

I’ve been checking each of these pages out since you posted this. It’s a great list!

Grietje from TravelGretl says

November 8, 2015 at 8:17 am

Cool! Know a lot of them and they’re doing a great job for sure 🙂

Mary Charie | Two Monkeys Travel says

November 8, 2015 at 9:02 am

Great list here! I read from Flashpacker and I love them! Very great articles and helpful people!

Nic from Roaming Renegades says

November 8, 2015 at 7:59 pm

Awesome list!! Some of these are people we follow often so it’s great to see them up there, some are new to us so it’s nice to discovered some new blogs! Hope to be on this list ourselves in the future!! :-p

Marjorie says

November 9, 2015 at 2:53 am

I know only one on this list and it’s the Nomadic Boys. I love them, they are a fun read. Thanks for coming up with this list because I sure want to discover other travel bloggers.

Shailender Kumar says

November 9, 2015 at 3:17 am

Some awesome bloggers on this list. I do follow some of them. Great post.

christine says

November 9, 2015 at 1:14 pm

Great blogs. I already read some of them.. good choices!

Evan Kristine says

November 9, 2015 at 7:32 pm

People who will me in my reading list soon! Wooot, thanks for sharing!

Crizzy Kiss says

November 9, 2015 at 11:54 pm

I already read some of them! Awesome list! I’ll definitely read those that I haven’t followed yet.

Suze - Luxury Columnist says

November 10, 2015 at 9:05 am

So many great recommendations, I’m looking forward to checking out the ones that I haven’t read before!

November 15, 2015 at 1:03 pm

A number of blogs here that I was not aware of so glad I read this. Found plenty more stuff to read 🙂

Toni | 2 Aussie Travellers says

November 26, 2015 at 11:56 pm

I’m always on the lookout for a few new blogs to stalk – just added Back to Buckley to the list. Thanks.

Claudia says

December 4, 2015 at 7:00 pm

I actually follow most of them. I particularly enjoy Along Dusty Roads at the moment 🙂

December 5, 2015 at 3:44 pm

I know only three of them – I’ll definitely check out the other ones!


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Good Material by Dolly Alderton

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I’lll Just Be Five More Minutes: And Other Tales from My ADHD Brain by Emily Farris

I've been reading I'll Just Be Five More Minutes: And Other Tales from My ADHD Brain by Emily Farris , a senior commerce writer at Bon Appétit and Epicurious . I'm a longtime fan of Farris—her irreverent humor, her amazing sense of colorful design, and how she writes from the heart. She takes us on a journey through her life as experienced by someone with ADHD , and while I don't have ADHD, there are plenty of relatable tidbits (like the one about wanting to mail out those holiday cards a year late? Been there!) that make you laugh, cry, and cringe. It's not a topic talked about often and I appreciate Farris for putting it all out there. — Lia Picard , contributor

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How to Be Old: Lessons in Living Boldly from the Accidental Icon by Lyn Slater

I am currently devouring Lyn Slater’s debut book, How To Be Old: Lessons in Living Boldly from the Accidental Icon, which details the decade of her 60s, how she became famous, and what spurred the reinvention taking place in her 70s. I myself have just entered into a new decade, and am about to become a mom. When I spoke to her recently about the book , I told her how much the material resonated with me. She told me that she actually wrote this book for people like me, in the midst of transition. “My message is that, instead of being fearful about being older, it's an opportunity to really take that dream that you might have put aside because of life, and making a living, and children, and really getting to a time of life where you can have that dream, if you want it.” — Mercedes Bleth , global associate director, social media

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The Stone Home by Crystal Hana Kim

I’ve been reading a lot of fiction lately that deals with less widely-known parts of Asian history. Among the best of them is Kim’s riveting sophomore novel, which begins in 2011. The story opens with Eunju Oh in her Daegu, South Korea apartment, getting an unexpected visit from Narae, a woman who was raised by her childhood nemesis Sangchul Kim. Sangchul has recently died and directed Narae to Eunju to learn the truth about her origins. What follows is an account from both teenaged Eunju and Sangchul’s perspectives of their year in the Stone Home, purportedly a government-run reformatory for wayward citizens that was actually a camp where innocent civilians were kidnapped and forced to labor under grueling conditions, their wares sold abroad.

The book is tightly written and moves at a thrilling pace. You really feel for the characters and understand their motivations. Kim chronicles Eunju’s time in the camp’s kitchen with her mother, whom she calls Umma, and a disparate group of women who come to care for one another. While men usually toil in the workshops, Eunju and her friend Mina are chosen to work threading fish hooks with a group of boys that include Sangchul and his older brother, Youngchul. The main plot begins after Youngchul meets with tragedy, and Sangchul betrays his friends by becoming a brutal Keeper, a peer enforcer for the camp’s sadistic leaders. Kim’s writing is thoroughly engaging while also managing to educate readers regarding a brutal atrocity in Korea’s timeline. — Alexandra Sanidad , research director

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Friends in Napa by Sheila Yasmin Marikar

I loved Sheila Marikar's debut novel Goddess Effect so much that I raved about it in last year's spring book club . So when I heard she had a juicy follow up, Friends in Napa , in the works, I couldn't wait to get my hands on a copy. If you love tales of insufferable wealthy people in beautiful environs, a la Succession and The White Lotus (and who doesn't), this is the perfect premise: A group of college friends-turned-frenemies reunites in a scenic California wine country estate, where drama—and murder—ensues. After getting immediately hooked on the riveting opening scene that takes you inside the mind of a murderer, I'm now racing through the chapters brimming with grudges and grapes to figure out whodunnit. — Sarah Khan , contributor

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No Judgment: On Being Critical Lauren Oyler

Fans of Lauren Oyler likely became so, as I did, because of her criticism, which is rather mean (never undeservedly!) and as a result, very funny. A follow-up to a debut novel that was received with a poetic panning of its own ( Fake Accounts, not as bad as you’ve heard), No Judgement is a collection of six essays musing largely on criticism’s very existence—how it is generally good for the culture, how apps like Goodreads in turn make it bad for the culture, and most of all criticism’s inevitability in every sphere of human behavior. The collection’s introduction opens with a modicum of truth: That when somebody tells you, “No judgement,” as a way to encourage honesty or reward it, that somebody is lying. They are not not judging you, but rather keeping said judgement to themselves. Quite simply, judgement is as human as it is involuntary. There’s also a good essay about living in Berlin that everybody should read, if nothing else. That’s the beauty of a book of essays. — Charlie Hobbs , associate editor

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Headshot by Rita Bullwinkle

If you've been following Caitlin Clark's historic college basketball career at the University of Iowa, then you know women's sports are really, truly, finally having a moment. But what motivates girls to compete? That’s a central question in Rita Bullwinkle’s debut novel Headshot , which follows eight teenagers as they face off in a single-elimination boxing tournament. Each chapter is a bout between two young women, with an emphasis on what’s going on inside their heads as they fight. I’m only a few chapters in, but already this book is about so much more than athletics—it’s an exploration of girlhood, insecurity, and grit that, even if you didn’t grow up playing sports, you’ll find relatable and compelling. — Sarah Kuta , contributor

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Fruit of the Dead by Rachel Lyon

Every now and then, a book description with some of my most niche interests and lived experiences make me really excited to crack it open: This one got me with camp counselorhood, a visit to a billionaire's remote private island , and an allegory for the Greek myth of Persephone and Demeter. (The goddess duo, legend has it, went toe to toe with Hades in a parable about the depth of mother-daughter connection.) It doesn't spoil any plot to say that author Rachel Lyon's modern Persephone is children’s sleep-away camp employee Cory, who soon introduces us to our Hades (the predatory father of a camper) and our Demeter (mother Emer), whose adjacent perspective of the plot is jumped to in nearly every other chapter for a she-said/she-said format.

