1. Dog-Friendly European River Cruises You Should Know

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  2. Top 10 Dog-Friendly Cruises to Take With Fido

    cruise with dog to europe

  3. Pet friendly cruises: Go cruising with your pet

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  4. 11 Summer Cruises That You Can Take With Your Dog

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  5. Dog-Friendly European River Cruises You Should Know

    cruise with dog to europe

  6. The Best Way to Travel to Europe With Your Dogs

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  1. Pet Friendly Cruises: Cruises You Can Take Your Dog On

    Just be prepared to pay almost as much for your pet to cruise as you'll pay for yourself. Prices are in the region of $1,000 per dog and from $1,000 to $1,600 per cat. (Cats require two kennels ...

  2. How to travel to Europe by boat with a dog (dog friendly cruises to

    8:00am to 10:00am. 11:00am to 12:00pm. 3:00pm to 6:00pm. 8:00pm to 8:30pm. In order for you to spend the time on the cruise as a real holiday where you don't have to take care of anything, the staff will look after your doggo. Pets will be walked, fed, played with, cleaned after and even receive a welcome gift!

  3. 15 Best Dog Friendly Cruises Available in 2024

    1. Cunard's Queen Mary II. When you think "dog friendly cruise," you're most likely thinking of Cunard's Queen Mary II. This is the ONLY traditional-style cruise where you can bring your dog along with you on an extended journey — in this case, it's a transatlantic cruise starting in New York City.

  4. How to Cruise with Your Dog Aboard Queen Mary 2

    If you're wondering how much Queen Mary 2 kennels cost, it isn't cheap. But it's worth the cost to transport your beloved pet and know they are well cared for onboard. Upper kennel $800.00 each - Dimensions: 27″ high, 35 1/2″ deep, 30″ wide. Lower kennel $1,000.00 each - 36″ high, 35 1/2″ deep, 30″ wide. Prices Updated ...

  5. 14 Best Dog-Friendly Cruise: Setting Sail with Your Pup

    Here's a breakdown of the pet policies for some major cruise lines that offer dog-friendly cruises. 1. Queen Mary 2. Cunard's Queen Mary 2 is the only ship in the fleet that allows pets on board. The ship has a kennel program can accommodate up to 24 dogs and cats per voyage.

  6. Dog-Friendly European River Cruises You Should Know

    Dogs are allowed to stay with their owners in comfortable, twin-bedded cabins. All cabins have heating/AC, a flat-screen TV, and free wifi. Pet beds, & bowls are also provided on dog friendly cruises. The rates for 1AVista Reisen's river cruises on MS Poseidon are all-inclusive.

  7. 5 of the Best Dog-Friendly Cruises

    It is worthwhile to note that they are the only cruise line in Chicago that allows dogs on board. Key features: 90-minute cruises, water bowls provided, paper-lined restroom for dogs, the only pet-friendly cruise in Chicago. 4. Acadian Nature Cruises. The Acadian Nature Cruises offers a pet-friendly vacation onboard the Acadian.

  8. Queen Mary 2 Pet Policy

    The Queen Mary 2 operated by Cunard Lines is an approved carrier in connection with the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) on Transatlantic Crossings. Passage in the kennels is subject to size restrictions, availability and the requirements of the Pet Scheme. Pets are accepted on all Transatlantic crossings, except the first and last crossings of the year.

  9. All About Pet-Friendly Cruises: Where to Sail and How

    Their dog-friendly cruises visit cities in Holland, Austria and Germany. They sail through Holland's rivers and canals and over the Rhine, Main and Moselle, as well as the Danube in Eastern Europe. 1AVista Reisen curates a dog-themed trip for dog owners and lovers that includes pack walks, socializing and access to all parts of the ship.

  10. World of Cruising

    Dog-friendly cruises on Cunard's Queen Mary 2. Cunard cruise ship Queen Mary 2 offers dog-friendly cruises from the UK - and is the only luxury liner to do so. The famous QM2 will take you and your dog across the ocean between New York and Southampton. Your fur baby will be confined to the onboard kennel, known as the exclusive Deck 12, though.

  11. Pet-Friendly Cruises: How to Cruise with Your Pet

    Queen Mary 2: A Premier Haven for Pet Enthusiasts The Queen Mary 2's Transatlantic Crossings, under the Cunard Line, is a beacon of luxury and comfort for pet lovers seeking to explore pet-friendly cruises.This cruise ship welcomes cats and dogs, providing an oasis where every need is met. The ship is equipped with 24 spacious kennels, providing pets with a comfortable stay overseen by a ...

  12. 12 BEST Dog-Friendly Cruises (Sightseeing With Your Best Friend!)