The result makes for a page-turning, sometimes deus-ex-machina story; one that interweaves teenage naivety, motherly intuition, and male privilege for a fast-moving tale that might call into question your own hard lines on topics like addiction, consent, and exploitation. (Readers should know there's a trigger warning for sexual violence, although the topic is explored thoughtfully, and through the eyes of both jaded single mother and young, lost daughter.) The joining force between the two points of view is the villain, whose descriptions and character development are Cat Person -level from the beginning. My only wish is that mother Emer's character was more fully brought into sharper focus by the end of the book—but with so much going on between the perspective-jumping chapters and a climactic ending, you'll find yourself gobbling up the pages. — Shannon McMahon , destinations editor

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Piglet by Lottie Hazell

Food isn’t an afterthought in this scrumptious novel, it’s one of (if not the ) main characters. Fittingly, I devoured it in a single sitting. Author Lottie Hazell has a creative writing PhD—her research considers food writing in twenty-first century fiction—and her expertise on the matter is immediately clear in the razor-sharp prose, spot-on character development, and propulsive plot. From the very first chapter, you know Piglet’s fiancé Kit has betrayed her somehow, but it’s not clear exactly what he did. Not knowing somehow makes it even more salacious; the tension becomes not the secret itself, but how it is so closely kept from everyone in the book—including the reader. (I won’t give away when/if you do eventually find out what happened.) As the plot thickens, you feel the weight of Kit’s unknown deed build up in your chest, screaming to be released, but wondering alongside Piglet if that would really make you feel any better. The result is a suspenseful, binge-worthy read that dives deep into womens’ appetites, in all its many forms. — Hannah Towey , associate editor, transportation and travel news

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The Limits by Nell Freudenberger

I read this on a trip to Cusco, Peru —so, lightyears away from Tahiti and New York , the two settings for this beautiful book (also, thankfully, years later than the depths of the COVID-19 pandemic in which it takes place). Following the lives of a coral researcher in French Polynesia , her ex-husband who is a doctor in New York City, and their daughter who moves between the two of them with all of her teenage dramas, this story meditates on love, family, identity, and complex dynamics of class and colonization in both destinations. It inspired me to learn more about Tahitian culture (and convinced me I need to visit ASAP), and kept me riveted from start to finish. —M.S.

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Death Valley by Melissa Broder

At first glance, I had my apprehensions about beginning Melissa Broder’s Death Valley —as it is both fiction, and touches upon grief (I sway more towards non-fiction, and away from, well, grief). Immediately, though, Broder proves quirky and captivating—permitting us to accompany a woman’s solo expedition to California on a quest to reprieve the weight of loss of both her husband and father. Despite the Valley’s Best Western, though, the tale is opposite from bleak. Together, we head into a nearby desert trail and begin this existential, erotic, and treacherously real journey of self-discovery and resilience in the wake of “pending” grief. Whether conversing with unassuming cacti or vividly stark memories of her loved ones, Broder paints this hilarious fever dream, while still conveying a stark, tangible sense of what it means to be alive. All that to say, it’s still a great beach read. —J.C.

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Travel Bloggers: What to Write and How to Write a Travel Blog in 2024 (50+ Tips)

“I want to start a travel blog, what do you think I should write about?”

True story.

I was a few drinks down at a London Travel Massive event and a lady unknown to me had just targeted me with the above. In fact, interrupting the conversation I was having midflow. Usually full of advice and happy to dish it out this question had me stumped, as much as her demeanour.

travel bloggers writing

There’s no sugar coating it: I really think you should have at least a few ideas of what you want to write about before you start even thinking about setting up a travel blog. If not a few fully written posts so you have some material to play around with when it comes to style and design.

Since then I’ve often been asked how to write a travel blog, and think back to this night. 

Travel Blogger High

Talking about the interaction with a close fellow travel blogger the next day we established that both of us had lists of at least tens of articles we wanted to write, but seeing as we both worked full time at that point, never had the time to see them through. Though I could always rely on a  professional essay writing service  to help me with the writing part, that’s something that I prefer to do myself.

You can’t win.

If you’re in ‘clueless Cathy’s’ camp above, and are stuck for what to write about on your travel blog, what you need is some travel blogging inspiration.

Take a look a the ideas below on what to write in a travel blog and think about which idea appeals to you most. Then, just get started! 

This is a pretty long post so if you’re all good for inspiration but need some advice on how to write travel blogs , click to go to the second half.

what to write about

What to write in a travel blog: 10 ideas 

If you’re trying to work out what to write in a travel blog, here are 10 ideas for you. When it comes to travel blog writing you might just need a few ideas to start you off, and then the creative juices will start to flow and travel blog ideas will be flowing out of you. 

Use two or three of these to get you started writing your travel blog.

If you want to see a travel blog example, take a look around my blog, obviously – and also check out this list of the top 50 travel bloggers in the UK . If that doesn’t give you inspiration, I don’t know what will!


1. Write about your first holiday

This is a good way to get started in blogging about travel. Tell your readers about your memories of your first holiday – I did this when I found some Euro Disney memorabilia when I was cleaning out my room. It was my first holiday abroad and I’d kept the sugar sachets from Disney for almost 20 years! Think about describing the way it affected all your senses to get you started. Are there particular sounds, smells and sights that take you back to that moment in time?

Take my advice, first printed in Wanderlust Magazine in Could You Write a Travel Blog?

“Before you decide on a name, platform or topic, take a deep breath and close your eyes,” says travel blogger Victoria Philpott. Vicky, who blogs alongside her day job, suggests wannabe bloggers start by conjuring up their happiest travel memory and letting the story flow.”

2. Write about your locale

Travel blogging

London is the number one travel destination in the world, if you live there you’ve got enough content to see you through for years. Find unique events, have a unique view and there you have your next article. And that’s just an example of my blogging gone wrong – I lived there for years, got to know a few neighbourhoods really well, but did I write about them? No. They’re straight on the never ending to do list.

I spent my first 18 years in a village in the Midlands called Barton-under-Needwood (pop. 5000). A quick Google search shows me that no one has written any sort of guide to things to do there. There’s a unique opportunity, especially as there are new developments in the area. This might not seem like the most exciting post if it’s covering somewhere you lived for so long but your insider knowledge is invaluable and someone, somewhere, will be interested.

You never know when world interest in any place could start to peak and you’d be all set up to be the go to person on that area.

Writing in a travel bullet journal is a great way to get started.

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First travel blog post

Travel blog writing doesn’t have to be about exotic, faraway places, it can easily be your own neighbourhood. In fact, I find that a lot of travel bloggers who’ve been doing it as long as I have, have come back to England and decided to concentrate on writing their travel blogs about here, as it suddenly becomes so much more appealing. 

Follow me on Instagram @VickyFlipFlop for the latest.

Instagram VickyFlipFlop

3. Where shall I go on holiday next year?

Don’t answer me by saying , answer by writing in blogging about travel. Create a blog post with all the reasons you have to advise why I should go to a certain place on holiday. Another aspect of travel blogging is persuasive writing.

There are a few destinations I’ve been to that I’ve really, really loved and I want my readers to see them too. In writing about New York , Vietnam , Porto and now Tokyo I want to persuade my readers that they should go too.

If they like my blog I know they’ll like them, and a happy reader will come back for more.

Watch this little video of what to write about for more ideas…

4. Write about you

The juiciest posts are the most personal ones. They’re the ones I like to read to get to know the blogger I’m reading about. I admire people who can be so honestly open about life, people like Toni over handling mental, health and family issues while travelling and Planet D about how their travel blog saved their marriage .

Travel blog examples like these help you to see there are real person at the end of these blog posts – real people with real problems.

Me as a travel blogger

I find it very difficult to write posts like this. In fact there are only two on my blog: one about why I was going travelling when my boyfriend dumped me  and a dedication to my nan when she died, which I can’t read without crying as I’ve just proven to myself.

If you’re suffering from blogger’s block – bit like writer’s block – then this is the post for you.

READ MORE: 66 Positive Affirmations for Writers

5. Your thoughts on a destination

I really like writing about my impressions of a country once I’m back and have processed my thoughts, feelings and photos.

Posts like What Vietnam was Like For Me and What is Cuba Really Like? Busting the Tourist Myth may not be as instantly appealable as a quickie list post on the destination but writing them makes me happy.

I like to read back over them to remind me of how I felt when I was there as you can really use your experience and creativity in posts like this.

Pin this travel blogging guide for later?

writing a travel blog

Lists are popular for a reason – they’re easy to read and quick to do. Whole websites have been created to just feature lists although they’re usually pretty flakey.

Outlandish titles like 11 Awesome Ways to Sneak Alcohol into Festivals will usually generate a few more views too – if audience figures are one of your travel blogging goals that is. Look at other bloggers’ travel blog examples for inspiration.

Travel blogging course

When I’m in a destination I’ll look for the best things to do there and it’ll be a list I’m after, not some think piece I mention above. So give your audience what they want and write a well-researched useful to do list.

7. What’s popular?

Some of the most popular topics on my blog are Vietnam and Glastonbury. I rank well for these in Google and I can see from my analytics that my readers keep coming back for more. Once you know that you have a popular topic or post on your blog it makes sense to keep creating more valuable content around it.

Someone once said to me: “Go the extra mile, it’s less crowded there”. Meaning, put the effort in, more than anyone else, and you will be rewarded. Or something along those lines anyway. 

You can link from your already popular posts and know that your readers will enjoy it. Take a look at the keywords they come in on on Google Analytics for inspiration on how to write more.

how to write travel blogs

8. What do you want to read?

When you’re looking for information on a destination make sure to note the questions you have and the answers you can’t find – then you know the gaps to fill when it comes to you writing up your trip. 

From my research and subsequent article on The Best Things to Do in Vietnam According to Travel Bloggers I found that no one had really done a guide to travelling around Vietnam, it was just all advice on particular aspects.

What to write about

It took me ages to plan that trip so I wrote up all my findings and now my Two Weeks in Vietnam Itinerary is the second most popular post on my blog. More importantly, it’s inspired loads of people to explore Vietnam by themselves, rather than book on expensive tours.

I’ll pat myself on the back there.

9. Go niche

Sometimes the nichest of niche things work well when you’re blogging about travel, as you’ll be answering very specific questions.

Another of the most popular articles on my blog is 9-Hour Stopover in Qatar: Is it Worth Exploring? Not something an average reader would be interested in but because it’s so specific and not many people have written about it, it does well in Google search and again, I’ve helped people decide on what to do in Qatar.

Insider, actual tried and tested travel knowledge, is what makes a travel blogger stand out over the average travel company.

10. Interviews

Interviews are a great way to get started if you need some inspiration. Don’t just look to other travel bloggers though – unless you’ve got an exclusive or they’ve got a really interesting story there are already so many about.

What is Papua New Guinea Like?

Instead, interview people from your travels and write a profile of them rather than just a Q and A. This will help you to get more of you in there as well as them. It also means it’s not just an email exchange but a well thought out background piece.

How to write a travel blog without travelling

Learning how to write travel blogs isn’t easy, and it may take a while for you to find your style. Stick with it, it’s fun!

As you’ll have just read in those examples, you don’t actually have to be travelling to write a travel blog. Interviews, lists, you, they all work if you don’t have the time and money to be constantly on the road. 

Look on the bright side – you have the opportunity to spend the time over your writing instead of rushing between destinations. If it was me, I’d pick a destination or theme, and stick steadfastly to that.   

If you’re good at budgeting, you can help people plan their budget for their next trip, for example. Topics about  finding cheap flights  or hotels are in high demand. You can do some research and cover these types of helpful topics on your travel blog.

Having a tight niche is another way to really stand out over the many, many other travel bloggers. 

What is Guernsey like?

How to write a travel blog

Travel blogs examples to inspire your travel blog writing.

Once you have a few posts done and your fingertips are finding their way round that keyboard with rhythm start to think about the kind of writer you want to be. Think about how you want your travel blogging voice to develop, how you want readers to feel when they’re on your blog and what kind of topics you want to cover.

This is how you’ll start to gain a distinctive voice in the world of travel blogging – something that can be very difficult to do.

Travel blog examples

Here are a few travel bloggers, with travel blog writing examples, who really stand out to me for having been able to do this. When you’re writing for travel blogs, you can really make it your own, like these guys…

Becki Enright

Travel blogging what to write about

Becki from bordersofadventure.com writes serious travel blog about sides of countries your average traveller wouldn’t get to see.

She’s even been on Sky News discussing tourism in North Korea and regularly produces the kind of political posts you won’t see on any other blog.

  • Inside the ‘Den of Espionage’ – Getting Inside the former US Embassy in Tehran
  • Visiting the West Bank in Palestine – Understanding the Conflict from Both Jewish and Arab Perspectives in Hebron

Brenna Holeman

Travel blogging what to write about

Brenna from thisbatteredsuitcase.com creates beautifully written heartfelt stories about her life on the road.

She’s so open and powerful I enjoy reading her posts and know I can go to her site to be transported into her world.

Check out her travel blog for some major writing inspiration.

  • The Last Time I Saw You: London Edition
  • Being Happy with Being Content

Travel blogging what to write about

For another distinctive voice in the travel blogging world check out Dylan’s blog at thetravelingeditor.com. At a risk of sounding like an imbecile, he uses a lot of ‘big words’. He’s an eloquent sesquipedalian .  These posts are a good example of the tone and style of writing Dylan is known for.

  • The palatal awakening of Mercatino del Gusto
  • The thunderous convergence of Rotterdam Unlimited

How to write a unique travel blog

All three of these travel blogger examples are very different to what I aim to do on my blog. There may be some crossover in topics but the four of us have very different writing styles and I bet you could spot it if we wrote for each other.

When you’re writing a travel blog you should sound like you , be passionate about the things you’re passionate about, and relay in your own style. In that way you’ll stand out above what is now a very crowded and saturated market place. 

writing for travel blogs

Writing my travel blog

As well as inspiring people to travel , like these guys, I also want to give practical advice on how to do it. My blog has advice on transport, money, where to stay, trip planning, itineraries and packing lists to make travelling as accessible as possible to my readers.

The best compliment people can give me about my blog is that it inspired them to travel, entertained them and made them laugh.

You don’t have to define and limit yourself straight off though when you’re writing for travel blogs. My advice would be to let your style, tone and topics instinctively evolve over time and with every post you write. You’ll soon come to find your natural writing flow and hopefully be distinctive too.

50 tips for travel bloggers on what to write and how to write a travel blog

Always be yourself

When I went to the Traverse conference in Brighton everyone was excited to see Will Peach on his panel. His open, truthful and at times offensive writing on thegonzotraveller.com and the now defunct travelsexlife.com was definitely entertaining whether you loved it or hated it. When I met him he didn’t seem the same as his douchebag online persona and a few weeks later he came out with this article about his disillusion with the travel blogging industry. After that he only posted a few more blogs before he went on to focus on the brilliantly written, yet less offensive, willpeach.com.

Will’s angry voice was so distinct in the hyperbolically positive world of travel bloggers, but he wasn’t being himself. I’m glad he’s found his flow on his blog now – it’s still one of the most insightful out there.

Travel Blogger High

You’ve got to be yourself in travel blogging.

That’s the number one rule about putting any creativity in the public space. This is scary. I used to worry about people reading my stuff and sometimes I look back at my past work and wonder what I was on. But, I did what was right at the time. If you start worrying what advertisers / other bloggers / your mum, thinks then you’ll lose what’s interesting about you in the first place.

I also think that when you start writing a travel blog it can be hard to portray who you really are. You may be so used to writing for school or work that writing with a blog style and flair doesn’t come easily. This can also be improved with practice. The more you read travel blogs, and write your travel blog, the more you can work on your travel blogging voice. 

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How often should I blog?

Whenever you have something to say is always the best answer. I aim for at least twice a week but usually end up doing quite a bit more. Under promise and over deliver is my motto – even if it’s between me, myself and I.

The more you write the easier and better it will become. Worryingly I’ve seen a few resolution lists for this year where bloggers have said they want to ‘up their blogging output’, but I just think this is a dangerous goal. Set your aims too high and then travel blogging just becomes another pressure to live by, and for most people pressure is a fun killer, which ruins the whole point of travel blogging.

How to be a successful travel blogger

My writing style  

I tend to write everything I want to and then fit it together. I just keep going until it’s all out and then go back and edit. Often I’ll write it on my phone when the inspiration hits then just use my laptop to edit as when I sit at my laptop I get to distracted.