    Credit: Cruise Radio Cost: $445 to $27,074 | Cost For Dogs: approximately $1000 (exact cost will be given at the time of booking) | Routes: New York City, NY to Southampton, England/ Southhampton, England to New York City, NY | Trip Length: 2 nights to 123 nights Why Travel With Cunard's Queen Mary 2 Dog-Friendly Cruise. Your dog will be treated like a passenger on Queen Mary 2.

  13. Pet friendly cruises: Go cruising with your pet

    The easiest way to go cruising with your pet is on a Cunard Queen Mary 2 transatlantic crossing. It's the only ship in the world today that has kennels onboard. The ship has 22 kennels, and can take dogs and cats. But no birds or any other type of animals. However, there is quite a cost associated with it.

  14. Are There Any Dog-Friendly Cruises in 2024?

    The only dog-friendly European river cruises I have come across are run by 1AVista Reisen, a German company based in Cologne. They operate multiple cruises per year for dogs and their owners aboard the MS Normandie and MS Junker Jörg. There are multiple itineraries in Germany and the Netherlands, with each cruise generally lasting seven or ...

  15. Your Comprehensive Guide to Taking Your Dog to Europe

    Taking Your Dog to Europe: Everything You Need to Know about the Veterinary Health Certificate. ... How to travel to Europe by boat with a dog (dog friendly cruises to Europe) You can obtain an E.U. Pet Passport from a local vet in any E.U. country. Be sure to bring all the necessary documents, including your pet's veterinary health ...

  16. Best Cruises For Dog Lovers

    If you're looking for a pet-friendly cruise, then why not travel Transatlantic aboard Cunard's Queen Mary 2, where you can bring your dog or cat? Or, if you'd like to bring your service dog along for the ride, just make sure you tell your cruise line as soon as possible. You'll need up-to-date vaccination certificates, blood titre test ...

  17. Travelling in Europe with a Dog: The Ultimate Guide

    Dog-Friendly Baltic Ferry Cruise; Local Transport in Europe with a Dog. Generally, most local trains, metros and trams in Europe allow dogs, but don't assume this is always the case. For instance, there are some cities that only allow small dogs in a carrier to travel on public transport.

  18. Photos: See Inside the Only Pet-Friendly Cruise Line in the World

    Nov 25, 2022, 8:30 AM PST. Oliver Cruz with Chloe, Ella Bean, and Wally. Diane Bondareff/Cunard Line. British cruise line Cunard operates the world's only pet-friendly ship, sailing between New ...

  19. Can I Take My Dog to Europe?

    You could take a boat, but currently, there's only one cruise ship that takes dogs to Europe (the Queen Mary 2, which makes trips from New York to Southampton, England)—and it can be both challenging and expensive for your dog (currently, trips are limited to 24 onboard pets—and, according to Cruise Critic, a ticket for your dog can cost ...

  20. How to Take a Short Baltic Cruise with a Dog

    Booking a Mini-Cruise with Tallink Silja Line. To book your mini-cruise on the Tallink Silja Line website, click on the Roundtrip Cruise option and the relevant pair of cities. Select your departure date and number of passengers, then click "Book Your Trip". To find the dog-friendly cabins, scroll almost to the bottom of the page to the ...

  21. Ways to Travel to Europe With Your Dogs

    Hit the High Seas. Luxury cruise line Cunard's Queen Mary 2 (QM2) is the only ship that allows the transatlantic transportation of dogs. Pets are treated to deluxe kennels and a full-time pet master who provides care. Although dogs must remain in the kennels or in the adjacent exercise area, owners can visit their dogs during designated hours.

  22. How to Take Your Dog on a European Cruise Ship

    Step 6. Have your vet complete and sign off on the Veterinary Certificate. Your vet will also need to complete EU Form 998 for dogs traveling between the United States and the United Kingdom ...

  23. Ultimate Guide: Bringing Your Dog to Europe from US in 2024

    It really all depends on when you're traveling and where you're traveling to. However, bringing your dog on a flight in the cabin usually costs around $125 to $250. Whereas transporting them in the cargo hold can usually be well over $1,000. For international pet shipping, licensed companies usually charge between $1,000 and $6,000.

  24. We Took Our 5-year-old Son on a European River Cruise

    Most river cruise lines offer few accommodations for families, but German cruise line A-Rosa is working to change that. By Kerry Spencer Published on May 21, 2024

  25. Can You Go On A Cruise With Your Pet?

    The QM2's pet fee is currently set at $800 for small pets (24 pounds or less) and $1,000 for large ones (26 pounds and over) per kennel. This fee covers the transport costs, as well as all of ...

  26. Best river cruises for boutique European cruising

    We've rounded up the best river cruises for boutique sailing, selecting those that combine the most carefully put-together itineraries aboard the loveliest ships, including a super-luxe option to ...