I like to write into Google Sheets and then I’ll upload to WordPress and edit. It takes me AGES to write a blog post now. With all the research, writing, picture research, look at SEO and formatting, it’s at least a day.

Ideal length of a travel blog post

I like to write over 2000 words per article when I’m blogging about travel. Not all posts on my travel blog will be that long, but that’s the goal. In reading other travel blogs I think it’s hard to get your points and personality across in any less. 

READ MORE: How to Make Your Travel Blogging Career Last for 10 Years+ !

top UK travel bloggers

How to write a travel blog post

Learning how to write a good travel blog can be quite formulaic in the way it’s set out. Of course the creativity comes when you decide which words to choose. Think about these ‘rules’ when it comes to writing your travel blog.

  • Decide on a cool idea that you’re passionate to spend time writing. 
  • Write it, thinking in sections though. The best travel blog posts are divided by headers to make it easier for the reader. 
  • Think of a good headline that will draw the reader in and make them want to read more. 
  • Think in 500-1000 words. I know I said I do 2000, but I think that can be quite overwhelming if you’re still learning how to write travel blogs. 
  • If your idea is too big, then break it down into easier sections and write a few blog posts instead. You can always craft them back together again when you’ve finished, like my backpackers guide to Vietnam . 
  • Use photos to bring the post to life. If you know how to use Photoshop or Lightroom them brighten and edit for the best result. If not, don’t worry about it. 
  • Make sure you have a few H1s and H2s in there to help us readers, read the post. 
  • Proof read. 
  • Publish. 
  • Share! Social media is really important for travel bloggers. It might feel scary at first, to share your travel blog. I mean, I kept mine secret for at least a year. But the sooner you share the sooner you’ll get readers. And at the start your friends will help you to get word out there. Then they’ll get jealous of you travelling, but that’s future yous problem. 

Once you’ve learned how to write a travel blog, you can really start to have fun with it, and learn to express yourself through your love of travel.

Travel blogging writing tips

travel blogging changed

  • Write whenever the feeling hits you – even if that’s in the ‘notes’ section of your phone.
  • Keep practising – you don’t have to publish everything you write.
  • Read other travel blogs analytically as well as for fun.
  • Don’t put too much pressure on yourself.
  • Write about what you want.
  • Use Pinterest to see what’s popular and for inspirational titles
  • Sign up to bloglovin ( follow me ) for a whole resource of inspiration. Make a note of the titles you actually click on.
  • Keep a spreadsheet, or similar, of all the titles you want to write. Use when necessary.
  • Keep a folder in your bookmarks of articles that have inspired you.
  • Offer to write for others to create your own incentives.

On that last point I remember way back when and I pitched to Flight Centre. I got a commission for three articles. At the time it was this financial incentive and the idea that they thought I’d be able to do it that got me going. I was so proud to see my work up on their blog and it just inspired me to write more.

Once you feel confident enough, start to pitch to other websites and blogs and see if they’ll accept your ideas. Here are a few travel websites that will pay you to write for them .

how to write a travel blog

More travel blog examples

If you’re looking for an example of a travel blog post, then check out a few of these, from me…

Travel blog example 1: ‘Things to Do’ listicle

Fun things to do in a destination. There’s a bit of snobbery around listicles in travel blogging, but personally I think they’re a really important and useful example of a travel blog.

You need to do them carefully though, and with heart and experience. If you want to write about traveling, listicle posts can be a good way to get started.

Check out my guide to fun things to do in Hobe Sound , or the best things to do in Levi, Finland . My guide to the best things to do in Lake Maggiore is pretty good too.

What to do lake maggiore

Travel blog example 2: a trip itinerary

Trip itineraries are so important, and often the backbone of any good travel blog. A tried and tested step by step trip itinerary is worth so much for people trying to plan a trip to the destinations you’re writing about.

Check out my two week itinerary for the Philippines , or my Norfolk road trip to get an idea of how to set these travel blog trip itineraries out.

Travel blog example 3: a real insight

Only you can experience a destination in the way you do – that’s why the real insights into destinations are one of the ways you can stand out from the travel blogging crowd. If you feel like you’ve had a really unique experience, or want to share exactly what you thought of a place, then these honest insights can make for a great travel blog.

Check out ‘ What is Cuba Really Like ‘, and ‘ What is Vietnam Like ‘ to see what I mean.

one week in vietnam

Travel blog example 4: personal stories

Ooo you can’t beat a personal story on a travel blog. The trouble is, you either need to really enjoy writing it, or not care if people read it or not. These personal stories are very hard to rank in Google, but they’re good to help your readers get to know you.

If you want to read some of my personal stories then check out these posts about when my boyfriend and I split up , the shock of going into lockdown, and my best moments in travel blogging.

Travel blog example 5: helpful guides

My helpful guides to what you can for for 9 hours in Qatar on a layover , how to avoid festival toilets and how to manage the overnight trains in Vietnam are some of the most popular posts on my travel blog.

If you’ve had a unique experience that will help other people who may go through the same then write about it!

Fill it with useful advice, personal anecdotes and interesting titbits to keep your readers intrigued, and Google showing it to them.

If you’re blogging about travel there’s no end to what you can write about!

Kokkari Bay

How to blog about travel in a pandemic

Ok, so feeling inspired to blog about travel during a global pandemic has been difficult.

Us travel bloggers have had to rethink, reuse and try harder than ever to keep readers interested and ourselves inspired. It’s not been easy.

You can see my latest posts to see what I have managed to write a travel blog about – mainly paddleboarding in winter , my pledge to walk 1000 miles, and responsible travel tips , as well as my camping trip to the Outer Hebrides and the most fun days out in the UK .

Writing a travel blog

How to create a travel blog in 2018

What you write about on your travel blog goes back to what you think a successful travel blog is . If you’re after views something like 50 reasons to travel in your 20s will do well, but if you want to flex your first hand experience a heartfelt think piece could be just your thing. I like to mix things up depending on my mood.

I really hope these travel blog writing tips have helped you see how to write a travel blog post. Writing a travel blog isn’t easy, and keeping it up is even harder. But once you settle in, and find your groove, you’ll start to enjoy it. 

When it comes to your travel blog you could write about anything – so long as you have the passion for it – that’s what’s so good about being a travel blogger. Just a coffee you enjoyed somewhere unique, an interaction with someone or a whole guide to your take on a destination could make for an interesting article with the right enthusiasm, interest and execution.

How do you decide what to write about on your travel blog?

Let me know in the comments box below. 


writing a travel blog

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Hi, I'm Vicky! I wrote this. You can find me on all the social media @VickyFlipFlop. I love a bit of adventure, will try anything once, and have a strong passion for the local food and drink, whatever it may be. I'm here to help inspire you to travel to places a little out of your comfort zone, or at least to explore the usual destinations in a different way. Stay, have a look around, and if you have any questions – let me know below.


Such a lovely guide. Just what I needed. I am just starting my own travel blog. I have put it off for too long but the passion of travelling… I struggled with what to write and was already focusing on likes and audience. Your post has really inspired me and now I have about 6 topics I can write on(that’s after I figure out how to use WP properly). Thank you very much.

Thanks for this – some good advise and ideas for me. I have had my blog on hold for the past 6 months. I have quite a few posts written but everytime I go back to them the message I want to give changes as I am in a different mood! So everything remains in edit mode!! Hopefully after reading your posts I will get the confidence to post soon.

Yeah the passing of time and changing of self is a weird one. I’ve got posts on here that totally make me cringe because I don’t necessarily agree with what I was on about at the time. But, the thing is, it’s like a time capsule. It captures us and our thoughts in a moment in time which is exactly why we should publish right away. Our thoughts and opinions can have an expiry date!

Great post with some good ideas for me as I am thinking of getting on with the bog I have had in edit mode for the past 6 months! Just need that confidence to post, but find what I want to say about each idea changes depends on the mood I am in when I go back to it!! So nothing posted yet… soon, I hope.

Before it was difficult for us to get idea and find topics to write about. But what we did is to just find out what is popular and create something about it.

Yeah that totally makes sense! Good plan!

Good idea Tristan!

Points are really great and I really love them. As we all know that writing something regarding traveling without getting your audience bored is not so easy. These points would definitely help us in creating new and unique posts.

Hello, oh I’m happy I could help!

Interesting points you have here. Like it! 🙂

Thanks Julex!

This is good beginning

i didnt notice that you wrote this on your blog, what an inspirational advice for someone like me. Thank you for let me know another inspirational travel blogger. It encourages me to write more

Great news! Glad you’re enjoying my work and to hear that it’s helped. I try!

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First time I’ve seen this; have to say it’s a really great series. Best of luck with it.

Thanks for the mention too. Couldn’t have put it better myself!

Ah good, just read it again and I’m glad you didn’t find it offensive!

  • Pingback: VickyFlipFlopTravels » Cool Festivals and Epic Holidays |Travel Blogger High: The Online School for Wannabe Travel Bloggers

A really long detailed insightful post which is such a help to those starting out. Liked the tips about compiling engaging titles – something I really struggle with particularly when Google insists on short titles! Many thanks for sharing your tips.

Holy Cow. I’m so unbelievably glad I found you. This is by far the best advice I have ever read. Thank you so much!!

Aw, thank you! That’s one of the nicest comments I’ve read! 🙂

Great article! I love Brenna’s blog and started writing one when in moved to London from Australia but rarely update it even though I have so many notes with adventures I have been on. I know people back home like reading what im doing but I am just lazy after I finish work.

Yeah, it can be pretty hard to get the motivation when you’ve been working all day. I know the feeling!

Another awesome post Vic! I couldn’t imagine starting a blog if I didn’t already have an idea of what to write but you handle the subject of getting started really well. Plus I remember those guest posts you referred to – you were our go to girl for great content 🙂

Thanks Jayne. Yeah nor me, but I think sometimes there’s so many options it can be hard to pick something. I remember for my A Level English coursework I could choose any two books I wanted to write about and it took me about three months to choose the book and then a week to write it. I imagine getting started can sometimes feel like that. You just need some guidelines to get down to it.

Ha, thanks!

Again a really helpful and interesting post! My travel blog is just a travel diary at the moment but I’m looking forward to expanding it and writing about more things! Your vietnam writing was how I found your blog too, and it inspired and helped me so much with booking my trip out there in November! Thanks Vicky! X

Yay, love it when people tell me that Vikki 🙂 And happy I’m helping you to think about your blog too. Thanks for reading!

Thank you so much for including me here! I’m loving all of this advice so much – this is such a great guide for both beginners and those of us who have been around for a few years. x

No worries Brenna – I love your blog!

I can’t remember where or when I read it but it went something like this: “when the student’s ready the teacher will appear” and here you are! In my quest to create a useful blog I’ve read a lot, in fact I’ve read so much I have no idea what’s right and what isn’t. I’ve had a yearning to be me “warts n all” to write in my voice but have been scared it would hold my blog back, here you are giving permission to be me. I hope one day in the future when I have an audience I can write a post that has such a profound effect as this post has for me. Thank you Vicky for writing this post.

Aw, thank you Rob. Your comment has made me really happy. I’m really enjoying helping people in Travel Blogger High, and getting all these comments. And yes, the best, most honest and most interesting person you can be is you, so go for it and have fun!

Some great tips – lots of food for thought. I’m usually in the too many ideas, not enough time camp, so I’m actually trying to focus on writing the right pieces this year, whether that’s the ones I really want to do or the ones I think will appeal to readers (both for usefulness and hits…!). Like you say, when you’re putting pressure on to hit targets, the fun goes out of it.

Some of the best ones I’ve done have been ones which really touched a nerve with me, and so with my readers too, or the ones which filled a niche as no-one else has written about them, like you mention. I slightly fell into those by accident, so the tricky bit for me is working out what other niches are waiting to be filled!

That’s a good idea to think about their usefulness. I find that I go with the one that inspires me most in that minute that I’m choosing which one to write. I guess it depends whether you want to be a bit more tactical about it, which I probably should be. Yeah, if you can find something you’re interested in that no one else has written about you’re definitely onto a winner!

I don’t really have much to add to this. I come from another niche (whoop whoop for lifestyle/food/fashion) but thoroughly enjoying the challenge of writing for the travel niche. I started out with a spreadsheet of over 100 titles for blog posts and it keeps growing. I have so much to write and there’s not enough time. Ahhhhh!!!!

I love blogging, writing, sharing and travelling – so for me, travel blogging is a real passion project.

Agree with the spreadsheet and reading blogs analytically as well as for pleasure.

Yeah that’s how I feel. Especially when you’re travelling full time as well. Every day you see new things and have new experiences you want to write about it’s really difficult to keep up! I love it too though – wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂

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Dave the Diver plunges into PlayStation Plus Game Catalog April 16

Dave the Diver plunges into PlayStation Plus Game Catalog April 16

Game director reveals a hidden treasure trove of mini-games.

travel bloggers reading

Greetings. I’m Jaeho Hwang, the director and game designer behind Dave the Diver. I’m excited to bring Dave the Diver to PlayStation 5 on April 16 , expanding the game’s horizons and inviting more players through the PlayStation Plus Game Catalog. 

Dave the Diver is a unique hybrid ocean adventure that combines ocean exploration with sushi restaurant management. At the heart of the game lies the core gameplay loop, narrative, characters, and captivating mini-games. 

Our journey kicked off with a simple concept: a diving game in which a deep Blue Hole serves as a mystical dungeon populated by fish that double as enemies and items to loot. In the early days of the prototype, the gameplay revolved primarily around catching fish and trading them for currency, but we soon felt that we could do more with these aquatic creatures. 

This led to the introduction of a sushi restaurant mechanic that allowed players to prepare culinary delights from their underwater catch. Of course, this was enough to make for good gameplay, and as the lynchpin of our gameplay loop, this addition was praised in internal reviews. However, in an effort to spice things up and prevent monotony, we focused on our unique characters to create compelling and fun side content which ended up adding a dash of individuality to the experience. 

Cooking contest

While the initial gameplay focuses on preparing the menu and serving delectable dishes in the bustling sushi restaurant, players will later find themselves entangled in the culinary excitement of a cooking contest. This addition elevates the gameplay beyond just serving food and immerses players in a new cook-off experience that complements the game’s overarching theme. 

Seahorse racing 

Halfway through the game, players will stumble upon a new deep-sea mini-game allowing them to send seahorses to race through the village. With a variety of seahorses sporting unique stats scattered throughout the Blue Hole, the feat of collecting and racing these creatures adds a thrilling element to the gameplay experience. 

Taking photographs

Beneath the waves of the Blue Hole lies a diverse ecosystem, where players will encounter both aggressive and peace-loving amiable fish species. In the midst of this underwater tapestry, players can now enjoy the tranquil activity of photographing these peaceful aquatic inhabitants. Players earn rewards by snapping shots of these creatures without the need for combat or capture and presenting their discoveries to Udo, the photographer. You should also try your hand at photographing some fish that only appear at night!

Duff’s rhythm Game 

This is the most delightful twist that caught everyone off guard; What on earth is this rhythm game with an anime title song doing in the diving game?! One of our characters, Duff, an avid fan of Stra Stella – a fictional anime within the game – embarks on a musical journey to attend a dream concert featuring beloved characters. To inject a burst of dynamism we introduced this mini-game with a vibrant backdrop, steering clear of monotony and offering a refreshing twist to the overall gaming experience. 

We set out to present different gameplay elements to create a new kind of experience, mixing everything from culinary showdowns to rhythmic reveries. And, of course, it’s all brought to life by a cast of charming characters. Additionally, Dave the Diver on PS5 features haptic feedback and adaptive triggers for increased sensory engagement. Navigate the mysterious depths and feel the delicate vibrations in the variety of mini-games that await exploration in the deep-sea!  

Also a reminder: get ready for this coming May, as the legendary Godzilla makes his way into Dave’s world ! Stay tuned to witness what new fun this colossal kaiju will unleash. Remember, anything is possible in the Blue Hole.

Tales of Kenzera: Zau was also announced today as a Day 1 PlayStation Plus Game Catalog title. Learn more from about the debut action-exploration game from developer Surgent Studios.

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Sand Land introduces the Hearts gang and the new Forest Land gameplay

Sand Land introduces the Hearts gang and the new Forest Land gameplay

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Latest No Man’s Sky update adds ship customisation, new Guild system, space station overhaul, and more

Latest No Man’s Sky update adds ship customisation, new Guild system, space station overhaul, and more

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Sean Murray Founder, Hello Games

Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.44 brings 3 new cars, an extra Café Menu, 3 World Circuit Events, and more

Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.44 brings 3 new cars, an extra Café Menu, 3 World Circuit Events, and more

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Ken Chan Sr Product Manager, SIE

The Spring Sale comes to PlayStation Store

The Spring Sale comes to PlayStation Store

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Peter Boda Associate Digital Promotions Manager

PlayStation Plus Game Catalog lineup for February: Horizon Forbidden West, The Quarry, Resident Evil 7 biohazard and more

PlayStation Plus Game Catalog lineup for February: Horizon Forbidden West, The Quarry, Resident Evil 7 biohazard and more

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Adam Michel Director, Content Acquisition & Operations, Sony Interactive Entertainment

PlayStation Plus Game Catalog for June + PS5 Game Streaming news update for Premium members

PlayStation Plus Game Catalog for June + PS5 Game Streaming news update for Premium members

Nick Maguire VP, Global Services, Global Sales and Business Operations, SIE

New look for PS5 console this holiday season

New look for PS5 console this holiday season

Sid Shuman (he/him) Senior Director, Sony Interactive Entertainment Content Communications

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 arrives only on PS5 October 20, Collector’s & Digital Deluxe Editions detailed

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 arrives only on PS5 October 20, Collector’s & Digital Deluxe Editions detailed

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James Stevenson Community Director, Insomniac Games


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Flooding on the A82 great western road in Glasgow on Saturday.

Storm Kathleen: Scotland hit by high winds, heavy rain and travel disruption

Flood and wind warnings remain in place, with Sepa warning of ‘real danger to life’ on coastal roads and paths

High winds and heavy rain from Storm Kathleen persisted through Sunday, battering parts of Scotland and Ireland and disrupting travel.

The Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (Sepa) had 18 regional flood alerts and 37 flood warnings in place in Scotland. They have been in force since Saturday.

The Met Office has also issued a yellow wind warning from 9am on Sunday covering parts of the west and northern Highlands, the Isle of Skye and the Hebrides. It will remain in force until 11:59pm.

Winds as high as 73mph were recorded in Drumalbin, South Lanarkshire.

A previous warning stretched from the Scottish Borders to just south of Stirling. It spanned the west coast, throughout much of central Scotland, and ended just short of the east coast.

Janine Hensman, Sepa’s flood duty manager, said: “Across Sunday, we’ll continue to see high tides, storm surges and large waves across coastal areas. This combination is particularly dangerous – especially around high tides. There is real danger to life from wave overtopping, particularly around causeways, coastal roads and paths.

“While the risk is greatest around high tide times, our message is clear: Take extra care if you are near the coast at any point and stay well clear of waves and water. Be careful when travelling around exposed coastal areas and don’t walk or drive through flood water, as there may be hidden hazards.”

She added: “Whilst Storm Kathleen will ease on Sunday evening, another weather system is on the way. Significant flooding from rivers and surface water is possible in southern, central and north-eastern areas on Tuesday, with coastal flooding continuing due to high spring tides.

“Flood alerts and warnings are in place, so stay up to date though our website. We will continue to work with the Met Office to monitor the situation 24/7 and review regional flood alerts and local flood warnings as required.”

The Met Office has warned of potential power cuts, damage to buildings, poor mobile phone coverage and danger to life because of large waves and debris from beaches being thrown on to seafronts. About 34,000 people were left without electricity on Saturday, with a few thousand customers remaining without power overnight, but by Sunday afternoon almost all had had their supply restored.

CalMac, Scotland’s largest ferry operator, cancelled a number of its services and many other ferries were operating on reduced timetables, while others faced potential disruption.

ScotRail also faced a number of disruptions throughout the day, including to its Helensburgh Central and Dumbarton Central services.

However, the services, according to ScotRail, were “starting to return to normal”.

On Saturday, more than 140 flights throughout the UK were cancelled as a result of the storm.

In Ireland, a girl was swept out to sea from the east pier of Dún Laoghaire harbour in County Dublin on Saturday evening. Rescuers were able to pull her out of the water within eight and a half minutes, with a lifeboat volunteer revealing that pockets of air trapped under her coat helped keep her afloat before the rescue.

Andrew Sykes, a volunteer helm with the RNLI, told PA Media that the stormy conditions made the rescue operation difficult.

“With the high winds and storm we were experiencing, with large waves and surge coming off the pier, to get alongside her was extremely difficult,” he said. “She would be pushed one way and we would be pushed another,”

The girl was taken to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Titanic Belfast was forced to close after strong winds damaged part of its roof on Saturday. However, the yellow wind warning covering Donegal, Mayo and west Galway was lifted at 4pm on Sunday.

More on this story

travel bloggers reading

Storm Kathleen: 200 evacuated after River Arun overflows in West Sussex

travel bloggers reading

Storm Kathleen sweeps across west of UK and Ireland – in pictures

travel bloggers reading

Dozens of flights cancelled as Storm Kathleen hits west of UK

travel bloggers reading

Storm Kathleen to bring unseasonably wet and windy weather to UK and Ireland

travel bloggers reading

UK at risk of summer water shortages and hosepipe bans, scientists warn

travel bloggers reading

UK weather: rain disrupts Easter weekend events amid flood warnings

travel bloggers reading

UK Easter weather and travel: ferries hit by winds as getaway begins for millions

travel bloggers reading

Snow falls in Devon as UK prepares for ‘unsettled’ Easter weekend weather

travel bloggers reading

UK weather warnings for wind and rain issued in run-up to Easter weekend

travel bloggers reading

UK weather: Met Office issues yellow warning for snow in west of England

Most viewed.

travel bloggers reading

  • Category: Xbox Game Pass

Coming to Xbox Game Pass: LEGO 2K Drive, EA Sports PGA Tour, Harold Halibut, and More

  • Megan Spurr, Community Lead, Xbox Game Pass

travel bloggers reading

My favorite part about “coming soon” to Game Pass is that it quickly turns into “available today” messaging. From driving to golfing to tomb raiding, there’s plenty here that’s going to be available sooner rather than later. Let’s take a look at the games that are mere moments away from your download queue!

Available Today

Superhot: Mind Control Delete (Cloud, Console, and PC) Returning to the Game Pass library today, Superhot: Mind Control Delete gives you more insight into the signature power fantasy world of Superhot with more story, more signature gameplay, more action, more guns. Keep dancing the slow-motion ballet of destruction for much longer than ever before.

Coming Soon

LEGO 2K Drive (Cloud and Console) – April 3 Welcome to Bricklandia, home of a massive open-world LEGO driving adventure. Race anywhere, play with anyone, build your dream rides, and defeat a cast of wild racing rivals for the coveted Sky Trophy!

travel bloggers reading

Lil Gator Game (Cloud, Console, and PC) – April 4 Who wouldn’t want to be an adorable Lil Gator? Embark on a cute “lil” quest, discovering new friends, and uncovering everything its island has to offer. Climb, swim, glide, and slide your way into the hearts of the many different characters you meet along the way in this adorable open-world adventure!

EA Sports PGA Tour (Cloud, PC, Xbox Series X|S) EA Play – April 4 EA Sports PGA Tour is coming to The Play List with PC Game Pass and Ultimate via EA Play. Become a Major champion, tee off on the Par 3 Course at Augusta National, along with three new 2024 Major host courses.

EA Sports PGA Tour Key Art

Kona (Cloud and Console) – April 9 Another game is making a return to the Game Pass library! A strange blizzard ravages Atamipek Lake. Step into the shoes of a detective to explore the eerie village, investigate surreal events, and battle the elements to survive in this chilly, interactive tale you won’t soon forget.

Botany Manor (Cloud, PC, and Xbox Series X|S) – April 9 Available on day one with Game Pass! Explore the historic manor home of retired botanist Arabella Greene, who has amassed a collection of rare, long-forgotten flora that require special conditions to help them bloom. Unlock new seeds, look for clues in the items scattered around the residence, and solve each gardening puzzle to revive these plants.

travel bloggers reading

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Definitive Edition (Cloud, Console, and PC) – April 11 Experience the final chapter of Lara’s origin as she is forged into the Tomb Raider she is destined to be. Combining the base game, all seven DLC challenge tombs, as well as all downloadable weapons, outfits, and skills, Shadow of the Tomb Raider Definitive Edition is the ultimate way to experience Lara’s defining moment.

Harold Halibut (Cloud, PC, and Xbox Series X|S) – April 16 Available on day one with Game Pass! Harold Halibut is a handmade narrative game about friendship and life on a city-sized spaceship submerged in an alien ocean. Join Harold as he explores a vibrant retro-future world in his quest to find the true meaning of ‘home’. You can learn more about Harold Halibut in Xbox Wire’s recent hands-on preview here .

travel bloggers reading

DLC / Game Updates

No Man’s Sky Orbital Update – Available now Dock your fully customized starship in the sleek new space stations of update 4.6, Orbital! Space stations have been completely overhauled internally and externally; new starships can be constructed from salvaged parts; frigate fleets can reach out for guidance with interstellar expeditions; standing and guilds have been improved, trading and system economies have been deepened – and much more! Learn more about No Man’s Sky ’s Orbital update here on Xbox Wire .

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perks

Final Fantasy XIV Online: Starter Edition – Available now Join over 30 million adventures worldwide in the critically acclaimed online RPG.  From now through April 19, the Final Fantasy XIV Online – Starter Edition base game is now free for a limited time – including a 30-day free play period for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members. Terms apply. You can also learn how to build your Warrior of Light in Final Fantasy XIV Online here on Xbox Wire .

YouTube Premium 3 Month Trial – Available now Watch your favorite YouTube creators without ads, offline, and in the background. Plus, stream the latest songs from your favorite artists with uninterrupted access to YouTube Music. New users only. Monthly subscription fee starts at the end of trial. Cancel anytime. Not available in all regions. Terms apply .

Battlefield 2042 : Season 7 Field Kit – Available now In the iconic all-out warfare first-person shooter of Battlefield 2042 , Game Pass Ultimate and EA Play members can get the Battlefield 2042 Season 7 Field Kit containing a Ride’em Crab Boy Weapon Charm, Rising Tide AM40 Weapon Skin, and Dustproof Specialist Headgear.   Check out the other EA Play member rewards and Perks here on Xbox Wire .

Leaving April 15

Make sure you give the following games a proper farewell before they leave the Game Pass library. As always, you can save up to 20% off your purchase to keep them in your library.

  • Amnesia Collection (Cloud, Console, and PC)
  • Amnesia: Rebirth (Cloud, Console, and PC)
  • Back 4 Blood (Cloud, Console, and PC)
  • Phantom Abyss (Cloud, Console, and PC)
  • Research and Destroy (Cloud, Console, and PC)
  • Soma (Cloud, Console, and PC)

That wraps us up! Let us know which game you’re planning on playing first over at @Xbox ,  @XboxGamePass or @XboxGamePassPC . Catch you next time!

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The Hottest Luxury Second-Home Markets

Sales of luxury second homes increased in many U.S. markets last year. If you want to see some of the priciest, head to Rhode Island.

By Michael Kolomatsky

It’s hard enough buying a first home these days. Who on Earth is out there buying a second one? The wealthy, mostly: In 2023, sales of luxury second homes increased in many U.S. markets.

A study from Pacaso , a company specializing in brokering co-ownership home purchases, parsed data from the real estate analytics firm First American Data & Analytics to find the counties where sales of luxury second homes — “luxury” here meaning a sale price over $1 million — increased the most from 2022 to 2023. (Only homes designated for seasonal or recreational purposes were included in the study, and counties with fewer than 20 sales of luxury second homes were not included.)

In Newport County, R.I., sales of luxury second homes were up 64 percent, far surpassing all other U.S. counties. The waterfront county, known for its Gilded Age mansions, had an average sale price of $2,003,945 among homes in this price range. To get a sense of the overall market in Newport, we scanned the current listings there (second homes or otherwise) and found 83 homes priced for more than $1 million, and 71 for less.

The next greatest boost for luxury second homes came in Volusia County, Fla., which includes Daytona Beach. Sales rose 19 percent, but at a higher average sale price than in Newport, $4.1 million. Our Zillow research showed that as of Monday, among all listings there, about 300 were priced for more than $1 million, with about 5,500 available for less. That’s understandable: Volusia County is much larger than Newport and has many more residents.

The 10 counties with the most year-over-year growth for luxury second homes are shown in this week’s chart. In the New York tristate area, it includes Westchester County, N.Y., and Fairfield County, Conn.

In addition to transactions, price increases for luxury homes were also calculated in Pacaso’s study. Volusia County topped that list with a 47 percent increase in the average sale price from 2022 to 2023. Atlantic County, N.J., was next, with prices up 41 percent to an average of $2,9 million.

The Hottest Markets for Expensive Second Homes

Where the number of sales of second homes priced at $1 million or more grew most in 2023.

travel bloggers reading



Newport, R.I.

Volusia, Fla.

York, Maine

Fairfield, Conn.

Cumberland, Maine

Yavapai, Ariz.

Rockingham, N.H.

Douglas, Nev.

Island, Wash.

Westchester, N.Y.

travel bloggers reading


For weekly email updates on residential real estate news, sign up here .

The State of Real Estate

Whether you’re renting, buying or selling, here’s a look at real estate trends..

Hiring a local to keep an eye on your weekend house  can give you peace of mind and keep small problems from becoming big headaches.

Are you a second-home person? A place outside the city might sound like heaven , but here are some things you should consider first.

The pandemic upset a delicate balance of part-time and full-time residents in a community in the Poconos, sparking a debate over short-term rentals .

After a lifetime of seeking out tiny spaces, she finally found a keeper : a former barbershop in an old mill village in North Carolina.

A lot of change is happening in the housing market. Here’s the outlook .

With a landmark legal settlement  poised to upend a decades-old norm that has dictated who pays real estate agents and how much, economists, agents and lenders are beginning to worry that the burden could now be on first-time home buyers .


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    5. Young Adventuress. Liz is one of the most down-to-earth travel bloggers out there, making her content a joy to read. Not only are her travel guides detailed and informative, but she isn't afraid to share her unique and brutally honest opinion. As a solo female traveler, I find this helpful and insightful.

  2. 13 Best Travel Blogs in 2023: Top Travel Bloggers to Follow

    3. Travel Tom Tom. Travel bloggers can wear many hats - ranging from informational and enlightening to funny and entertaining. Fortunately, Travel Tom Tom gives his audience the best of both worlds. This Dutch blogger (and vlogger) has been traveling the world continuously since 2012, visiting 147 countries and sharing many serendipitous moments and laughs along the way.

  3. Best Travel Blogs of 2024: My Current List of Favorites

    Chubby Diaries. Chubby Diaries is run by Jeff Jenkins and focuses on plus-size travel. His blog tackles body shaming head-on and provides travelers of all shapes and sizes with resources and inspiration. His optimism and positivity are infectious and he never shies away from telling it like it is.

  4. The 50 Best Travel Blogs of 2024

    The best travel blogs of 2023, ranked algorithmically. Updated daily, by Detailed.com. Want to know the best sites in this niche? We've got you covered. ... and a few heart-warming travel stories to round things out. The essential reading links are a great first stop for any points collecting journey. 1. Rank. 1,503. Mentions. One Mile At a ...

  5. The 38 Best Travel Blogs To Follow In 2020

    The best eco-conscious travel blogs. The joys of sailing (Jamie Furlong/Follow The Boat) 4. Global Help Swap. Eco-travellers Karen Sargent and Paul Farrugia believe in enriching travel experiences that respect the destination's culture, landscape and resources. Read more over at Global Help Swap.

  6. 11 Best Books by Travel Bloggers

    Ten Years a Nomad by Matt Kepnes. Matt runs the popular travel blog Nomadic Matt where he shares practical travel advice and stories from his journeys around the world with millions of readers each month. After traveling more than 500,000 miles, staying in 1,000 hostels, and visiting 90 different countries, he returned home and wrote this book ...

  7. The 23 Best Travel Blogs To Read for Easier Vacation Planning

    Best Travel Blogs for Adventure Travel. 10. The Lovers Passport. Courtesy The Lovers Passport. The Lovers Passport helps people plan U.S. and global adventures like camping, road trips, hiking, and backpacking. They offer itineraries, packing lists, and tips and tricks on saving money while traveling.

  8. The Best Travel Blogs in 2023 (To Inspire You)

    Family Travel Blogs. The Traveling Canucks. Topic: Family Travel. Blog Owners: Nicole and Cameron Wears. Traveling as a family, especially with new-borns, is a big challenge. And these two travel bloggers seem to have it all sorted! Of course, with over 10 years of travel experience, and 65 countries behind them, I am sure that makes it a ...

  9. Best travel blogs you should read

    I love reading his travel blogs because he shares useful hacks that are practical and budget-friendly. Another reason why I love his blogs is that he has travelled across the world- eleven countries in Asia alone- so I always have a wide range of destination choices to read about. Daniel's blogs are a haven for solo travellers because he ...

  10. Top 8 Best Blogs On Adventure Travel

    The Top 8 Best Blogs On Adventure Travel. The Expert Vagabond - Matthew Karsten. Alison's Adventures - Alison Teal. Alastair Humphreys. Andrew Skurka. Eric Larsen Explore - Eric Larsen. Section Hiker - Philip Werner. Wild Junket - Nellie Huang. SoCal Hiker - Jeff Hester.

  11. The 30 Best Travel Blogs of 2024

    Before every blog, she offers an easy-to-read Table of Contents that allows you to skip to the sub-topic you're most interested in. (We all know the struggle of the "infinity scroll" when reading a travel blog!) Why it's one of the best travel blogs of 2024:

  12. 32 Best Travel Blogs and Bloggers

    This travel blog is excellent for reading about real adventures. Whether they are canoeing through Alaska or biking through The Rocky Mountains, this travel blog is a pleasure to behold! The visuals are awesome. And the stories are interesting. Each individual story is written in a narrative tone, which makes for easy reading.

  13. The Best Travel Blogs: Top Luxury Travel Bloggers to Follow

    The Best Luxury Travel Blogs to Follow. 1. The Blonde Abroad. Expertise: Solo Female Travel & Adventure. Destination Highlights: South Africa, Greece, Bolivia. Kiki aka The Blonde Abroad, is a huge reason that I became a travel blogger. At the beginning of quarantine in 2020, I stumbled upon her blog through Pinterest and spent hours reading ...

  14. Best Travel Books: 15 Books to Give You Serious Wanderlust

    4. On the Road, by Jack Kerouac. Written in 1957, Jack Kerouac's Beat Generation classic is a timeless travel novel. The story follows his character, Sal, as he leaves New York City and heads west, riding the rails, making friends, and partying the night away.

  15. 1 Best Travel Bloggers: My Favorite Travel Blogs to Follow

    A post shared by Victoria and Terrence (@followmeaway) on Mar 8, 2020 at 11:11am PDT. Created by Terrance and Victoria, Follow Me Away, boasts travel photos that appear to be out of a fairytale. Their blog features a ton of travel photography advice, and advice on shooting in the destinations they've shot in.

  16. 75 Most Inspirational Travel Blogs

    Explore the world with the best travel blogs of 2023! Get insider tips, discover hidden gems, and embark on unforgettable adventures. Explore the world with the best travel blogs of 2023! ... You were probably reading a guide that focused on profit as opposed to the type of advice you would give to a good friend. Real-life Experiences, Not Just ...

  17. 20+ Best Travel Blogs to Arouse Your Sense of Adventure (2024)

    21. Travel Freak. Rounding out our list is the blog TravelFreak, which helps connect people who are determined to live life on their own terms. Jeremy, the blog's founder, wants to help people find ways to travel abroad, discover new destinations, and move beyond their comfort zone.

  18. 53 Best Travel Blogs and Bloggers To Follow (2024)

    4. The Blonde Abroad. By: Kiersten "Kiki" Rich. I covered Kiersten "Kiki" Rich of The Blonde Abroad in my list of the top lifestyle bloggers to follow in 2024. As her blog's name suggests, she's mainly a travel blogger who also discusses two other lifestyle-related topics — blogging and photography.

  19. Travel Blogs You Should Be Reading

    There are countless lists out there featuring the best travel blogs. Here's my contribution. These travel blogs are the ones I think every world-hungry, money-weary twenty something should be reading. Some of the travel bloggers featured on this list are relatively new, or not getting the attention they deserve, in my humble opinion. Others are

  20. Travelling Book Junkie

    Meet Tam & Paul. Hi, we're Tam and Paul, a British couple that have spent the last 9 years travelling almost full-time, mainly around Europe, working on campsites as we go. For the last 18 months, home has been our little motorhome, named Gulliver, after Tam's obsession with all things literature-related. We love exploring new towns and ...

  21. 8 Great Travel Books To Read in 2024

    Check out: Happiness Is Only Real When Shared. 3. The Map of Knowledge by Violet Moller. The Map of Knowledge by Violet Moller is, in fact, a history book about how knowledge moved around during the Dark Ages from city to city and how it was preserved through time in Europe.

  22. 24 Absolute Best Travel Blogs to Follow in 2024

    If you are looking for a travel blog with top-notch content as well as extremely pleasing aesthetics, be sure to check out Roadbook.com. It doesn't get any better than this. 5. The Blonde Abroad. What I love about it: The Blonde Abroad is probably one of the most well-themed travel blogs on this list.

  23. Women Who Travel Book Club: 14 New Books to Add to Your Spring Reading

    Women Who Travel Book Club: 14 New Books to Add to Your Spring Reading List. Our editors and contributors share their favorite new titles. By Meaghan Kenny. April 5, 2024. As warmer weather ...

  24. Travel Bloggers: What to Write & How to Write a Travel Blog

    Travel blog example 1: 'Things to Do' listicle. Fun things to do in a destination. There's a bit of snobbery around listicles in travel blogging, but personally I think they're a really important and useful example of a travel blog. You need to do them carefully though, and with heart and experience.

  25. 36 Hours in San Juan, Puerto Rico

    Adults only. Rooms start at $449. El Convento, a bright yellow Spanish colonial landmark in Old San Juan, has a serene courtyard and beautiful 17th-century arched doorways and beamed ceilings ...

  26. Supersonic planes will replace conventional jets in our lifetime ...

    A demonstrator aircraft for Boom Supersonic's new passenger jet took to the skies this month. CEO Blake Scholl says we'll all be flying supersonic in the future.

  27. Dave the Diver plunges into PlayStation Plus Game Catalog April 16

    I'm excited to bring Dave the Diver to PlayStation 5 on April 16, expanding the game's horizons and inviting more players through the PlayStation Plus Game Catalog. Dave the Diver is a unique hybrid ocean adventure that combines ocean exploration with sushi restaurant management. At the heart of the game lies the core gameplay loop ...

  28. Storm Kathleen: Scotland hit by high winds, heavy rain and travel

    Sun 7 Apr 2024 04.55 EDT. Scotland will continue to face the threat of power cuts and travel disruption as high winds and heavy rain from Storm Kathleen persist into Sunday. The Scottish ...

  29. Coming to Xbox Game Pass: LEGO 2K Drive, EA Sports PGA Tour, Harold

    EA Sports PGA Tour is coming to The Play List with PC Game Pass and Ultimate via EA Play. Become a Major champion, tee off on the Par 3 Course at Augusta National, along with three new 2024 Major host courses. Kona (Cloud and Console) - April 9. Another game is making a return to the Game Pass library!

  30. The Hottest Luxury Second-Home Markets

    The next greatest boost for luxury second homes came in Volusia County, Fla., which includes Daytona Beach. Sales rose 19 percent, but at a higher average sale price than in Newport, $4.1 million ...